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      With the coming of the Internet, we stand on the threshold of a longtime dream: To hear from others around the globe in their own voices - to connect with them quickly, easily, directly - to reach past the screens of distance and the filters of government, conventional media, and corporate considerations, and to hear what others have to say about themselves, about us, and about the world we all share.

      The Geotrees World Press Page is one attempt to help make that dream real.

      The page is "under construction" at all times, giving priority to those peoples, civilizations and countries with whom the West has the most pressing disagreements and lack of knowledge.  It was launched in March 2008 with links to the English language press in China, Iran, Qatar, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Middle East as a region.  Zimbabwe was quickly added; Lebanon, Palestine, Russia, Israel, Burma, Cuba, Saudi Arabia and North Korea followed in rapid succession.  Geotrees has contnued, and will continue, to add other links to the page, nation by nation and region by region.

      The World Press Page is organized by region, such as "East Asia and the Pacific."  Countries are given in alphabetical order within each region.  Each country also has links to basic information and Facts, to Maps of its location in the world and of in-country details, and to Etiquette for students and the general public.

      Many of the peoples, societies and countries on the World Press Page have endured long term historical trauma at the hands of industrial civilization, notably Western Europe, the US, and twentieth century imperial Japan.  In all of its forms, historical trauma is a massive force that is often misunderstood or even denied by the governments, the peoples, and even the "progressives" of the industrialized world, and often by traumatized societies' own leadership elites.  But it has played a major role in our shared history since the Crusades, Columbus, and the colonial era, and continues into the present day.  The World Press Page is offered as one resource for coming to terms with it in responsible, informative and healing ways.

      Established concentrations of power, wealth, information, influence and interest - governments, international alliances, corporations, mass media and others - have often mitigated our ability to reach out to our fellow humankind.  The World Press Page is one attempt to solve that problem.  We invite you to explore its links and to listen, as the people of the world speak for themselves - and, where possible, to use those links to speak back to them.  Many of these outlets welcome letters to the editor and reader opinions and commentary in a number of forms; some have special resources and activities for our young people.

      The World Press Page, like all activities of Geotrees.Com, is completely independent, nonpartisan, volunteer, and free of charge.



China, including Hong Kong     Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Embassy in DC

    BOXUN NEWS, Website and Blog

    1.   Boxun.Com, the Blog

    BOXUNBLOG.COM is a new blog for China's "Jasmine Revolution" that was described on the BBC World channel on Sunday, February 20, 2011.  It has been in the Chinese language only, but carries a large and constantly growing number of photos, in addition to YouTube links and e-mail addresses for reader contact and comment.  The blog is evidently hosted in the US.

    Boxun.Com may include English and other language translations soon.  "The Tree" invites you to visit often.

    2.   Boxun News, the Website


    "Our mission: Become the #1 most trusted Chinese online news service by insisting on 'Independence' and 'Journalistic Objectivity.'  Boxun News (peacehall.com and boxun.com) was launched in March 2000 from its origin as a weekly online magazine.  From the beginning Boxun has used the model of 'Citizen Journalism' and now Boxun is the most popular citizen journalist Chinese online news service.  Boxun's traffic is ranked with the top Chinese online news sites.  Its operational model makes Boxun the only online Chinese news service that is updated 24/7.

    "Boxun covers five major areas:

    • Peacehall.com - News and BBS;
    • Boxun.com/blog - Blog: The Boxun blog is one of the earliest Chinese blogs, and counts among its bloggers almost all of the famous Chinese writers living abroad.
    • NEW: Boxun.us - English Language contents of Boxun.  Re-launched with a new design in November 2006.
    • NEW: Boxun.tv - It will be a video community site like YouTube.com.  But Boxun.tv publishes Boxun's copyrighted TV programs in addition to videos uploaded by users.
    • Other sites under the same entity are in development.

    "Is Boxun anti-Chinese government?
    "Before answering this question, ask yourself: Are CNN, FOX or NY Times and hundreds of media in the USA anti-US government?  Then you have the answer for Boxun.  If media in the USA can say 'Bush should be a criminal because of Iraq war' - a very questionable claim - then why cannot Boxun report corruption and many true incidents in China?..."



          "CAIJING.com.cn is a leading Chinese business and financial news Website.  Content is available in English on its sister site, english.caijing.com.cn/.  The Website provides original news and analysis for readers seeking a clear picture of business, finance and economic developments in China.  A daily newsletter and weekend supplement are also available.

          "Founded in 1998, the fortnightly CAIJING Magazine has firmly established itself as a news authority and leading voice for business and financial issues in China.

          "CAIJING Magazine closely tracks the most important aspects of China's economic reforms, developments and policy changes, as well as major events in the capital markets.  It also offers a broad international perspective through first-hand reporting on international political and economic issues.

          "CAIJING Magazine is China's most widely read business and finance magazine, with a circulation of 225,000 per issue.  It boasts top-level readers from government, business and academic circles.


          "China Daily, established in 1981, is the only national English-language newspaper in China.  The average daily circulation is more than 200,000, one-third of which is abroad in more than 150 countries and regions.

    "Mission: Voice of China
          "Committed to helping the world know more about China and the country's integration with the international community, China Daily is regarded as one of the country's most authoritative English media outlets and an important source of information on Chinese politics, economy, society and culture.  It is often called the 'Voice of China' or 'Window to China.'  China Daily also serves as important source for high-end Chinese readers who want to know more about the world.

    "World-wide Readership
          "Our readers are from all over the world.  Domestic readers mainly include foreigners and high-end nationals, for example, diplomats and governmental policy makers.  Overseas subscribers are mostly government officials, members of parliaments, staff members of international organizations and multinationals, professors, researchers and students in universities and institutes."



          "Xinhuanet was launched in 1997 as the online news service of Xinhua News Agency.  It releases important news about China and the world around the clock without stop by relying on the agency's worldwide information-gathering network.

          "Xinhuanet provides news services in six languages -- Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Russian and Arabic -- to netizens in more than 200 countries and regions, garnering 800 million hits and 80 million page views per day."

          Xinhua and its related organizations are official activities of the Chinese government.


          "With publication started in June 1948 and a current circulation of 3 million, People's Daily is among the most influential and authoritative newspapers in China. According to UNESCO, it takes its place among the world top 10.

          "People's Daily brings you the latest news dispatches of policy information and resolutions of the Chinese Government and major domestic news and international news releases from China. It reflects the views of the Chinese people, expounds on justice and lambasts various forms of malpractice."

          People's Daily is an official organ of the Chinese government.

    Posted Sunday, June 23, 2013


    The South China Morning Post is a component of the SCMP Group.

    "From print to pixels, books to bookshops, the SCMP Group brings news, information, and entertainment to the people of Hong Kong, China and beyond.  We see our business as 'total publishing'.  Much more than traditional publishing, it is a model that leverages expertise, maximizes control and builds synergies within the Group to underpin our success.

    "Our founding company and namesake, the South China Morning Post, reached its centenary year in 2003.  However, the SCMP Group, as we know it, really came into being in 1996 with the acquisition of TVE, bringing with it the nucleus of our magazine and book businesses. "

    "Our major shareholder, the Kerry Group, is a diversified and dynamic multinational conglomerate with extensive interests in commodity trading, foods and beverages, hotels, property development and, through the SCMP Group, media."

    Posted Sunday, March 6, 2011


    "Want China Times is the English news website of the Taiwan based China Times News Group.

    "An industry leading media company owned by the chairman and CEO of Want Want China Holdings Limited, Tsai Eng-Meng, the China Times News Group incorporates publishing and broadcasting enterprises.  Want China Times was established in 2010 to provide quality news reporting to the international community.

    "Giving especial emphasis to news issues affecting China and Taiwan, it is the aim of Want China Times to provide informative, insightful and constantly updated information of issues affecting the Asia region while also promoting understanding and knowledge of their significance in world affairs."

Japan     Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Embassy in DC

    Posted Friday, June 24, 2011



    "What is JIB?  Japan has the world's second-largest economy, so why does it have such low visibility on the world stage?  And why should people around the world need to depend on American and European media for information on Japan?  It's clear that Japan needs to make a bigger effort to tell the world about itself.  And the solution is a newly established company: Japan International Broadcasting Inc. (JIB).

    "We at JIB are offering round-the-clock English-language TV programming that informs the world about Japan and gives the benefits of a unique perspective on Asia.  For up-to-the-minute content, we are drawing on Japan's public broadcaster, NHK, which has news-gathering operations throughout Japan, in nearly every country in Asia, and elsewhere around the world.  We are producing original content with global relevance.  And we are broadcasting a uniquely appealing mix of programs in four-hour cycles that are optimally suited to time zones around the world.

    "With extensive cooperation from NHK and other Japanese broadcasters, Japan International Broadcasting Inc. is ready to dramatically step up the transmission of information from Japan to the rest of the world.  We're confident that our international broadcasting service will showcase Japan in an energetic new way."

          The JAPAN TIMES


          "In addition to economic, political, sports and hard news, other information includes commentaries from opinion leaders in various fields, editorials that reflect Japanese public opinion, regional features on everyday life and articles on culture and entertainment.  Ever aware that readers of The Japan Times are from many nations and have diverse interests, viewpoints and cultural backgrounds, we take great care to produce a responsible newspaper that is impartial and balanced.  Through our tie-ups with overseas news agencies and newspapers, our readers have access to stories that enable them to not only know what is going on in the world but also to gain insight into what people of other countries are thinking and, at the same time, to rediscover Japan itself."

    Posted Sunday, June 26, 2011

          NHK WORLD TV


          "About NHK WORLD:   NHK WORLD is NHK's international broadcast service. NHK operates international television, radio and Internet services. Together, they are known as NHK WORLD.

          "The Aims of NHK WORLD:

    • To provide both domestic and international news to the world accurately and promptly.
    • To present information on Asia from various perspectives, making the best use of NHK's global network.
    • To serve as a vital information lifeline in the event of major accidents and natural disasters.
    • To present broadcasts with great accuracy and speed on many aspects of Japanese culture and lifestyles, recent developments in society and politics, the latest scientific and industrial trends, and Japan's role and opinions regarding important global issues.
    • To foster mutual understanding between Japan and other countries and promote friendship and cultural exchange.

          "NHK WORLD TV:   NHK WORLD TV is an English-language television service for viewers all over the world.  NHK WORLD TV provides the very latest information from Japan, Asia and the rest of the world, as well as a wide variety of programming, 24 hours a day.  As of March, 2011, NHK World TV is available 24 hours a day to 137 million households in more than 120 countries /regions through local satellite services and cable service providers, etc.  We are now in the process of expanding the number of countries and areas where viewers can receive NHK WORLD TV."



          The Nikkei Weeklly is the English language print publication of the Nikkei Group.&bbsp; "As a media enterprise respected around the world, the Nikkei Group contributes to the development of an affluent and intelligent society by creating new value in the economy, quality of life, and culture."

          "Under the banner, 'Business News from Japan to the World,' The Nikkei Weekly is Japan's only English-language business newspaper for disseminating Nikkei's economic reporting to a worldwide readership.  The Nikkei Weekly incorporates a selection of major articles published in Nikkei's four Japanese newspapers to provide professional, yet easy-to-read articles on the economy, industry and finance in Japan and Asia in precise, polished English."

          The BLACK SHIP


          "The Black Ship and JobCube websites are operated by Baytek Data Solutions K.K.  Both were launched in October 2008 to give Japan residents and employers more options for their news, community and employment needs.  Since our inception, popularity of both sites has grown dramatically and we are please to provide an alternative for the foreign community in Japan."

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea - "North Korea"
Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Official State Website


          "The Korean Central News Agency is the state-run agency of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It speaks for the Workers' Party of Korea and the DPRK government. It was founded on December 5, 1946. It is located in the capital city of Pyongyang. It has branches in provincial seats and in some foreign countries. News is transmitted to other countries in English, Russian, and Spanish.

          "The KCNA is in charge of uniform delivery of news and other information to mass media of the country, including newspapers and radios. It develops the friendly and cooperative relations with foreign news agencies."


          Source of the Pyongyang Times, Korea Today, Foreign Trade of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and other journals that do not have online editions as of spring 2008.

          "North Korea Books Welcomes You! North Korea Books specializes in the importation and distribution of books, video, and art from North Korea. We stock the writings of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, as well as North Korea books on the Juche Idea, North Korea Tourism, Art, Cinema, History and Culture. We also carry a large inventory of North Korea books for Children, Literature, Pictorials, including North Korea Books on the North Korean Military, the Korean People's Army, and the Korean War.

          "Shop our newly listed North Korea video VHS documentary, movie titles in English and Korean produced in the North Korean Film Studios!!"

Korea - "South Korea"     Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Embassy in DC   Government KOCIS Site


          "Since its inception in 1953 to serve as 'Korea's window to the world,' Herald Media Inc. has been a pioneer and a leader in Korea's publishing and education industries.

          "In publishing, Herald Media offers three nationwide newspapers: The Herald Business - a leading Korean-language business and entertainment newspaper; The Korea Herald - Korea's largest English-language newspaper; and The Junior Herald, the nation's largest English-language newspaper for pre-teens.  In addition, the Company publishes a host of newsletters and magazines for public and corporate clients, including The Gazette (Ministry of Government Administration & Home Affairs), Korea Now (Korea Overseas Information Service), Korea Focus (Korea Foundation), and Gyeonggi (Government of Gyeonggi Province).  The Company is also a premier publisher of specialized business and educational books.

          "Herald Media has a proud tradition and unmatched brand power in publishing and education.  Setting its sight on a wider horizon, however, the company is undertaking a historical transformation from Korea's premier media company to a leading media powerhouse in Asia."



          "The Korea Times published its first edition on November 1, 1950, right after the outbreak of the Korean War.  Since then, it has played an important role as Korea's window to the world for over a half century.

          "The Korea Times has a strong foothold in the print media, providing its readers with local and world news, in-depth reports, feature stories, analyses, commentaries and columns.  We are now offering our around-the-clock online service on our Web site to help our readers keep pace with the rapidly changing world, while at the same time enjoying reading interesting stories, and acquiring information related to daily living.

          "In this borderless era, we are committed to providing our Internet readers around the world with news and information about Korean politics, business and finance, society, culture, tourism, sports and history.

          "Our top priority is to meet the needs of our readers.  And we will continue to serve as a bridge linking Korea to the world."   - From the desk of Park Moo-Jong, President and Publisher



          The Times offers sections devoted to News (National, International, Sports, and more), Letters to the Editor, Life, Housing, Jobs, Business, Entertainment and Community.



Burma, a.k.a. Myanmar     Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Embassy in DC


          "Myanmar's First International Weekly ©." Published from a physical address in Yangon / Rangoon, in-country. The Myanmar Times has different editions at two sites, .COM and .GOV, found at the links below.


          "The Irrawaddy magazine and its Web site cover Burma and Southeast Asia, providing in-depth news and information to international readers. The Irrawaddy is published by Irrawaddy Publishing Group (IPG), an independent, nonprofit media organization. IPG was established in 1993 by Burmese journalists living in exile and is not affiliated with any political organization or government."

          Mailing Address:  The Irrawaddy, PO Box 242, Chiang Mai University Post Office, Chiang Mai 50202, Thailand

Singapore     Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Embassy in DC



          With sections dedicated to Top Stories, Singapore, Southeast Asia, Asia, the World, Money, Sport, Tech and Science, Lifestyle, and Blogs.  The blogs provide for readers' comments, addrss a number of areas, and include archives back to July 2008.



Russia     Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Embassy in DC

[EDITOR'S NOTE:   All of the links in this section are current as of Saturday, July 8, 2017.  Please check each description for any updates concerning the publications themselves.  Thank you.]

          "In existence since 1904, the ITAR-TASS News Agency is one of the world's largest international information agencies.  The successor to the Soviet TASS news agency, it was re-named in 1992, when Russia proclaimed its sovereignty following the collapse of the USSR.  It has retained its status of being the state central information agency.

          "Previously available to only a select few, the agency's resources are now available to anyone who is interested, both within and outside Russia; the mass media, academic institutions, organizations and private individuals."


          (Description from Wikipedia, July 8, 2017)   "Pravda.ru (formerly Pravda Online) is a Russian internet news website established in 1999 and owned by Pravda.ru Holding (headed by Vadim Gorshenin).

          "After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the oldest Soviet paper founded in 1903, Pravda, split into three different papers. Significant members of the main editorial staff (Viktor Afanasiev, Gennady Seleznev, Yuri Zhukov, Vera Tkachenko and Vadim Gorshenin) left Pravda to form the online news & opinion website Pravda.ru.

          "Pravda.ru has an online readership of about 258,000.

          "According to politologist Stanislav Belkovsky, Pravda.ru is controlled by Konstantin Kostin and his wife Olga Kostina.  The Russian politician, Sergey Veremeenko also holds interests in Pravda.ru and Pravda International.

          "Pravda.ru has long attracted controversy.  The owners have been accused of supporting the Russian government's position on various subjects both within and outside the country and has been seen as nothing more than a propaganda tool, producing neo-Soviet, Russian nationalist news and outright false conspiracy theories."


    [Geotrees Editor's Note, July 8, 2017:   This entry for The Russia Journal is under reconstruction and revision at this time, and its earlier focus on the archives may change.  In the meantime, please utilize the link below to visit the Journal's English language website.]


    [Geotrees Editor's Note, July 8, 2017:   The link for The St. Petersburg Times is "live" and working, but currently brings up The Moscow Times.  This listing is currently Under Reconstruction, but active.

          "The St. Petersburg Times is the premier English-language newspaper in St.Petersburg, providing readers with 24-32 pages of local, national and international news twice a week, as well as comprehensive coverage of the Arts, Culture, Leisure and more.   The St. Petersburg Times is the key to providing you with news and information you can trust."



The Region

          AL JAZEERA  

          "Al Jazeera English is the world's first global English language news channel to be headquartered in the Middle East.  From this unique position, Al Jazeera English is destined to be the English-language channel of reference for Middle Eastern events, balancing the current typical information flow by reporting from the developing world back to the West and from the southern to the northern hemisphere.  The channel gives voice to untold stories, promotes debate, and challenges established perceptions.

          "With broadcasting centers in Doha, Kuala Lumpur, London and Washington DC and supporting bureaux world-wide, the channel will set the news agenda, bridging cultures and providing a unique grassroots perspective from underreported regions around the world to a potential global audience of over one billion English speakers."

    Posted Wednesday, January 26, 2011


          "Launched in January 2011, the Al Jazeera Transparency Unit (AJTU) aims to mobilize its audience - both in the Arab world and further afield - to submit all forms of content (documents, photos, audio & video clips, as well as 'story tips') for editorial review and, if merited, online broadcast and transmission on our English and Arabic-language broadcasts.

          "We believe that this initiative will allow Al Jazeera's supporters to shine light on notable and newsworthy government and corporate activities which might otherwise go unreported.

          "From human rights to poverty to official corruption, AJTU will fairly evaluate and pursue all leads and content submitted, without geographical, political, cultural, or religious bias.

          "All submitted content is subjected to a rigorous vetting and authentication process that encompasses respect for individual privacy, contextualization, and fierce adherence to our tradecraft commitment of 'journalism of depth.'

          "Al Jazeera has also gone to great lengths to protect the identities of our sources.  Files will be uploaded and stored on our secure servers, and accessed only by journalists working for the Al Jazeera Transparency Unit."

    Posted Saturday, March 5, 2011



          Arab Revolt is a valuable, well-organized and -produced searchable website that includes sections of Blogs, Daily News, Pictures, and "#May15."  It is a very diverse collection of news, photos, commentary, links, and other resources that are drawn from throughout the region and around the world, updated frequently, that we're not likely to find in state, corporate, or other conventionally controlled media.  It also contains provision for readers' comments.

          It is unclear where their offices are located, or who is behind it; the site doesn't have a mission statement at this time.  Geotrees will update this listing with that information as it becomes available.  Recommended.

          "Asharq Al-Awsat is the world's premier pan-Arab daily newspaper, Printed simultaneously on four continents in twelve cities. Launched in London in 1978, Asharq Al-Awsat has established itself as the decisive publication on pan-Arab and international affairs, offering its readers in-depth analysis and exclusive editorials, as well as the most comprehensive coverage of the entire Arab World.

          "Progressive and comprehensive, Asharq Al-Awsat is the preferred daily Arab- language newspaper, with its readership penetrating all socio-economic groups. Famous for conducting in-depth interviews with prominent and influential personalities alike, Asharq Al-Awsat's news team provide their world wide readers with objective and impartial news coverage, thus cementing the journalistic integrity of the newspaper."

    Posted Wednesday, January 18, 2012

          DAY PRESS NEWS

          "Day Press (Dp-news.com) is a full service news website that covers Syrian, Arabic, and International issues in politics, economy, NGOs, sport... etc., as well as online video and documentaries.  We are inspired by the power of creativity.  Every tool we create is custom-built for the reader and media industry.  Also, we believe that our success depends on our people, their knowledge, their culture, their passion, and their skills.

          "We are committed to the cutting edge of technology to provide up-to-date information, while maintaining gravity to proven press and advertising tools.

          "A year ago, my eyes were fixed on the screen of my laptop awaiting the moment of launching the Day Press website.  That time, I new what real fear means, the fear for a new media project that took tough months of preparation, discussions, and experimentation... until ‘the moment of truth’ came at last... It came after serious efforts to make Day Press a benchmark in the world of online journalism.  We were just fifteen journalists...

          "One of our objectives is to turn our website into a window, mainly to the Syrian immigrants around the world, and providing them with the latest news of their homeland - Syria - as well as providing foreign readers with the latest events in Syria and the Arabic world, in both languages Arabic and English.

          "With this objective, Day Press/English starts a new electronic journalistic experience in Syria.  In spite of all challenges, we stick to our promise.  Our English website will be just one step forward in Day Press' agenda, which will be followed by many other achievements."

          The MIDEAST CHRISTIAN NEWS, Agency and Website

          "MCN is the first professional and specialized News agency covering events of the Christian minorities in the Middle East.  We provide daily News wires, cover story, reports and interviews.  We also dedicating one of our services to the News files focusing on the main events in the region by collecting all the news, interviews and reports related to a specific event, both in Arabic and English.  These files are updated daily based on the events developments.

          "We have our own reporters in most of the countries in the Middle East, including Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Jerusalem - Gaza - and the West Bank - reporting 24 hours, seven days a week to provide you with the latest Christian news in Arabic and English.

          "MIDEAST CHRISTIAN NEWS is an independent agency, not associated with any local, regional or international religious or secular organization."

Bahrain     Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Embassy in DC

          24 x 7 NEWS

    "Dear Colleagues and Fellow Journalists:

    "I am pleased to announce the launch of www.twentyfoursevennews.com, my newest venture which is a news dissemination bilingual portal in English and Arabic providing real-time info to the readers.

    "The news is updated 24X7 reflecting all segments from economy to the major developments which affects our lives.  The updating of the news web is very difficult or at least a daunting task for a person like me who started his career in daily newspaper 23 years ago and I believe in challenge for those who dare.

    "As part of my belief and also as reality in the field of cutting edge on-line journalism field you really need the highest degree of commitment which is a promise to the end users through this endeavour.

    "Bahrain being the host of over 423 financial institutions offers a rare opportunity as a good launching pad for this project to start with and later I will take this model to Canada, Pakistan and some other niche markets around the globe.  I look forward for your feedback which will take this project to new heights of excellence."

    Mahmood Rafique


    This page collects and combines news, information, and commentary form a number of sources.  We don't know much about this site, but it provides information that would likely be difficult to see otherwise.  Available in Arabic and in English.


    "The press and publications sector is one of the oldest sectors in the Ministry... The sector supervises these departments that carry out their work in accordance with the policies and plans that are drawn up.

    "The sector supervises the enforcement of the law regulating the press, printing, and publishing as well as the Copyright Law through the work of the Directorate of Press and Publications which draws up and implements action programmes and consolidates and strengthens the principle of copyright and making the public aware of the concept.  The Directorate also encourages investment in the media fields of all audio, video, printed, and electronic fields, including computer software, registration of copyright, and supervises the follow-up and implementation of relevant international treaties.

    "The sector also supervises the work of the Government Printing Press, and the Publication of the Official Gazette and Huna Al-Bahrayn magazine, and follows up the work of the Publishing and Media Documentation."


    (Tuesday, February 15, 2011 - 7:54 PM)  At this writing, this page offers little reporting on protests and disruptions in Bahrain.  We recommend checking back frequently to see updates and additions as they appear.

Egypt     Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Embassy in DC



          This is an interesting, well-organized journal and site that offers letters to the editor, a site map for easy navigation, and an archive of previous issues.   In addition it provides sections for news, economics, culture, entertainment, cartoons, sports, and more.



          Al Kahn is a comic strip created and published by an Egyptian, in Egypt, for Egyptians.  It engages the adventures and activities of a large and diverse number of interesting characters, from all parts of Egyptian society (but concentrated on a group of journalists, their families and friends) to comment - often pungently - on the politics, society, culture, religion, economics and more of Egyptian life, taking all the liberties allowed by the conditions of the times.  The Al Khan website provides archives, where you can view the strips sorted in various ways, including chronologically, by lead characters, and themes.  Highly recommended.

          (Added Sunday, February 12, 2012)   THE BOOK:  The collected Al Khan strips are available as the book RISE: The Story of the Egyptian Revolution as Written Shortly Before It Began.  Check with your local independent bookseller.  Mr. Shahin is now also blogging his current work at the second link below.  You can find information on both RISE and his blog on the top fold of the Al Khan website.

          Tarek Shahin can justly be praised as "the Egyptian Gary Trudeau," both for his subject matter, and for his warm, compassionate 'take' on individual characters, and on the human condition generally.  Born in 1982, he is still a young man - we can look forward to great things from him!   - Editor Charles



          "The nation's only independent business title, bt offers Egyptian (65 percent of readers) and expatriate (35 percent of readers) business leaders cutting-edge insights and analysis of the topics of the day.   The magazine has been an integral part of the business landscape for ten years and is unbeaten as a news-breaker, with penetrating cover stories and a deep feature lineup.

          "Other popular sections include The Nation in Brief, News Focus (behind-the-headlines insights into the month's news, plus exclusive investigative pieces) and In The Black, an unparalleled package of stories and columns on Egypt-specific management topics, from human resources to finance, marketing to legal issues.

          "IBA Media is the most trusted and versatile media group providing information for and about Egypt.   With more than 20 years' experience, IBA Media publishes monthly English-language magazines on business, technology, culture and music in Egypt.   Our magazines are presented online in full text versions, with frequent updates."



          "In Egypt, there has long been a need for an independent, privately owned newspaper to provide unbiased and forthright news and analysis.   Daily News Egypt (which launched in May 2005 under the brand name The Daily Star Egypt) is the country's only independent English-language daily.

          "It carries local business, political and cultural, news and analysis, from an Egyptian perspective.

          "Daily News Egypt is distributed with the International Herald Tribune (IHT), the world's foremost global newspaper.   The IHT is the only English-language international paper printed in Egypt and available the same day.   Together with the IHT's first-class international news service, Daily News Egypt provides readers with a complete bouquet of all the news they will need."

    • LINK:   www.thedailynewsegypt.com   ~   To the TOP
    • FEEDBACK:  "Your Views: Weigh In on This Week's Hot Topic" is currently located on the upper right of the front page top fold.



          "Egypt Today is the leading current affairs magazine in Egypt and the Middle East — and the oldest English-language publication of its kind in the nation.

          "Published monthly in Cairo, Egypt, since 1979, Egypt Today is available by subscription, on newsstands nationwide and in Egypt's finest hotels and resorts.   Subscribers in more than 40 countries — including the GCC, North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia — use the magazine to keep abreast of the latest developments in Egypt and the region.

          "Our target readers are 'A-class' Egyptian nationals and foreign residents in Egypt with an interest in Egyptian and regional current affairs.   We circulate 11,500-14,500 copies monthly within Egypt (each read by an average of 4.5 people) and reach a broader audience through our free-access website.

          "As a private, independent publication, Egypt Today supports itself on advertising and circulation revenue alone.   We receive no subsidy from any third party — governmental or private interest — and our 'editorial line' is purely independent of outside influence.

          "Egypt Today is the flagship publication of IBA Media (a division of International Business Associates Ltd)."

The Islamic Republic of Iran     Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Interests Section in DC   Iran's Presidency Website

All press links in this section were verified on Saturday, January 15, 2015 and active, except as noted.
  - Geotrees Editor

    Published by the Islamic Republic News Agency, or IRNA, from offices in Tehran.


    Updated Saturday, January 15, 2015

          (Iran Press News doesn't furnish "About Us" or self-descriptive information, but its sections and articles reflect a dissident point of view.  It is published in English and in Persian, and has an English language blog in addition to its primary pages.)

          "IranPressNewsBlog Provides Daily Reports and Updated News about Iran and the World - in English.  This Blog Operates as a Part of IranPressNews.com Website."



          "IPW is an independent research entity documenting the struggle of the Iranian Baha'i Community to gain legitimate civil rights.  This site is not affiliated with any Baha'i institutions.

          "This site confines its scope to 'generally surveying the role of the Persian-language press as it pertains to the persecution of the Baha’is, including the translations of related articles.'  Iran Press Watch also provides these records in an archive accessible to the public for research and educational purposes.

          "Those interested may subscribe to our free email subscription service or the RSS Feed."


    Under Reconstruction, Saturday, January 15, 2015

          "In December 1987 we started the publication of a bulletin, which later became Iran Weekly Press Digest.  Since then it is being distributed in Tehran and mailed abroad every Saturday.  From 1997 it has also been available on the Internet.

          "Iran-WPD is totally independent and provides you with a complete account of political, social, and economic developments of Iran.  Iran-WPD includes a full weekly coverage of the Iranian dailies, main articles from leading Iranian journals, selected articles from international publications and exclusive reports written and prepared by Iran-WPD staff reporters.  When we are the source of information we guarantee the authenticity of the reports.

          "Editorially, Iran-WPD is about 100% text.  The bulletin is divided into three major news sections: Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Economic news."

    or IRNA

          "After the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in February 1979 the revolution's council, in June 1979, decided to rename the Ministry of Information and Tourism to the National Guidance Ministry (or Ministry of National Guidance). This was followed in December, 1981 by a bill passed by the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis) changing the name of the country's official news agency from Pars News Agency to Islamic Republic News Agency.

          "The professional activities of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) are based on and aimed at securing the Islamic Republic of Iran's national interests. Efforts of management and professional personnel of IRNA are thus focused on achieving higher ground each day in fulfillment of its stated goal. The organization functions as the 'mother source of information dissemination' within the country, feeding its authorities, nationals and various publications with various types of news, bulletins, research works, opinion polls and stories of general interest through its various telex lines. It also provides link-up channels for online foreign dispatches and photographs around the clock."

    Under Reconstruction, Saturday, January 15, 2015

          "The Mehr News Agency was established in Tehran in June 2003 to provide accurate and up-to-the-minute information to the public, with an emphasis on news about Iran and the rest of the Islamic world.

          "MNA so far has Persian, English, and Arabic language services with Political, Art and Culture, Economic, International, Social, and Sports desks."


          "ABOUT US:  Press TV takes revolutionary steps as the first Iranian international news network, broadcasting in English on a round-the-clock basis.  Our global Tehran-based headquarters is staffed with outstanding Iranian and foreign media professionals.  Press TV is extensively networked with bureaus located in the world's most strategic cities.

          "AIMS:  Press TV aims to offer expansive news coverage, specifically delving into Middle Eastern current affairs.  Press TV delivers unbiased reporting of controversial global news, as well as broadcasting cutting-edge documentaries and programs of political, social, and economic importance.  Press TV aims to adduce in-depth and complete analyses of current affairs, portraying viewpoints, which are often ignored by current mainstream media outlets.

          "VISION:  Heeding the often neglected voices and perspectives of a great portion of the world;  Embracing and building bridges of cultural understanding;  Encouraging human beings of different nationalities, races and creeds to identify with one another;  Bringing to light untold and overlooked stories of individuals who have experienced the vitality and versatility of political and cultural divides firsthand."

          "After the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979, there was a need for an international media outlet to export the ideas of the revolution. Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Beheshti realized the need and the English-language Tehran Times was born concurrently with the revolution. The daily's general policy was based on Ayatollah Beheshti's statement: 'The Tehran Times is not the newspaper of the government; it must be a loud voice of the Islamic Revolution and the loudspeaker of the oppressed people of the world.'

          "This sentence is written on the exterior wall of the newspaper's offices, so that it is always remembered by the staff as a motto. Now, after nearly three decades, the Tehran Times has become a strong tree, the fruit of which is attracting readers from over 80 different countries... The Tehran Times covers domestic, political, social, foreign, and sports news and also includes commentary."

Israel     Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Embassy in DC


          "Israel's Best-Selling English Daily and Most-Read English Website"


          "Haaretz.com, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, offers real-time breaking news, opinions and analysis from Israel and the Middle East. Haaretz.com provides extensive and in-depth coverage of Israel, the Jewish World and the Middle East, including defense, diplomacy, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the peace process, Israeli politics, Jerusalem affairs, international relations, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the Israeli business world and Jewish life in Israel and the Diaspora."

Jordan     Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Embassy in DC


          "Overview:  Jordan News Agency (PETRA) has witnessed significant technical and professional developments since it was first established in 1969, as an independent body linked to the Ministry of Information.  The Royal Decree by virtue of which PETRA was established stated that the mission of PETRA is to 'achieve the goals of the Jordanian media by covering news and transmitting them both inside and outside Jordan through proper technical means.'

          "Petra's news bulletins reflect the diversity of opinions in the Jordanian society and further the cause of democracy in the Kingdom.  PETRA started with 32 employees, 18 of them were journalists who provided an evening news bulletin typed in both Arabic and English, and disseminated to all those concerned: media, press, Arab and foreign embassies and some ministries and government departments.

          "News services:  The agency provides news services in Arabic and English on its main outlet.  The average Arabic daily news dispatches is 70-90, whereas this stands at 20-30 news items for the English bulletin.  These figures might change according to daily events and activities inside and outside Jordan.  PETRA News stories and photos are posted on the agency's website."

          "The Jordan Times is an English daily newspaper in Amman, Jordan.   This newspaper is owned by Jordan Press Foundation."

Lebanon     Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Embassy in DC


          "Ya Libnan was originally created to capture the historic events that erupted as a result of the assassination of the former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri. The tragic Valentines Day murder gave birth to the Cedar Revolution.

          "In what started out as a personal log of events in Lebanon, we were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming support for Ya Libnan. With our staff and a network of volunteers, we are proud of what we've accomplished. Ya Libnan offers our worldwide audience the latest independent news coverage which focuses exclusively on Lebanon.

          "Our team of dedicated journalists with their multinational education and diversified backgrounds share a common set of qualities: objectivity, accuracy, and a passion for the truth."


          "Founded in June 1952, to serve the growing number of expatriates lured by the oil industry, The Daily Star initially circulated in Lebanon but rapidly spread its wings to cover most of the Arab world. Its publisher, Kamel Mrowa, already owner and editor-in-chief of the successful Arabic daily Al-Hayat, not only wanted to relay news of their own countries to expatriates but also to introduce the region to non-Arabic readers. His vision made The Daily Star the leading English language newspaper in the Middle East throughout the 60s. . .

          The Daily Star on-line edition is the Web's leading source of Lebanese and regional news. Updated daily, this site brings together an unmatched combination of high-quality content and powerful interactive capabilities. The site allows you to access continuous regional and Lebanese news coverage on politics, business, religion and much more. Plus, you can search our Lebanese news archive, send a message to an old friend, look up a job in our classified advertising section or simply stay in touch with the current art and entertainment scene in Lebanon and across the Middle East."

          "In the spring of 2005, the Lebanese people demonstrated their desire – and their ability – to transform a country.  They mobilized for what they wanted, not what they were told to want.  Were it not for the one million protestors who came out that day, we might still be under Syrian tutelage.  However, since then, the momentum for sustained mass participation in public affairs has waned.  The New Opinion Workshop (NOW) hopes to recapture the spirit of that unique day in 2005 and channel it towards positive change in Lebanon.

          "Though eager to take part in reshaping their country's future, most Lebanese are simply too busy to engage regularly in protests and sit-ins, and scouring the many newspapers one needs to read to obtain a clear picture of current affairs would be a full-time job on its own.  NOW provides comprehensive coverage and analysis of key issues and news, making social and political participation a much more realistic option for many citizens.

          "NOW Lebanon is independent, non-sectarian, and includes members from all Lebanese political, ethnic, religious and socio-economic groups and persuasions.  The single idea that is truly sacred in this forum is the pursuit of an independent, democratic, liberal and prosperous Lebanon, with equal rights and opportunities for all its citizens.

          "NOW Lebanon is funded entirely by the private sector and individual donations."

Palestine and Gaza     Facts TBD   Maps TBD   Etiquette   Permanent Mission to the UN


          "The Electronic Intifada (EI) is a not-for-profit, independent publication committed to comprehensive public education on the question of Palestine, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the economic, political, legal, and human dimensions of Israel's 40-year occupation of Palestinian territories. EI provides a needed supplement to mainstream commercial media representations of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."


          Free Gaza is not primarily a press organization, but it offers news, information and commentary useful to anyone trying to learn more about Gaza from Gazans themselves.

          "Mission Statement:  We want to break the siege of Gaza.  We want to raise international awareness about the prison-like closure of the Gaza Strip and pressure the international community to review its sanctions policy and end its support for continued Israeli occupation.  We want to uphold Palestine's right to welcome internationals as visitors, human rights observers, humanitarian aid workers, journalists, or otherwise."


          This organization is located in Gaza; it carries an assortment of "Flash News, Daily News, Local News, Israeli Press, Arabic Affairs, Reports, Statements, Opinions, Special Files, Archive, and Contact."


          "The Palestinian Information Center (PIC) is an independent Palestinian organization, established first in Arabic on 1st December 1997.  The English language site was launched on 1st January 1998.  Other languages followed.  PIC aims to promote awareness about Palestine, the Palestinians and the Palestinian issue and to balance the often distorted picture presented in the mainstream media.

          "PIC is the voice of the Palestinian people and their long struggle for justice."

    A Gazan website that includes news, special reports, background information, links, and more.

          "Welcome.  My name is Mohammed, when I started this site in 2001, I was a student living in Rafah.  I still live in Rafah, and on this website, I present photos and reports about my home town.  About our life, our community, the home demolitions, homeless families, the children in our camp... About the tragedies that happen here every day."

Qatar     Facts   Maps   Etiquette

          (Founded in 1978, with the Gulf Publishing & Printing Company as parent firm).   "Inspired by a sense of patriotism, a group of good citizens of this generous land decided in 1978 to establish the Gulf Publishing & Printing Company. That decision proved to be a turning-point in the literary life of Qatar, leading to the creation of two great newspapers. . .

          "Always, our watchwords have been truth and accuracy. We have opened our columns to debate; offered distinguished journalism and useful information. We conceive our publications as offering a stream of knowledge: artistic, literary, political and financial. They are, we hope, a focal point for thought and culture. We maintain a continuous creative effort to serve the country and its citizens, striving to reach new horizons but approaching that task with responsibility, fairness, balance and honesty."

Saudi Arabia     Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Embassy in DC

          "The Saudi press agency was established in 1390h / 1971 as the first national news agency. The main goal of its establishment was to serve as a central body to collect and distribute local and international news in the kingdom and abroad. It is an important channel to keep abreast with developments in the kingdom and to serve as a true reflection for transfer of different kinds of information to Saudi citizens from events locations in the kingdom and abroad.

          "SPA is one of the affiliates of the ministry of information, with a staff of nearly 500 employees. It is headed by a director general who is directly associated with the minister of information.

          "SPA is a founder member of the federation of the Arab news agencies, the gulf news agency, the international Islamic news agency and the pool of news agencies of the nonaligned countries. The Saudi press agency takes part in annual conferences and meetings to review aspects of the joint cooperation between news agencies of different regional groups. It also participates in other media and information conferences."

          "The Saudi Gazette is one of the largest and most read newspapers in Saudi Arabia. For more than 30 years, the Gazette has been committed to delivering readers the news and information they rely on in a format they enjoy.

          "We have transformed the process of gathering and disseminating the news by creating synergies between our newsroom and saudigazette.com.sa, our online gateway. We are in the process of the evolution of a newsroom into the Rapid News System, a shift that will allow us to expand into multimedia and deliver relevant, targeted news across multiple platforms based on reader's needs.

          "The Saudi Gazette is part of the Okaz family, a company rich in its diversity of people and communities. Okaz serves readers throughout operations within Saudi Arabia, as well as the Arab world."

          "The Middle East's Leading English Language Daily"

          "In 1975 Saudi Research & Publishing Co. (SRPC) launched the first Saudi English-language daily newspaper, ArabNews. For more than a quarter of a century ArabNews has been breaking cultural barriers and unifying Arabs and non-Arabs alike in responding to their need for information. ArabNews has evolved successfully into the well respected, leading paper it is today.

          "From its initiation, the paper has been serving the interests of both the Saudis and a large expatriate community and in consequence introduced them to each other.

          "SPRC, established 1972, has become one of the most important publishing groups in the Arab world. Since then, the list of publications has grown to include 18 daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines, all leaders in their respective fields in the Arab and non-Arab world."

Posted Friday, September 2, 2011

Syria         UNDER CONSTRUCTION:   Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Embassy in DC

          "The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) is the national official news agency in Syria.  It was established in 1965.  It is linked to the Ministry of Information and has its headquarters in Damascus.

          "The Agency provides full coverage of local, Arab and international events based on balanced, objective approach.  It is always matching up with the latest developments in news agencies work.

          "SANA performs its work through a highly-qualified staff at its Damascus-based headquarters and reporters at all state ministries and institutions, as well as offices in all of the 14 Syrian governorates.

          "The Agency also has offices in Beirut, Paris, Moscow, Jordan, Tehran, Kuwait, Cairo, Libya, Rome and Turkey.  There are approximately 43 correspondents in other Arab and foreign countries all over the world."

          (Tuesday, September 2, 2011)   At this time, Syria Today includes a website, with sections for Politics, Business, Focus, Life, Archive, Time Out, Contact, and Subscription.  There is also the PDF issue of Syria Today, with a link to the top right of the home page.  Click on that link to see the PDF like a conventional magazine on line.

          "Syria Today is a publication of International Development Associates (Syria) and a member of the Syrian Private Press."

          To quote from the publisher's note in the August/September 2011 edition:   "Since the beginning of the year, Syria has transformed on the world stage from a strategic but relatively obscure country to a focal point for attention for anyone watching the Arab Spring unfold.  Inside the country, we have watched Syria change from a place where, for decades, change was either nonexistent or painfully slow to a land where, almost daily, it seems that our world is transformed, flipped upside down and the unimaginable suddenly becomes reality... We continue to hope that our coverage during this delicate and historic time helps to shed light on the most pertinent political and social issues while acknowledging the significance of this moment in our country's progress.  Please provide us with comments and feedback at mail@syria-today.com.

          "Abdul Ghani Attar, Managing Partner, Syria Today"

Yemen         UNDER CONSTRUCTION:   Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Embassy in DC


    "Who are we?   [19/July/2007]   Saba News Agency is the official news agency of the Republic of the Yemen.  It was established in 1970 by the former Yemen Arab Republic (north of Yemen).  After Yemen's Reunification on May 22, 1990, Saba was officially combined with Aden News Agency of the former Yemen Democratic Republic (south of Yemen) to be Yemen News Agency (Saba).

    "The agency Saba is a member in the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA) and a member in the Organization of Asian News Agencies (OANA).  It is also a member of the Federation of Arab News Agencies and a member in the Non-Alignment countries News Agencies pool and has agreements of news service exchange with some Arab and foreign agencies.

    "Saba has also a Studies and Researches Center which publishes books on most important local and international events.  It offers necessary documentary services to researchers and official circles.

    "On May 22, 2007, Yemen News Agency (Saba) started to publish a daily newspaper, Al-Syasiyah, which covers domestic, Arab and international developments, interviews, files on specific subjects and translation of articles, written in English, French and German, on the most important Arab or international issues into Arabic."


    "Yemen Post was first launched in a newspaper format on November 2, 2007.  It was founded by the current Publisher and Editor in Chief, Hakim Almasmari.  Over 1000 institutions receive the newspaper every Monday.  Along with our foreign distribution to neighboring countries, the Yemen Post is also distributed to Europe and the United States.  The format of the newspaper was changed to a full colored, top of the art tabloid format on February 16, 2009.

    "Concerning our online services, our website now offers several main services.  This includes the best of content from the main Yemen Post newspaper, and up to the minute breaking news from around Yemen, the Gulf region and the Middle East.

    "Then throughout the day and evening, yemenpost.net concentrates on constantly updating the website with the latest breaking news from around Yemen on an hourly basis.  Yemenpost.net also gives readers a chance to have a voice on the big issues of the day, either by voting in our popular polls or by sending a comment."


    "Mission statement: 'To Make Yemen a Good World Citizen.'  After the founder of Yemen Times sacrificed his life for the sake of press freedom, Yemen Times continues to carry his legacy, promoting press freedom, professional journalism and the defense of human rights.  Yemen Times' mission statement involves promoting the development of the country including its media.

    "Yemen Times founder Prof. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf won the National Press Club Award for Freedom of the Press in 1995 for pursuing the truth and making it available to the people through Yemen Times.  He was also one of the founders of the Arab Human Rights Organization in 1983.

    "A defender of human rights:  Yemen Times has gained recognition for its strong role in defending and supporting human rights.  It has organized a number of significant events on human rights, including a seminar in 2000 celebrating the 50th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights with the presence of the President of the Republic, who gave an important speech during the event.

    "Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, founder of Yemen Times, made sure it maintained a line of support for human rights and democracy under all circumstances.  He was imprisoned, threatened, and even tortured by government security for standing strong with those deprived of their human rights through his strong critical articles.  Today, the newspaper continues to promote the very same ideas along the same lines as its founder."



Afghanistan     Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Embassy in DC

Pakistan     Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Embassy in DC

          "The Associated Press of Pakistan started its life in 1947, with the independence of Pakistan.  Initially it was run through a trust, but owing to financial problems, it was taken over by the Government through an Ordinance called 'Associated Press of Pakistan (taking over) Ordinance 1961,' on 15th June 1961, to put it on a sound financial footing.  The journalists were allowed to retain their independent status under this ordinance.  They are not regarded as government or semi-government employees.  They are governed by Labour Laws as is the case with the newspaper industry in Pakistan.  It is administered through the Director General APP, who is appointed by the Government.

          "Today APP is the nation's premier news agency which comprises highly qualified and professionally competent journalists.  APP remains committed to excellent journalistic traditions by objective and accurate reporting.  A contradiction of an APP story is a rare phenomenon."

          "The DAWN Group of Newspapers, published by the Pakistan Herald Publications (Pvt.) Limited (PHPL), was founded by the Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the father of the nation.  The group began its publication, the DAWN newspaper in 1947, immediately after independence and has ever since expanded its base from a single to an array of publications catering to varying interest of readers as well as advertisers.  In addition, not forgetting the need for globalization, the international network of media representatives has also been successively webbed to all the developed and developing nations of the world.

          "PHPL, in addition to DAWN - the first newspaper to be published in Pakistan and the most widely circulated, publishes the STAR (an English language eveninger), HERALD (a monthly current affairs magazine), SPIDER (a monthly Internet magazine) and AURORA (a marketing and advertising based bi-monthly magazine).  The Group is also a pioneer in electronic publishing.  DAWN's web site, DAWN - the Internet Edition, is generally considered the best source of news from Pakistan on the web."

          "The Frontier Post was launched in 1984 from Peshawar, capital of North West Frontier Province (NWFP)... The people of NWFP were very happy because they knew that their voice will now be heard in the corridors of power and decision making authorities."

Tibet       Under Construction as of January 1, 2011:       Facts   Maps   Etiquette   Embassy in DC

    Posted Saturday, January 1, 2011


          "Tibet Express (Bod-Kyi-Bang-Chen) is legally registered under the Information department and Press of Indian government. It is the first ever independent Tibetan weekly newsletter in our Tibetan society and till date, it is being widely distributed in around twenty different countries.

          "The head office of this weekly newsletter is based at Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh and its branch agencies are based in the most populated exile settlements Byllakuppe and Mundgod. (Its branch agency based in Kathmandu, Nepal has been compelled to close on 5th March 2009 after the regional reporter was detained by local police. He was released after paying the sum of Nepali Rupees six and half lakhs as bribe, but legally stopped us to continue our work there. Therefore, the branch agency based in Nepal is temporarily closed). The newsletter Bod-kyi-bang-chen is being printed and distributed simultaneously in Dharamsala, Mundgod and Byllakuppe."

          The Tibet Express is an activity of the Khawa Karpo Tibet Culture Centre Charitable Trust. "Khawa Karpo Tibet Culture Centre Charitable Trust, Dharamsala is a non-profit organization founded by a group of Tibetans in 2003. It is registered under the district magistrate of Kangra, the state government of Himachal Pradesh, India: (Regd.No.157, Regd. Year 2005, Book No. 1)... The Khawa Karpo Tibet Culture Centre holds many aims and objectives and some of the important aims are as follows:

      1) Preservation and promotion of Tibetan religion and language
      2) Resolution of Tibetan problem
      3) Awareness programs related to equality and human rights, democracy, environment, etc."

    Posted Sunday, January 2, 2011


          This organization does not provide summary descriptive information of its own, but consists of a very large and diverse compilation of links, downloads, resources and sources for news and information concerning the land and peoples of Tibet, the Tibetan diaspora, Buddhism, and the Dalai Lama.


AFRICA, Continent-wide


          "NEWS ~ ANALYSIS ~ ADVOCACY" .

          "This website features high-quality analysis and progressive advocacy on African issues, with particular attention to priority issues affecting the entire continent. The heart of the website is the AfricaFocus Bulletin produced and distributed one to three times a week to over 3,000 subscribers, including individuals, organizations, and listservs. Current issues are featured on the homepage; a full archive is also available on the site."


          "AllAfrica Global Media is a multi-media content service provider, systems technology developer and the largest electronic distributor of African news and information worldwide. Registered in Mauritius, with offices in Johannesburg, Dakar, Lagos and Washington, D.C., AllAfrica is one of a family of companies that aggregate, produce and distribute news from across Africa to tens of millions of end users.

          "This website, allAfrica.com, is among the Internet's largest content sites, posting over 1000 stories daily in English and French and offering a diversity of multi-lingual streaming programming as well as over 900,000 articles in our searchable archive (which includes the archive of Africa News Service dating from 1997). Strategic alliances with media and information technology companies, such as Comtex News Network, Radio France Internationale, and the BBC, extend AllAfrica's global reach. Content agreements with over 130 African news organizations generate steady revenues for the content partners and give them, in turn, access to the prize-winning reporting of the AllAfrica team.

          "AllAfrica's reach is worldwide. The growing website serves over 12 million monthly page views (over 100 million monthly "hits"). More than 14,000 other web sites carry AllAfrica's constantly updating headline modules or otherwise link to the site. The AllAfrica News Wire offers premium business feeds and continuously refreshing news for wireless devices such as cell phones and handheld organizers and supplies commercial clients worldwide through such services as LexisNexis, Bloomberg, Financial Times Information, Factiva (Reuters and Dow Jones) and L' Européenne des Données, which together reach tens of millions of end users."


          "The Sub-Saharan Informer is a daily Africa-wide newspaper launched initially in eight African countries. The framework is to use the state of the art information and communication technologies, specially the internet, to collect, process and print the newspaper on a daily basis simultaneously in Ethiopia Djibouti, Uganda, Kenya, Somaliland, Ghana, Tanzanina and Sudan.

          "The Sub-Saharan Informer is an independent newspaper, established for the purpose of presenting balanced coverage of events, and of promoting the dissemination of information and development. It owes allegiance to no political party, ethnic community, religious or other interest group.

          "The Sub-Saharan Informer is a liberal newspaper, committed to the best traditions and ideals of free and equitable access to information by the civil society. The Charter of the Sub-Saharan Informer therefore reflects that:

          "The Sub-Saharan Informer is independent of any political, commercial or sectional obligations or commitments, and will not represent the interests of any one section of the population at the expense of another. It will strive to ensure there is no discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, ethnic group, sexual orientation or any physical attribute."



Posted Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Libya     Facts   Maps   Etiquette   /   UNDER CONSTRUCTION

(Tuesday, March 1, 2011)   EDITOR'S NOTE:  At this time, news from Libyans from within Libya itself is scant, and we cannot always be certain of the physical locations, or make-up of the staffs, of the organizations offered here.  They may include Libyans in exile, and people from neighboring or concerned countries.  In any case, Geotrees tries to find and add to the most direct news and information links available.

    Posted Monday, March 1, 2011


    LIBYA 17 FEBRUARY 2011


          EDITOR'S NOTE:  This is a well-developed and -organized website evidently run by the Libyan resistance, and carrying news of the rapidly developing situation in that country, with related stories and commentary from around the globe.  Contents and archives include Images, Videos, Audio, General, and News categories; there are links to social media, as well.  Readers are invited to add comments of their own.

    Posted Monday, March 1, 2011


    or LJBC.NET

          "LJBC.NET is the official website of Libyan Jamahiriya Broadcasing Corporation.  It is the largest and main news provider in Libya and the main gate for news seekers on Libya.

          "LJBC.NET is run by a dedicated staff of about 50 employees, the majority of whom are journalists, supported by a group of web developers.  LJBD.NET is made up of four units:
          1 - The news editing unit
          2 - The programming unit
          3 - The design unit
          4 - The maintenance and operations unit.

          "LJBC.NET's three sites (Arabic-English-French) are committed to provide all sorts of news including the domestic news, sports, sci, tech, varieties, and reports.  We exist to provide people who are eager to know Libya and its culture, and enrich their knowledge with trusted news articles, in addition to indispensable information tailored for those who want to explore Libya."

    (EDITOR'S NOTE:  This appears to be an official state site, with news and opinion that supports the Gaddafi government - valuable, in presenting that government and its leader as they wish the world to perceive them.)

    Posted Tuesday, March 1, 2011



          "The Tripoli Post was first appeared in 1999.  It is meant to be a newspaper of substance.  Its objective is to communicate Libya's news and views to the rest of the world.

          "The Tripoli Post and The Tripoli Post OnLine focus on serving readers by making information available with regard to Libya's politics, business, culture, sports, history and the country's dynamic growing population.  This is in addition to covering world events.

          "The Tripoli Post is about men, women, youth, children and the elderly.  It is about business, arts, theater, products, inventions, education, health and the environment.

          "It holds high the principles of social and ethical responsibility.  By doing so, it contributes to the efforts of promoting a better, prosperous and peaceful world."

    • OFFICES:   In LIBYA: Al-Fateh Tower, 1st Floor, Office 74, Tripoli, P.O. Box 1159, Meidan Al-Jazair, Tripoli.   In MALTA: P.O. Box 28, B'Kara, Malta
    • PHONES:   00218-21-3351740;   00218-21-3362069;   00218-21-3362070;   00218-21-3362071
    • LINK:   www.tripolipost.com   ~   To the TOP

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    Posted Sunday, January 23, 2011


          "The NewSudanVision.com is an independent non-profit website based in North America.

          "Founded in 2006 by Sudanese college and university students who became motivated after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement put an end to the civil war, the website aspires to leverage the role of media as one of the fundamental tenets of a democratic, free, peaceful, prosperous, and well governed society.

          "The New Sudan Vision seeks to champion the dissemination of information to people to make well informed decisions on important issues pertaining to nation building.  It is the Southern Sudanese online media that puts greater emphasis on news that is representative of the interest of all ethnic groups of the nation, and employs fair and objective reporting.

          "Due to the quality of ideas and information our website has been disseminating, our audience has grown tremendously among the Sudanese of all walks of life, including among individuals interested in Sudan.

          The website seeks to capture the postwar eloquence by serving as an incubator of ideas for a generation coming out of war, a generation which is on track to begin weaving its narrative."


          "Here is your 'news and views' information site on Sundan. . . SudanTribune is a non-profit web site based in France.  Its goals are to promote plural information, democratic and free debate on Sudan."



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          The Kenya Times Online contains sections for National, International, and Africa news; Commentary and Analysis; Business; Provincial News; Sports; Features; and Letters to the Editor.


          The Standard contains sections for News; Business; Sports; Editorial; Cartoon; Commentaries; Columnists; Parliament; Letters; Arts & Literature; Picture Gallery; Blog; Jobs; Political Barometer; Special Reports; Magazines; Digital Edition; and Know Your MP.


          The Saturday and Daily Nations contain sections including Kenya Today; News; Politics; World News; News Extra; Opinion; Saturday Review; Business; Sports; Cutting Edge; Daily Magazine; Yesterday's News; Talk to Us; and Interact.

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          "Insidesomalia.org is a site that tries to disseminate all types of information about Somalia.  Compared to other parts of the world, there is little information about Somalia and can be considered "not important" by the wider global community.  We hope to bring information closer to you and give higher profile to issues that affect the average Somali.

          "We are always looking to get feedback and support to improve the service; any comments you have about our service are greatly appreciated.

          "Insidesomalia.org was founded by Abbas Gassem in June 2007.  Abbas has worked in the finance sector since the early 1990s and moved to internet sector in June 2000.  Abbas has also worked for internet start-up Kelkoo and joined Yahoo! through acquisition of Kelkoo in March 2004.

          "There is also a number of journalists based both in somalia and neighbouring countries who contribute content to the site.  We also have number of contacts in the government and the business community."

          The PUNTLAND POST


          Offering sections on News, Opinion, Islam, Literature, Health, Business, Education and Sports.  As of April 2009, English language articles are listed with links in a column in the center of the top-fold page.  The site as a whole appears to be in development at this time.

          SIMBA NEWS and RADIO


          "Simba Radio works with the standard of the accepted code of Journalism ethics of accuracy, impartiality and responsibility.  Simba Radio Radio was launched and broadcasted officially on July 8, 2006 and one year after its first program now has the confidence and popularity among the public.  Simba Radio dissiminates information among the public, raises awareness in the community, tries to reduce hate speech through radio talk shows, promote peace building, culture for peace and promotes poverty eradication programs, fighting against HIV/AIDS, FGM, [in behalf of] reconciliation and peace in Somalia."



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          "The Mail & Guardian Online was the first internet-based news publications in Africa. Launched in early 1994, it is one of South Africa's and Africa's major news publishers and is reputed internationally for its quality content. Today, it is a fast-growing site, taking its place as one of country's top three biggest news sites.

          "The M&G Online has received numerous accolades and awards, including receiving three Webby Honourable mentions in 2008 for its Thought Leader platform and News in Photos site. The M&G Online had previously received a Webby Award honourable mention in 2005 for its interactive guide on the country's 2004 elections. The Webby awards are popularly known as the 'Oscars of the internet.' In 2001, the site was voted one of the world's top 175 websites by Forbes.com."


          "Thought Leader is an editorial group blog of quality commentary and analysis.

          "Its aim is to provide a platform for thought-provoking opinion from Mail & Guardian journalists and columnists as well as other writers, commentators, intellectuals and opinion makers across various industries and political spectrums. Thought Leader is not only a platform for some of the country’s established writers and personalities but is home to some of the country’s up-and-coming writers.

          "Thought Leader is all about debate, offering readers the opportunity to comment and discuss issues raised by contributors.

          "The site is edited by the Mail & Guardian Online’s editorial team. Should you wish to contact us please email us on thoughtleader@mg.co.za."

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          "Fruitlink Ventures (Private) Limited, is a wholly owned Zimbabwe Company registered in 2004, for the express purpose of being a family investment vehicle for the Chamboko family. The Company embarked in strategic niche market research in the newspaper industry in 2005 and subsequently sort registration from the Media and Information Commission in accordance with the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act Chapter 10:27. Registration of a specialized business and economics reporting newspaper was acquired late 2006.

          "BusinessWeekly, Southern Africa's premier financial newspaper, is your gateway to the region's top decision-makers. It offers incisive coverage of business and economic news, as well as current affairs. The publication delivers quality, in-depth news and analysis to the region's business and economic elite. Our readers are highly educated, receptive to new ideas and can rely on BusinessWeekly to give them an edge in their daily lives."


          "New Zimbabwe.com is Zimbabwe's first and only rolling news site updated 24/7 with all the latest news, sports and commentary. It is also a platform for debate and intellectual release with vibrant live discussion forums.

          "The website is designed and run by people who have seen how the dearth of free expression can reduce progressive nations into pariahs where the majority are always at the mercy of the powerful.

          "New Zimbabwe.com seeks to expose situations where this takes place, and we make no apology for seeking the demise of such evil edifices wherever they appear.

          "Our brilliant team of correspondents will disassemble the language of the spin doctors and strip away at the layers of deception which evil regimes use to hide their true nature. We will expose the false revolutions sprouting across Zimbabwe and record the atrocities of the ruling oligarchy without fear.

          "We also seek to act as a vehicle for mass participation. It is our belief that every Zimbabwean and every African with a voice deserves to be heard – including those who have forfeited the freedoms of the majority."

          (Located in the UK) .

          "We are a group of committed and professional Zimbabwean journalists and friends from around the world who have come together to start the first physical newspaper for Zimbabweans in exile. The paper will be edited by Wilf Mbanga, founder and first Chief Executive of Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe, the publishers of The Daily News (closed down in 2003 under the terms of the Zimbabwe Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act—AIPPA.) More than 50 Zimbabwean journalists around the world have offered their services on a voluntary basis to get the paper started.

          "It is believed that more than a million Zimbabweans live in exile in the UK and more than two million live outside Zimbabwe in Southern Africa —mainly in South Africa and Botswana. The Zimbabwean will, for the first time, give a voice to these Zimbabweans, who constitute some 25% of the total population. It will build links and encourage readers to tell their own stories and those of their families, as well as articulating their fears and frustrations about the issues concerning them.

          "The paper will include news from Zimbabwe as well as life in exile. The content will obviously have a heavy emphasis on Zimbabwean politics, but will also include arts and culture, business, sports, gender and health, issues, social issues and news analysis. Letters to the editor will be a key feature, as will classified advertisements."


          "The Zimbabwe Mirror Newspapers Group (ZMNG) is a private company owned by a cross section of Zimbabwean entrepreneurs. The Group publishes The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mirror on Saturday and The Sunday Mirror whose coverage of events is informed by the need to advance the interests of all sections of society regardless of political, ethnic or any other affiliation in order to protect and enhance the national and Pan African interest. Particular attention is given to marginalised groups of society. Our news and issues coverage extend to every corner of the country, in addition to the southern African region, Africa and the rest of the world, particularly developing countries.

          "Our Core Values: In pursuit of our Vision and Mission we are guided by the following values:

    • Nationalism, Pan-Africanism
    • Fairness
    • Justice
    • Customer focus
    • Integrity
    • Professionalism
    • Objectivity and factuality."



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    Updated Saturday, January 15, 2015

          "Granma is the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party. Its name comes from the yacht Granma that carried Fidel Castro and 81 other rebels to Cuba's shores in 1956, launching the Cuban Revolution.

          "The newspaper is published daily and is widely read. Several weekly international editions, available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, are also distributed abroad. Also, news stories from Granma often are carried later in the Spanish-language sections of periodicals with a similar political base, such as People's Weekly World."   - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

      Prensa Latina

    Under Reconstruction, Saturday, January 15, 2015 .

          (Cuba-based Latin American news agency. Introduction and Description TBD)

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          "The site's aim is to provide on-going news about developments in Venezuela, as well as to contextualize this news with in-depth analysis and background information.  The site is targeted towards academics, journalists, intellectuals, investors, policy makers from different countries, and the general public... Venezuelanalysis.com is a project of the Fundación para la Justicia Económica Global, which is a foundation that is registered in Caracas, Venezuela.

          "The website used to be based in Caracas, Venezuela, but as of recently its contributors are all working on the site from their homes in various places in Venezuela, the U.S., and elsewhere in the world.

          "While the site publishes opinion articles, it also aims for accuracy in the news and facts presented in all articles.  Our goal is to be the primary resource for information and analysis on Venezuela in the English language.

          "Its principal members are Gregory Wilpert, Chris Carlson, Michael Fox, Cleto Sojo, James Suggett, and Tamara Pearson."


          (Published from Caracas, Venezuela)

          Geotrees Editor's Note:  This is evidently a new page, and not much introductory information is available at this time.  News and features are available on line, as are links concerning Venezuela and Columbia; we invite you to visit the site.

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