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GeoLinks is a directory of over seven hundred groups, projects and organizations, large and small, that share international and -cultural news, knowledge, and service throughout the national capital region, and otherwise contribute to civilized life.  They come from academe, education, the press, faith, community-builders, diplomacy, advocacy, empowerment, business, the arts, the professions, and more - in fact, just about any area of human interest, creativity, and endeavor.

We especially welcome those which may not get much exposure through conventional outlets.

While the large majority of these listings are local and regional, we also include valuable and relevant resources from around the planet.  Many have local offices and activities.  We invite you to look into them, and to connect with them directly.

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      Whether you're an established, involved resident of the community, someone from overseas wishing to connect with your fellow nationals, a recent arrival just beginning to explore what the area has to offer, or a short-term visitor seeking guidance and inspiration about this unique crossroads city, here you will find good access for those of all ages to a large and growing number of local civilization-builiding and intercultural resources and groups.

      Geotrees' links and listings come from a wide range of sources. We go beyond the usual institutional canon, and welcome activities from the grassroots, amateur, and community level.  Some may be considered marginal or controversial in some quarters.  But all are chosen because they contribute to our knowledge of one another's cultures and histories, and of the forces by which we create community, culture, civilization, and the future.

      Most of our listings are for DC-regional resources, but we include many of national and worldwide importance.  Many of these have activities in our local area, while inviting our attention, and involvement, out into the larger world.

      Geotrees.Com is dedicated to helping build peace, abundance and security based on communication, knowledge, and understanding across the many divides of human life.  While we devote ourselves to those who make a positive contribution, we may or may not support or endorse, repudiate or condemn any organization or activity described here - rather, we list them because their work is relevant in some way to the great issues of our time, and to building a civilized, humane future for all.  We invite you to see what they have to offer, and make your own evaluations and choices.

      Geotrees welcomes additional information and listings at all times; our space is available to those that actively contribute to understanding, cooperation, inclusion and harmony within the human family.  We especially welcome pieces concerning the interests and excellence of our young people.

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      Geotrees is increasing its attention to cooperative and intentional community living in various forms, and to its value to many - to elders who wish to remain in their homes; to those of all generations seeking a sense of neighborhood or village with a balance of privacy and intimacy; to people wishing stronger connection with the rhythms of nature and the land; and others.  We're pleased to include a growing number of them here as possible options for your own life, or as models and exemplars for building community of your own.

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Posted Sunday, June 24, 2012
"... a Partnership between Government Departments and the Aboriginal Community..."

(Indian Country in Canada; Education; Community)

  •       "The Aboriginal Canada Portal (ACP) is your single window to First Nations, Inuit and Métis on-line resources, contacts, information, and government programs and services in Canada.  The Aboriginal Canada Portal is a partnership between Government departments and the Aboriginal community that allows better quality service and information delivery and to the degree possible, ensures that the site continues to evolve with a user-friendly and useful manner.

          "The goal of the site is to continue to evolve into a virtual forum in which:

    • All Aboriginal stakeholders (Aboriginal peoples, organizations and government policy and program developers) may locate, discuss and share information, views, services, successes and issues amongst one another;
    • and, act as a central gateway to increase the awareness of Aboriginal Peoples history, heritage, traditions and Aboriginal community successes among Aboriginal Peoples and non-Aboriginal Canadians."

          Geotrees' Editor's Note: It is uncertain at this time - late June 2012 - how much of the material on this page is created by Canadian indigenous and aboriginal people themselves.  We encourage people to listen to others tell their own stories in their own voices, and to participate in Geotrees' new GeoSkies indigenes' message group.  Search this page using key words Indian Country to see our growing number of relevant resources.

  • On the Web:  www.aboriginalcanada.gc.ca/   ~   To the TOP

(Faith and Interfaith; Islam; Bridgebuilding; Reconciliation; Worldwide)

  •       "On October 13th 2006, one month to the day after Pope Benedict XVI's Regensburg address of September 13th 2006, 38 Islamic authorities and scholars from around the world, representing all denominations and schools of thought, joined together to deliver an answer to the Pope in the spirit of open intellectual exchange and mutual understanding. In their Open Letter to the Pope (see english.pdf), for the first time in recent history, Muslim scholars from every branch of Islam spoke with one voice about the true teachings of Islam.

          "Now, exactly one year after that letter, Muslims have expanded their message. In A Common Word Between Us and You 138 Muslim scholars, clerics and intellectuals have unanimously come together for the first time since the days of the Prophet to declare the common ground between Christianity and Islam. Like the Open Letter, the signatories to this message come from every denomination and school of thought in Islam. Every major Islamic country or region in the world is represented in this message, which is addressed to the leaders of all the world's churches, and indeed to all Christians everywhere.

          "The final form of the letter was presented at a conference in September 2007 held under the theme of 'Love in the Quran,' by the Royal Academy of The Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought in Jordan, under the Patronage of H.M. King Abdullah II. Indeed, the most fundamental common ground between Islam and Christianity, and the best basis for future dialogue and understanding, is the love of God and the love of the neighbor."

          NOTE! One Common Word is preparing to address those of other faiths as well, but wished to begin at the most pressing point of division. Please visit their website for details.   - Geotrees ed.

  • Source: Senzel Garrett
  • On the Web: www.acommonword.com   ~   To the TOP

(In Baltimore)

(Spirit; Faith and Interfaith; Service; Reconciliation)
  •       "Active Compassion seeks to create an environment of genuine spiritual and social inquiry. It seeks to make available the methods such as meditation, contemplation, deep listening and council practice to stimulate and participate in a broader dialogue in which the vital wisdom of other traditions can be brought to light and collectively inform the journey of those who would work to uplift and empower the people of Baltimore in particular and improve the condition of life in this world altogether.

          "Active compassion believes in meditation in action. Besides meditation, we organize annual conferences, service days, annual street retreats,evenings of contemplation on important issues, and socially and spiritually conscious movie nights.

          "We hold quarterly evenings of contemplation on issues like race, environmental crisis, social justice, diversity etc.We organized an evening of contemplation on 'Environment Crisis' on July 24, 2006 at Baltimore shambhala center."

  • Tel. (410) 830-1842 or (410) 956-8743
  • On the Web:  www.activecompassion.org/   ~  To the TOP

(Human Rights; Baltimore)
  •       "ASTT is a Baltimore-area treatment center helping to heal the pain and suffering shared by survivors of systematic torture and trauma... Since 1994, we have been helping the area's immigrants document their stories of torture and abuse to assist them in gaining asylum in the US... A.S.T.T. has provided asylum assistance to survivors from Liberia, Mexico, El Salvador, Sudan, Congo, Toga, Pakistan, Afganistan and numerous other countries."

  • Address: 431 E. Belvedere, Baltimore, MD 21212
  • Tel. (410) 464-9006.
  • On the Web: www.astt.org   ~  To the TOP

(Labor; Social Justice; Education; the Arts; Economics)
  •       "As the voice of working people in local communities across the United States, the AFL-CIO Central Labor Councils are the heart of the American labor movement.  By uniting the labor movement and mobilizing the local community, the Councils play a critical role on local, state and national issues as we work to accomplish our mission - To organize in the community to promote social justice for all working people.

          "The Metropolitan Washington Council is proud to be at the forefront of this movement, working with nearly 200 affiliated union locals and our community, religious, student and political allies to improve the lives of workers and their families throughout the greater metro Washington area.

          "Each year, the Council coordinates strategy and organizes demonstrations to support affiliated locals organizing workers or negotiating union contracts; provides emergency services and legal counseling for workers and supports activities on behalf of political candidates who support workers' issues.

          "The Council's affiliates represent over 150,000 area union members in every line of work, from service industries, retail sales and communications to transportation, manufacturing, construction trades and, of course, the public sector at all levels."

  • Source: Gloria Minott's "Metro Watch" (q.v.) on WPFW FM 89.3 (q.v.)
  • Address: Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO, 888 16th St NW, Suite 520, Washington, DC 20006
  • Tel. (202) 974-8150
  • On the Web: www.dclabor.org   ~  To the TOP

(African Diaspora; Education; Community; Worldwide)
  •       "The ADHT is a transnational heritage tourism initiative, formed in 2001 by the Bermuda Ministry of Tourism to serve as a catalyst to link historic and cultural destinations throughout the countries of the African Diaspora into a network of vibrant tourist attractions that focus attention on their shared historical and cultural heritages. The concept of the ADHT is one of a transnational cultural tourism initiative to educate visitors, enhance economic viability of African Diaspora countries and safeguard the core values and creativity of African descent, culture and history.

          "ADHT seeks to establish heritage trails linking Diaspora traditions in Africa, South and Central America, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Europe, the United States and Canada by developing a network of collaborators who identify, build, finance, promote and market memorable heritage destinations. ADHT destinations will foster sustainable economic development, provide inspiring educational experiences, produce quality cultural products that expose visitors to authentic African Diaspora history and culture, and motivate local populations to become active participants in the preservation and dissemination of their history and culture.

          "The ADHT Annual Conference creates a unique and inspiring four-day learning environment where government officials, institutional representatives, historians, educators, artists, cultural policy analysts, architects, media, tourism marketing officials, preservationists and interested individuals - all committed to the development of viable African Diaspora heritage destinations may gather to explore trends, experience cultural expression, participate in professional development sessions, examine model heritage trail programs and enjoy networking with their colleagues."

  • Source: Gloria Minott of WPFW 89.3 FM (q.v.) and Metro Watch (q.v.)
  • Address: 7961 Eastern Avenue, Suite 301, Silver Spring, MD 20910
  • Tel. (301) 650-5700, ext. 507
  • On the Web: www.adht.net   ~   To the TOP

(The African Diaspora; Education; Community)
  •       "...to enable new African and other immigrants and refugees to achieve smooth transition to the American culture" through multicultural counseling, consultation, education, training, support services, and "employing our personal and collective life-learned lessons." The founder / director is Dr. Wanjiru Kamau.

  • Address: 11350 Baroque Rd., Suite 100 B, Silver Spring, Md. 20901
  • Tel. (301) 593-0241.
  • Email: airfound( AT )aol.com
  • On the Web: http://cadvice0.tripod.com/AIRF   ~  To the TOP

(African Cultures in the US; Community; Spirit)

  •       "The Akan Spiritual United Order, A.S.U.O., is a non profit spiritual/ religious, cultural and educational society that is dedicated to the spiritual upliftment and the cultural, educational and economic development of the African family.

          "Through the dissemination of information, the A.S.U.O. contributes to the general African family an understanding of the traditional 'religion' as practiced by the Akans of Ghana, West Africa. We train and ordain priests, priestesses, herbalists and healers in the tradition Of the Nana Akonnedi Shrine of Larteh, Ghana in particular, and we work with other shrines and community organizations in mutual exchange of knowledge."

  • Tel. Okomfo Ansah at (202) 561-8020
  • On the Web: www.theafrican.com/Healer/Attakora/ASUO.htm   ~  To the TOP

Posted Monday, January 2, 2012
(Nonviolence and Satyagraha; Peacebuilding; Reconciliation; Education)   (HQ'ed in Boston; Global in Scope)
  •       "Mission Statement:  The mission of the Albert Einstein Institution is to advance the worldwide study and strategic use of nonviolent action in conflict.  The Institution is committed to:
    • Defending democratic freedoms and institutions
    • Opposing oppression, dictatorship, and genocide, and
    • Reducing reliance on violence as an instrument of policy.

          "This mission is pursued in three ways, by:
    • Encouraging research and policy studies on the methods of nonviolent action and their past use in diverse conflicts
    • Sharing the results of this research with the public through publications, conferences, and the media, and
    • Consulting with groups in conflict about the strategic potential of nonviolent action.

          "Background:  Founded in 1983 by Dr. Gene Sharp, The Albert Einstein Institution is dedicated to advancing the study and use of strategic nonviolent action in conflicts throughout the world.  It is committed to the defense of freedom, democracy, and the reduction of political violence through the use of nonviolent action.

          "To further its mission, the Institution has supported research projects (for examples, see our publications section), actively consulted with resistance and pro-democracy groups (including groups in Burma, Thailand, Tibet, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Serbia, and the Occupied Territories) and worked to publicize the power and potential of nonviolent struggle around the world through educational materials, analyses, translations, workshops, and media visibility."

  • Source:  Debby Stevenson, Artist - Link Under Construction
  • Address:  PO BOX 455, East Boston, MA 02128
  • Tel.  617-247-4882
  • Email:  einstein@igc.org
  • On the Web:  www.aeinstein.org   ~   To the TOP

(Youth; Women; Education; Empowerment)
  •       "The Alcanzando Metas Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization set up to foster the academic excellence of young women.  The Foundation's mission is to foster excellence in mathematics, science, technology and language for the advancement of Hispanic women students; with attention to English language proficiency as it impacts academic progress.

          "The Foundation aims to help these young people become productive citizens for the global, high-tech American society of the 21st century."

  • Address: 700 12th Street - Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005
  • Tel. (202) 250-0887
  • On the Web, in English and Spanish: www.ametas.org   ~  To the TOP

(History; African America)
  •       "...To enrich the lives of Alexandria's residents and visitors, to foster tolerance and understanding among all cultures and to stimulate appreciation for the diversity of the African American experience."

  • Address: 638 N. Alfred St., Alexandria, Virginia
  • Tel. (703) 838-4356
  • On the Web: oha.ci.alexandria.va.us/bhrc   ~  To the TOP

(The Middle East; The Press)
  •       "Al Jazeera English is the world's first global English language news channel to be headquartered in the Middle East.  From this unique position, Al Jazeera English is destined to be the English-language channel of reference for Middle Eastern events, balancing the current typical information flow by reporting from the developing world back to the West and from the southern to the northern hemisphere.  The channel gives voice to untold stories, promotes debate, and challenges established perceptions.

          "With broadcasting centers in Doha, Kuala Lumpur, London and Washington DC and supporting bureaux world-wide, the channel will set the news agenda, bridging cultures and providing a unique grassroots perspective from underreported regions around the world to a potential global audience of over one billion English speakers.

          "The station broadcasts news, current affairs, features, analysis, documentaries, live debates, entertainment, business and sport.  Building on Al Jazeera Arabic channel's ground breaking developments in the Arab and Muslim world that have changed the face of news within the Middle East, Al Jazeera English is part of a growing network that is now extending this fresh perspective from regional to global through accurate, impartial and objective reporting."

    (EDITOR'S NOTE:  For links to English language press organizationsl worldwide, visit Geotrees' World Press Page.)

  • On the Web: english.aljazeera.net   ~  To the TOP

(Journalism; Transparency; Whistleblowing - International)
  •       "Launched in January 2011, the Al Jazeera Transparency Unit (AJTU) aims to mobilize its audience - both in the Arab world and further afield - to submit all forms of content (documents, photos, audio & video clips, as well as 'story tips') for editorial review and, if merited, online broadcast and transmission on our English and Arabic-language broadcasts.

          "We believe that this initiative will allow Al Jazeera's supporters to shine light on notable and newsworthy government and corporate activities which might otherwise go unreported.

          "From human rights to poverty to official corruption, AJTU will fairly evaluate and pursue all leads and content submitted, without geographical, political, cultural, or religious bias.

          "All submitted content is subjected to a rigorous vetting and authentication process that encompasses respect for individual privacy, contextualization, and fierce adherence to our tradecraft commitment of 'journalism of depth.'

          "Al Jazeera has also gone to great lengths to protect the identities of our sources.  Files will be uploaded and stored on our secure servers, and accessed only by journalists working for the Al Jazeera Transparency Unit."

    (EDITOR'S NOTE:  For links to English language press organizationsl worldwide, visit Geotrees' World Press Page.)

  • On the Web:  www.ajtransparency.com/   ~   To the TOP

(Islam; Interfaith; Spirit; Community)

  •       "The All Dulles Area Muslim Society(ADAMS) is one of the largest Muslim communities/mosques in the DC Metro Area and in the United States. ADAMS is a non profit 501c(3) Organization.  ADAMS serves over 5000 families and has seven branches (Sterling/Herndon, Tysons Corner, Fairfax, Reston, Leesburg, Ashburn, and South Riding) in Northern Virginia.  ADAMS Center is governed by a 13-member democratically elected board of trustees comprising of men and women.  ADAMS engages in regular interfaith, government relations, social services, and community service.  ADAMS has one of the largest Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Girl Scout programs in the DC Metro area.

          "ADAMS maintains strong ties with other religious groups, and regularly hosts dialogs with Jewish, Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Baha'i, and other faith traditions.  ADAMS participates heavily in interfaith and community service programs and social events."

  • Address: PO BOX 1085, Herndon, VA 20172
  • Tel. (703) 433-1325
  • On the Web: www.adamscenter.org   ~  To the TOP

"Ensuring Our Future, One Child, One Family, One Community at a Time!"

(Youth; Empowerment; Education; Leadership Formation; Community)

  •       The Alliance of Concerned Men (ACM) is a nonnprofit organization with the goal of saving lives of at risk youth residing in high crime areas of the Washington DC metropolitan community.  Since 1991, ACM has been providing community services to families and children at risk and in crisis throughout the Washington metropolitan area.

          "ACM is proud to boast many success stories in its efforts to assist youths in crisis.

          "I came in contact with the Alliance of Concerned Men through a former journalist whom I supervised as an editor at the Washington Afro Newspaper.  I had just completed a fellowship with President Barack Obama when he was on the campaign trail.  I was at the point in my life where I wanted to take what I learned and to give back in some way to the youth and community.  ACM has transformed my life in several ways.  I have a positive depiction of Black men that represent both struggle, triumph and leadership.  I am able to work in a professional environment where I truly feel like I am giving back to the community and, more importantly, to the youth.  Most importantly I am able to utilize my gifts and talents to help build the future of an organization and the world that I live in."   - Brandi Forte

  • Address:  Alliance of Concerned Men, 2905 11th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001
  • Tel.  202-986-6200
  • Email:  contact@allianceofconcernedmen.com
  • On the Web:  www.allianceofconcernedmen.com/alliance/   ~   To the TOP

(France; History and Culture)

  •       "With more than 2,600 members, the Alliance Fran‚àö√üaise of Washington, DC, a non-profit cultural and educational association, headed by a Franco-American Board of Directors. The Alliance Francaise offers a wide variety of courses, social activities and cultural events, including lectures, concerts, films, exhibits, guided visits to museums, 'wine and cheese' parties and discussion groups."

  • Address: 2142 Wyoming Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20008
  • Tel. (202) 234-7911
  • On the Web: www.francedc.org   ~  To the TOP

(Faith and Interfaith; Reconciliation; Social Justice; Community)

  •       "All Souls Church, Unitarian is a progressive religious community located in the heart of Washington, DC, at the intersection of the Mt. Pleasant, Adams Morgan, and Columbia Heights neighborhoods.  We walk diverse spiritual paths to find meaning and purpose in our lives, but we are united in our belief in the worth and dignity of all people, and the obligation to express our faith through acts of justice and compassion.  We hope you'll join us as we create a diverse, spirit-growing, justice-seeking community that is true to our name, All Souls!

          "The congregation that is now All Souls was founded in 1821 as the First Unitarian Church.  From its opening days, the church has answered a call to serve others and to offer a prophetic voice for justice in the nation's capital.  The following are some highlights from this long history of social justice at All Souls.

    • 1821-1865: A Call to Service, Stands Against Slavery
    • 1865-1925: Education, Women's Rights, WWI
    • 1925-1950: Early Civil Rights, Youth, Helping Europe and Japan
    • 1950-1975: Civil Rights, Helping the Neighborhood, Vietnam
    • 1975-present: Central America, South Africa, Continuing Work."

  • Address: All Souls Church, Unitarian, 1500 Harvard St. NW (at 16th St. NW), Washington DC 20009
  • Tel. (202) 332-5266
  • On the Web: www.all-souls.org   ~  To the TOP

(The Middle East; The Press; "The Arab-American Newspaper")
  •       "Al-Nashra is an Arab-American publication distributed in the Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland.  Al-Nashra is available at most Middle Eastern stores, and mailed to all Arab and Middle Eastern embassies in the District of Columbia.  Al-Nashra is published by Arab Media House, Inc., and read by more than 20,000 readers. Its main objective as a community magazine is to provide its readers with accurate information and objective analysis concerning U.S.-Arab relations.

          "On August 22, 1992, the Washington Post recognized Al-Nashra as a business and cultural advocate in the Arab-American community. In a detailed article about ethnic publications, the Washington Post quoted attorney Vernon Gutjahr, a regular advertiser in Al-Nashra, as saying 'he prefers to advertise in Al-Nashra rather than in the Washington Post.'"

    (EDITOR'S NOTE:  For links to English language press organizationsl worldwide, visit Geotrees' World Press Page.)

  • Address: % Arab Media House, Inc., 4301 Runabout Lane, Fairfax, Virginia 22030
  • Tel. (703) 748-4945; Fax: (703) 354-1719.
  • On the Web: www.arabmedia.com/alnashra.html   ~  To the TOP

(Peacebuilding; Education; Reconciliation - Nationwide and International)

  •       "We live in a violent society....and violence comes in many forms.  Many are shocked by the increasing conflict on the streets, in our school and in the home.  Violence knows no class, racial, economic or geographical boundaries.  People in the US have twice the chance of being murdered than in many other Western countries.  Our schools have resorted to metal detectors.  Violence in the home, physical and mental, directed against both spouse and child is rampant.  We lead the world in prison population, and our prisons, rather than protecting society from violence, spawn more violence.  Over ninety percent of prisoners eventually return to society -- from a prison experience that encourages violence.

          "Come in and see what AVP is doing to help us make a change....a change in the way we respond to violence, and in the way we initiate violence ourselves."

  • Source:  Holy Trinity Catholic Church of Washington, DC and Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service (q.v.)
  • Address:  1050 Selby Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104
  • Tel.  (888) 278-7820
  • Email:  avp@avpusa.org
  • On the Web:  avpusa.org   ~   To the TOP

Posted Friday, May 24, 2013
"The Abused and Homeless Children's Refuge" in Fairfax County
24-Hour Crisis Line:   800-SAY-TEEN (800-729-8336)
or 703-356-6360

(Children and Youth; Philanthropy; Volunteerism)
  •       "Alternative House's vision is of a community in which all young people are safe, live in a nurturing environment and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.  Founded in 1972, Alternative House transforms the lives of children and youth helping them stay safe, make positive decisions, achieve educational success, and overcome personal crises.  We offer children, youth and families hope for brighter futures by providing counseling, shelter and neighborhood-based support.

          Executive Director's Note:   "It's always challenging and rewarding being at Alternative House – The Abused and Homeless Children's Refuge.  Our programs work to keep young people safe and provide them with the opportunity to grow and achieve their full potential.  We see young people facing challenges that they shouldn't have to face but we also see them surmounting those challenges and gaining in strength and self-sufficiency.

          "This year, our economy has once again played a role at Alternative House.  The number of young people seeking help at the Emergency Shelter for Teenagers is up 30% over pre-recession numbers.  We've opened a new program to help young people who are homeless while still in high school and who don't have the support of a parent or guardian.  Requests for food and clothing are up more than 50% in our community-based programs.

          "Your support has helped us meet these increasing needs.  As you will see from the charts on the Financial Information page, more than half of the resources we need to help young people come directly from the community.  In addition to financial support, the help we receive from volunteers and the food, clothing and other supplies that are donated keep us going.  Thank you joining with us to help our young people this past year and into the future."   - Judith Dittman

          Alternative House's programs include the Emergency Shelter for Teens, the Homeless Youth Initiative, Assisting Young Mothers, Community-Based Youth Services, and the 24-Hour Crisis Line, 800-SAY-TEEN or 703-356-6360.

  • Address:  Alternative House, P.O. Box 694, Dunn Loring, VA 22027
  • Phone:  Tel 703-506-8949
  • Email:  AH@TheAlternativeHouse.org
  • On the Web:  www.thealternativehouse.org/   ~   To the TOP

(Faith; Reconciliation; Peacebuilding)
  •       "Ambassadors for Peace work to:
      - Support the renewal and strengthening of the family as the most fundamental unit of society,
      - Encourage reconciliation and cooperation beyond traditional boundaries of religion, race and ethnicity, and
      - Promote the ethic of "living for the sake of others" as the essential ingredient for building a world community.

          "Ambassadors for Peace are a global network of leaders representing the religious, racial and ethnic diversity of the human family, as well as all disciplines of human endeavor. They stand on the common ground of shared principles, committed to the path of promoting reconciliation, overcoming barriers, and building peace.

          "Ambassadors for Peace are committed to working beyond race, religion and nationality while accepting a global mission, the scope of which extends beyond the interest of any particular nation.

          "The Ambassadors for Peace Initiative is a project of the Universal Peace Federation (q.v.) under the auspices of the Interreligious & International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP). The North America chapter is based in Washington, DC."

  • Address: IIFWP North America, 3600 New York Ave. NE - 3rd Floor, Washington, DC 20002
  • Tel. (202) 636-8832
  • Email:  admin@ambassadors4peace.org
  • On the Web: www.ambassadors4peace.org   ~  To the TOP

(The Middle East; Community)

  •       "ADC is a grassroots civil rights organization which welcomes people of all backgrounds, faiths and ethnicities as members...By promoting cultural events and participating in community activities, ADC has made great strides in correcting anti-Arab stereotypes and humanizing the image of the Arab people. In all these efforts, ADC coordinates closely with other civil rights and human rights organizations on issues of common concern.

          "ADC, which is non-sectarian and non-partisan, is the largest Arab-American grassroots organization in the United States. It was founded in 1980 by former U.S. Senator James Abourezk and has chapters nationwide."

  • Address: 1732 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20007
  • Tel. (202) 244-2990; Fax: (202) 244-3196
  • On the Web: www.adc.org   ~  To the TOP

Posted Monday, November 2, 2015
". . . Open, civilized, informed debate of all the related issues, current and past, among Americans with different, even opposing, positions, perspectives, and proposals"

(Peacebuilding; International Statecraft; Education)

  •       "The American Committee for East-West Accord is a nonpartisan, tax-exempt educational organization of American citizens from different professions — business, academia, government service, science, law, and others — who are deeply concerned about the possibility of a new (potentially even more dangerous) cold war between the United States/Europe and Russia.  Our fundamental premise is that no real or lasting American, European, or international security generally is possible without essential kinds of stable cooperation with Russia.

          "Since early 2014, we have therefore watched with growing dismay as East-West cooperation created over decades — in diplomacy, arms control, economics, energy, education, science, space, culture, even in preventing nuclear proliferation, terrorism, and environmental threats — have been heedlessly discarded or gravely endangered.  While experts warn of an unfolding new nuclear arms race, and with it the risk those weapons may actually be used, there may already be less East-West cooperation than existed during the latter decades of the preceding cold war.

          "The primary mission of the Committee is to promote such discussion about East-West relations and thus to create broad public awareness of the new dangers and of ways to end them.  The Committee encourages open, civilized, informed debate of all the related issues, current and past, among Americans with different, even opposing, positions, perspectives, and proposals.  And the Committee seeks to do this in as many ways as possible, including an informational website for engaging individuals and other groups; sponsoring or cosponsoring public events in Washington, at universities, and across the country; and in the national media, including social media."

  • Source:  Ingrid Monkiewicz
  • Address:  PO Box 2134, New York, NY 10025
  • On the Web:  eastwestaccord.com/   ~   To the TOP

"Advancing Education Since 1974"

(Education; Youth; Bridgebuilding / Locally Based, Global in Scope)

  •       "Founded in 1974 as an association for area and language professionals, American Councils has focused its expertise on academic exchange, professional training, distance learning, curriculum and test development, delivery of technical assistance, research, evaluation, and institution building.

          "American Councils' Mission:   American Councils for International Education advances scholarly research and cross-border learning through the design and implementation of educational programs that are well grounded in key world languages, cultures and regions.  We contribute to the creation of new knowledge, broader professional perspectives, and personal and intellectual growth through international training, academic exchange, collaboration in educational development, and public diplomacy.  With a presence in the U.S., Russia and Eurasia for nearly four decades, in addition to representation in over thirty countries across Asia, the Middle East and Southeastern Europe, American Councils strives to expand dialog among students, scholars, educators and professionals for the advancement of learning and mutual respect in the diverse communities and societies in which we work."

  • Address:  1828 L Street N.W., Suite 1200, Washington, DC 20036
  • Tel.  202-833-7522
  • On the Web:  www.americancouncils.org/   ~   To the TOP

(Student Exchange; Bridgebuilding; Education; Worldwide)

  •       "AFS (formerly the American Field Service) is a leader in intercultural learning, and offers international exchange programs in more than 40 countries around the world through independent, nonprofit AFS Organizations, each with a network of volunteers, a professionally staffed office, and headed up by a volunteer board.

          "We've been exchanging students throughout the world for 60 years. That's six decades of history and experience in international education with an exemplary record of safety, security, and service to students, parents, and educators.

          "AFS Mission:  AFS-USA works toward a more just and peaceful world by providing international and intercultural learning experiences to individuals, families, schools, and communities through a global volunteer partnership."

  • Source:  Richard Nugent of the Washington Ethical Society (q.v.)
  • Address:  AFS Admissions Center, 506 SW 6th Ave. 2nd Floor, Portland, Oregon 97204
  • East Regional Service Center:  Tel. (410) 539-5997
  • Email:  afsinfo@afs.org
  • On the Web:  http://usa.afs.org/usa_en/home   ~   To the TOP

(Faith in Action; Peacemaking; Quakers - Local, Nationaal, Worldwide)

  •       "The American Friends Service Committee carries out service, development, social justice, and peace programs throughout the world.   Founded by Quakers in 1917 to provide conscientious objectors with an opportunity to aid civilian war victims, AFSC's work attracts the support and partnership of people of many races, religions, and cultures.

          "AFSC's work is based on the Quaker belief in the worth of every person and faith in the power of love to overcome violence and injustice.   The organization's mission and achievements won worldwide recognition in 1947 when it accepted the Nobel Peace Prize with the British Friends Service Council on behalf of all Quakers.

          "The AFSC is directed by a Quaker board and staffed by Quakers and other people of faith who share the Friends' desire for peace and social justice."

          The Committee's national offices is in Philadelphia, and it has local offices in Washington and Baltimore.

  • On the Web:  www.afsc.org   ~   To the TOP

Posted Friday, November 23, 2012
"Presented by the American Indian Society of Washington, DC"

(Indian Country; Culture and Community; Education)
  •       The Ball is one of a series of special events taking place over a period of four days, including the Pow Wow on Saturday, January 19, 2013.  Please visit their home site, link below, for details, and to subscribe to their newsletter.  We will also place announcements and updates on Geotrees' Apples 'n Oranges Intercultural Cafe.

          "In 1969, AIS held its first American Indian Inaugural Ball and formed its first parade unit which marched in the Presidential Inauguration of Richard Nixon.  Every inauguration year since then, AIS has hosted the American Indian Inaugural Ball, bringing together nearly 4,000 individuals from native organizations and tribes from across the continent and Alaska and Hawaii.

          "This year's Inaugural Ball planning group is headed by 2013 Inaugural Ball Chairman Peter J. Homer, Jr. (Mohave/Shasta, Colorado River Indian Tribe).  Mr. Homer is well known in Indian Country for his many years of service to the native community [exercising servant leadership since at least 1966].

          "We are pleased to announce that Preston Tone-Pah-Hote, Jr., (Kiowa) has agreed to be our American Indian Inaugural Pow Wow Chairman.  In addition, Preston's father, Preston Tone-Pah-Hote, Sr., (Kiowa) will be our Pow Wow Advisor.  Those of you who know Junior know of his commitment to the Pow Wow Arena and the energy of the people he will bring to this event.  He has also been the Head Man at the American Indian Society’s Annual Mother’s Day Pow Wow for the past two years.  We are honored to have the Tone-Pah-Hotes part of the 2013 American Indian Inaugural Ball and Pow Wow.

          "Our Pow Wow starts on Saturday, January 19, 2013.

          "We have a great lineup with Ralph Zotigh and The Zotigh Singers of New Mexico and The Boyz of Minnesota as our head drums joining Pow Wow Chairman Preston E. Tonepahhote Jr. (Kiowa) and Pow Wow Advisor Preston E. Tonepahhote Sr. (Kiowa)."

  • Source:  Pete Homer Jr. and Jay Winter Nightwolf and The Nightwolf Show (q.v.) on WPFW FM 89.3 (q.v.)
  • Address:  American Indian Inaugural Ball, PO Box 42, Gore, VA 22637
  • Email:  aisball2013@live.com
  • On the Web:  www.aisball2013.com/home   ~   To the TOP

Posted Friday, November 23, 2012
(Indian Country; Culture and Community; Education; Sovereignty)
  •       "Over the years, Indian people of many different tribes have moved into the metropolitan area of Washington, DC With them they brought their ancestral traditions.  Always they looked for companionship with other people of similar history and interests.

          "In 1966, Indians living in the Washington area decided to form a group that would fill the need for a central organization representing as many tribes as possible.  They formally organized in August 1966 as the American Indian Society of Washington, DC (AIS), a non-profit organization with a constitution and elected officers. The young group of less than 20 original members has grown to nearly 300 members from over 50 different tribal groups ranging from Maine to California and from Alaska to Florida.  Some of these memberships are family memberships, so the actual number of people that are members is much larger.  Business meetings are held monthly, and a monthly newsletter keeps everyone up-to-date on Society activities." 

          The Society is the home of the 2013 American Indian Inaugural Ball (q.v.)

  • Source:  Jay Winter Nightwolf and The Nightwolf Show (q.v.) on WPFW FM 89.3 (q.v.)
  • Address:  American Indian Society of Washington, DC, PO Box 6431, Falls Church, VA 22040-6431
  • On the Web:  www.aisdc.org   ~   To the TOP

(Indian Country; Indigenes; Community; Professional Development)
  •       "The American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) is a private, non-profit professional organization, founded in 1997, which nurtures building of community by bridging science and technology with traditional Native values.   Through its educational programs, AISES provides opportunities for American Indians and Alaskan Natives to pursue studies in science, engineering, business, and other academic areas.   The trained professionals then become technologically informed leaders within the Indian community.   AISES' ultimate goal is to be a catalyst for the advancement of American Indians and Alaskan Natives as they seek to become self-reliant and self-determined members of society."

  • Address: 14100 Whispering Pines Ct. #12, Silver Spring, Md. 20906
  • Tel. (301) 603-0534
  • Email: dcaisespc( AT )yahoo.com
  • On the Web: www.aisesdc.org   ~  To the TOP

"At Home with American Liberty and Freedom"

(American Islam; Faith; Education; Reconciliation and Bridgebuilding - )
  •       "American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) was formed in March of 2003 by a group of Muslim professionals in the Phoenix Valley of Arizona.  The group's founder is M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D.

          "He felt that AIFD could formally articulate the fact that in commentary and scholarship that many Muslims believe that they are able to practice their faith more freely and more Islamically (in a personal and secular fashion which is most suited to preserve one's faith) in America than in any other place in the world.

          "AIFD seeks to make a small contribution to the body of thought which articulates an understanding of Islam which separates religion and state and is in complete harmony with the U.S. Constitution and our citizenship pledge.

          "Through these founding principles of constitutional, secular (religious freedom free of theocracy and government coercion, and Islamic hegemony), AIFD would also serve as an example of an American Islamic institution which can be a leading voice for liberty-minded Muslims in America in the war on terror... AIFD was formed as an unmistakable expression of American liberty and freedom in an attempt to take back the faith of Islam from the demagoguery of the Islamo-fascists."

  • Address:  P.O. Box 1832, Phoenix, Arizona 85001
  • Tel.  602-254-1840
  • On the Web:  aifdemocracy.org   ~   To the TOP

"Fostering Friendship Among All Americans"

(Islam; Community; Education - National)

  •       "Please don't let our name mislead you.  AMV Foundation was founded by American Muslims to work for and with ALL Americans.  Our mission is to foster friendships among all Americans by bridging cultural and religious gaps.  We also work towards protecting and preserving civil liberties and constitutional rights for ALL.

          "Our values:

          "The AMV Foundation is committed to connect people from all walks of life.  Through education and social interaction we will erase our fears and will joyously accept each other so we can celebrate our diversity.  We are taking the interfaith dialog to the next level by fostering life-long friendships among all Americans.

          "We work with all Muslim, multi-faith, and community organizations/groups and individuals who share our dedication and commitment to build an inclusive and beloved community.

          "The AMV Foundation celebrates diversity and values all human beings regardless of race, religion, social status, or creed.   We strive to create a culture of peace, acceptance, mutual respect and harmony.

          "We regard all humans as equal and will stand by all oppressed and targeted communities in their plight.   We also feel strongly about protecting and improving human rights globally.   As promised in our constitution: 'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all humans are created equally, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.'   We believe in 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness' for all.

          "Our Goals:

    • To work toward the path Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. paved for us by working toward building an inclusive and beloved community.
    • To encounter Islamophobia through nonviolence and peaceful social interaction.
    • To promote the cause of the Muslim community in America and advance public understanding of issues relating to the 6-7 million-strong Muslim community.
    • To reach out to our fellow Americans and educate them about the plight of Muslims, Arabs and South Asians in the aftermath of 9/11 terrorist attacks.
    • To identify and oppose discrimination against Muslims and all other ethnic and religious minorities.
    • To encourage the Muslim community to become full partners in American life whole heartedly through civic engagement locally and nationally.   We encourage Muslims to spread goodwill by practicing Islam in their daily activities, not just in Mosques and in their homes.
    • To educate, engage and mobilize American Muslims to stand up to protect and preserve their civil liberties and constitutional rights."

  • Source:  The All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS)   (q.v.)
  • Address:  39675 Cedar Blvd., Suite 295-D, Newark, CA 94560
  • Tel.  (650) 387-1994
  • Email:  amvoiceorg@gmail.com
  • On the Web:  www.amuslimvoice.org/   ~   To the TOP

"Vision, Strategy, Dialogue for a Stronger, Safer America"

(Think Tank; Statecraft - National and Worldwide)
  •       "The American Security Project is a non-profit, bipartisan public policy and research organization dedicated to fostering knowledge and understanding of a range of national security issues, promoting debate about the appropriate use of American power, and cultivating strategic responses to 21st century challenges.

          "The principal threats to American national security are not unique to the United States, but are common to allies and other nations around the world.  Terrorism and weapons proliferation, to cite just two, are shared dangers that require global consensus and a common response.

          "ASP believes that we must restore American leadership in the world and recommit to cooperation with other nations to enhance our national security and to find the common ground that will strengthen security across the globe.

          "ASP is organized around the belief that honest public discussion of national security requires a better-informed citizenry - one that understands the dangers and opportunities of the 21st century, the spectrum of available responses, and the benefits and drawbacks of each course of action.

          "Understanding and articulating American beliefs and values related to U.S. foreign policy and national security is crucial to creating effective policy that builds consensus. ASP was formed to help Americans - from opinion leaders to the general public - understand how national security issues relate directly to them, and to explain challenges and threats in a way that spurs constructive action.

          "To accomplish this, ASP is dedicated to building collaborative communities, exploring divergent viewpoints and engaging Americans where they live."

  • Address:  American Security Project, 1401 New York Avenue, NW, Suite 810, Washington, DC 20005
  • Tel.  (202) 347-4267
  • Email:  info@americansecurityproject.org
  • On the Web:  www.americansecurityproject.org   ~   To the TOP

(The Middle East; Palestine; Advocacy ~ National)
  •       "ATFP is a not-for-profit organization that advocates to the American people the national security interests of the United States in establishing a Palestinian state. Specifically, ATFP seeks to promote the awareness of the far-reaching benefits that Palestinian statehood will have for the United States in the following areas:
    • Enhancing national security, as well as regional peace and stability;
    • The proliferation of American values of freedom and democracy, through the creation of a democratic and constitutional state for the Palestinian people; and
    • The expansion of economic opportunities throughout the Arab and Islamic worlds, in an atmosphere of peace and cooperation.

          "ATFP advocates the establishment of a democratic state of Palestine living in peace and security alongside Israel in the territories occupied in 1967 in accordance with international law and the relevant United Nations Resolutions.

          "ATFP categorically and unequivocally condemns all violence directed against civilians no matter who the victims or perpetrators may be.

          "ATFP believes that permanent peace in the Middle East, as well as world peace, can only be achieved by a historic compromise based on a two state solution, with a shared Jerusalem and a just solution for the refugee problem according to international law. This vision of peace has the support of the Untied States government, the United Nations, the European Community, each member of the Arab League and the majorities of the Palestinian and Israeli peoples. Nevertheless, despite overwhelming international support, the realization of this vision has yet to materialize in any meaningful way, with continued tragic consequences. It is the goal of ATFP to advance the implementation of the international consensus with alacrity and resolve.

          "ATFP plans to fulfill this mission of peace by coordinating the efforts of Americans of Palestinian origin working, with their fellow Americans and others, across the spectrum of civic, educational, cultural, legal, economic and political fields."

  • Source: Paul Scham, of the Middle East Institute (q.v.)
  • Address: 815 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20006
  • Tel. (202) 887-0177
  • On the Web: www.americantaskforce.org   ~  To the TOP

Posted Wednesday, July 15, 2015
(Turkey; Community; Education; the Arts; Civic Engagement)

  •       "The American Turkish Friendship Association (ATFA) is a non-profit non-governmental organization with no political affiliation dedicated to addressing the social and cultural needs of Turkish and American friends living in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.  We aim to promote understanding of American and Turkish cultures, and to foster integrity through cultural and educational activities.  Providing an inspiring atmosphere for the friends and helping them getting better integrated with their local communities are some of the primary goals of our association.  Any contribution to the peace, prosperity and harmony is greatly appreciated within our association.  We believe getting to know each other will build bridges among our community."

          Some of the Association's events for early 2015 include the "Landmarks in Turkey" Coffee Night on April 25; the International Language and Culture Festival, concluding on April 6; and a dinner gathering with Loudoun International Youth Leadership Summit (LIYLS) students.  The Association also hosts a number of cultural, educational, and social events and programs throughout the year.  In addition to Virginia and Maryland, ATFA has chapters in North Carolina, Delaware, and Kentucky.

  • Address:  3949 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030
  • Tel.  703-267-5751
  • On the Web:  www.atfa.us/   ~   To the TOP

(Service; Empowerment; Local and National)

  •       "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

          "AmeriCorps is a network of local, state, and national service programs that connects more than 70,000 Americans each year in intensive service to meet our country's critical needs in education, public safety, health, and the environment.

          "AmeriCorps members serve with more than 2,000 nonprofits, public agencies, and faith-based and community organizations. Since 1994, more than 400,000 men and women have provided needed assistance to millions of Americans across the nation through their AmeriCorps service.

          "Full-time members who complete their service earn a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award of $4,725 to pay for college, graduate school, or to pay back qualified student loans. Members who serve part-time receive a partial Award. Some AmeriCorps members may also receive a modest living allowance during their term of service.

          "AmeriCorps is a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service, an independent federal agency created to connect Americans of all ages and backgrounds with opportunities to give back to their communities and their nation. The Corporation also oversees Senior Corps and Learn and Serve America. Together these programs engage more than 1.5 million Americans of all ages and backgrounds in service each year."

  • Address (National, and Washington, DC state office): 1201 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20525
  • Tel. National: (202) 606-5000; DC State Office: (202) 606-6818
  • Email:  questions@americorps.org
  • On the Web: www.americorps.org   ~  To the TOP

(Black America)
  •       "Located in Southeast Washington, D.C.'s historic Anacostia neighborhood, near the home of abolitionist Frederick Douglass, the city's first federally funded community-based neighborhood museums. Since its 1995 merger with the Smithsonian's Center for African American History and Culture, the museum has become an international cultural resource devoted to increasing public understanding and knowledge of the historical experiences and cultural expressions of peoples of African descent."
  • Tel. (202) 357-2700; TTY (202) 357-1729.
  • On the Web: anacostia.si.edu   ~  To the TOP

(Cultures and Civilizations; the World)
  •       "This site will tell you more about a new concept in geopolitics: the idea of the Anglosphere. Broadly, this is the emerging branch of civilization at the core of which are the nations of the English-speaking world. But it is about more than that.

          "What we believe: Anglospherists adhere to the fundamental customs and values that form the core of English-speaking cultures, such as individualism, rule of law, honoring contracts and covenants, and the elevation of freedom to the first rank of political virtues."

  • Address: PO Box 1804, Ft. Collins, CO 80522
  • On the Web: www.anglosphereinstitute.org   ~  To the TOP

(Japan; Anime, Japanese Pop Culture)
  • Organizers of an annual weekend convention of Japanese animation and pop culture.   June 14-16, 2002.
  • Address: Box 2636, Glen Allen, Virginia 23060On the Web: animemidatlantic.hypermart.net   ~  To the TOP

(Gallery and Cultural Venue)
  •       "The ANNE C. FISHER GALLERY is dedicated to the exhibition and sale of works of fine artists accomplished in a variety of media. Exhibitions are selected to reflect the personal journey, and to bring attention to and to respond to current social issues. A portion of Gallery proceeds is donated to individuals and organizations whose work is to ease the suffering of others and to promote well-being." A part of the Center for Being & Becoming.

  • Address: 2352 Wisconsin Ave. NW
  • Tel. (202) 625-7550.
  • On the Web: www.centerforbeingandbecoming.com   ~  To the TOP

(The Middle East; Community; Arab America)
  •       This directory provides information on a wide range of local resources of Arab and Islamic interest, in Arabic and in English: Businesses, food and groceries, professional services, organizations of information and advocacy, issues, and other resources. The Arab American Directory reflects, and serves, a large and vibrant community throughout the national capitol area... Published by Arab Media House, Inc., which also publishes the monthly Al-Nashra newspaper. Both are distributed free of charge in Arab and Middle Eastern stores in Washington, DC and across the country.

  • Address: % Arab Media House, Inc., 4301 Runabout Lane, Fairfax, Virginia 22030
  • Tel. (703) 748-4945; Fax: (703) 354-1719.
  • On the Web: www.arabmedia.com/alnashra.html   ~  To the TOP

(The Middle East; Information; Community)
  •       "The Arab American Institute Foundation supports public information and education programs on the role of the Arab American community in American society. AAIF sponsors outreach efforts to inform the American public about the contributions of Arab Americans to civic life, government service, business and professional life, and education. The Foundation aims to promote a fuller and deeper public understanding of this ethnic community, its present and future goals, and its role in the ever-expanding diversity of America. It also encourages exchange between Americans and their counterparts in the Arab world."

  • Address: 1600 K Street NW, Suite 601, Washington, DC 20006
  • Tel. (202) 429-9210; Fax: (202) (202) 429-9214.
  • On the Web: www.aaiusa.org/aaif.htm   ~  To the TOP

Posted Friday, July 10, 2015
"Humanity in Crisis. . . Homeless on the High Seas"

(Ethnic Cleansing; Displaced Persons; Genocide; Human Rights; Refugees)

  •       "The Arakan Rohingya Union is a non-profit global umbrella organization representing various Rohingya organizations worldwide with a mission to seek a political solution to the issues faced by the Rohingya ethnic minority in Myanmar/Burma, to reclaim their citizenship that guarantees their political and human rights, to foster relations between Rohingya and fellow ethnic groups of Myanmar, and to advance the Rohingya people through improvement of social, economical, cultural, and educational infrastructures.  The Arakan Rohingya Union was formed on the agreed principles of an indivisible Arakan State within the territorial integrity of the Union of Myanmar, through seeking peaceful co-existence, democracy and human rights, and federalism.


    • The territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar;
    • An indivisible Arakan region within the Republic of the Union of Myanmar;
    • An inclusive and democratic Myanmar;
    • The recognition and protection of the rights of the Rohingya minority in Myanmar by the Government of Myanmar, including their culture, religion, ethnicity, political – both individual and collective;
    • Resolving political and socio-economic problems by political means through mutual respect and recognition, dialogue, negotiation, and compromise."

  • Source:  Dr. Wakar Uddin, ARU Director General
  • Address:  210 West Hamilton Avenue, #320, State College, PA 16802
  • Tel.  (001) 814-777-4498
  • On the Web:  www.ar-union.org/   ~   To the TOP

(Local History; Preservation)
  •       "The Arlington Heritage Alliance is the only private, nonprofit organization in Arlington County, Virginia, devoted to the protection and promotion of Arlington's historic and natural resources. It was established in 1989 by local citizens who believe that as Arlington moves forward, the County must not lose the very resources and qualities that are among its greatest assets."
  • Address: P.O. Box 1418, Arlington, Virginia 22210-1418
  • On the Web: www.capaccess.org/arlingtonheritage   ~  To the TOP

  •       "The mission of the Arlington Interfaith Council is to provide a tangible religious witness in the community through promotion of understanding and cooperation among member congregations and to develop and support programs to alleviate suffering and promote justice for residents of Arlington

          "The ARLINGTON INTERFAITH COUNCIL (AIC), a 501(c)(3) Corporation, is comprised of 48 religious congregations working together in a joint, practical effort to meet urgent and ongoing human needs in our community. This effort has initiated and/or is strengthening the activities of the non-profit Helping Hands organizations described in this brochure. A substantial part of the AIC budget is earmarked for these Helping Hands programs.

          "YOU are invited to lend a helping hand to your Arlington neighbors. To volunteer your time, talents or treasure, and/or get more information, contact AIC at the points below."

  • Address: Arlington Interfaith Council, P.O. Box 5161, Arlington, Virginia 22205-0261
  • Tel. (703) 379-5899
  • On the Web: www.arlingtonva-interfaith-council.org   ~  To the TOP

(Nationhood; Armenia; Community; Empowerment)
  •       "The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) is the largest and most influential Armenian American grassroots political organization. Working in coordination with a network of offices, chapters and supporters throughout the United States and affiliated organizations around the world, the ANCA actively advances the concerns of the Armenian American community on a broad range of issues.

          "The main goals of the ANCA are:

    • To foster public awareness in support of a free, united and independent Armenia;
    • To influence and guide US policy on matters of interest to the Armenian American community;
    • To represent the collective Armenian American viewpoint on matters of public policy, while serving as liaison between the community and their elected officials."

  • Address: 888 17th St. NW Suite 904, Washington, DC 20006
  • Tel. (202) 775-1918; Fax, (202) 775-5648.
  • On the Web: www.anca.org   ~  To the TOP

(Nationhood; Armenia; Community; Empowerment)
  •       "The Armenian National Institute (ANI) is a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC, dedicated to the study, research, and affirmation of the Armenian Genocide. ANI is founded upon the following principles. Keeping memory alive is imperative. Crimes against humanity must not be forgotten. Past genocides must be confronted and acknowledged to prevent future genocides.

          "To meet this commitment ANI is engaged in a full-time concentrated effort to integrate the lessons of the Armenian Genocide into the universal understanding of the problem of genocide." The organization has educational, reference, research, and other materials, publications, and programs available.

  • Address: 122 C St. NW, Suite 360, Washington, DC 20001
  • Tel. (202) 383-9009; Fax, (202) 383-9012.
  • On the Web: www.armenian-genocide.org   ~  To the TOP

Associated with the Organization of American States, or OAS

(The Arts; International Culture; Education)
  •       "Established in 1976 by the OAS Permanent Council, the museum has as its primary mission to further awareness and appreciation of the art and cultural traditions of the thirty-four OAS member countries, with particular emphasis on modern and contemporary art from Latin America and the Caribbean. The building housing the museum was originally designed by noted architect Paul Cret in 1912 as the residence for the Secretaries General of the Organization of American States.

          "Today as a museum, the building offers a warm and intimate atmosphere to enjoy art. The Art Museum of the Americas is located just off the National Mall at 201 18th Street, NW, and is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM (We are closed on federal holidays and on Good Friday). In the meantime, we invite you to explore our web pages to learn about our collections, our current and past exhibitions, and the various services we offer. Join us in celebrating the rich visual traditions of the American continent. Most of all, enjoy your visit and come back often."

  • Source: Gregrory Svitil of the OAS
  • Address: 201 18th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006
  • Tel. (202) 458-6016
  • On the Web: www.museum.oas.org   ~   To the TOP

(The Arts; Preservation)
  •       "The mission of the Arts Club of Washington is to generate public appreciation for and participation in the arts in the nation's capital, through ongoing educational programs that include seminars, literary events, art exhibitions, and musical and theatrical performances. The club promotes cultural literacy through free public outreach programs, and is dedicated to historic preservation through study, restoration, and the preservation of the historic James Monroe House."  (Edited for length)

  • Address: 2017 I St. NW, Washington, DC 20006
  • Tel. (202) 331-7282 .
  • On the Web: artsclubofwashington.org   ~  To the TOP

(Education; India)
  •       Asha for Education is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization founded in 1991, and comprised of students and professionals across the U.S. as well as in India. Asha for Education funds grass-roots-level educational projects in rural India.
  • Address: c/o Sirish Agarwal, 500 E Street SW, Suite 200, Washington DC 20024
  • Tel. 804-986-8765 or (703) 560-3913.
  • On the Web: www.ashanet.org/dc   ~  To the TOP

(The World; Social Transformation)
  •       "Ashoka is the global association of the world's leading social entrepreneurs - men and women with system changing solutions for the world's most urgent social problems. Since 1981, we have elected over 1,800 leading social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows, providing them with living stipends, professional support, and access to a global network of peers in more than 60 countries.

          "With our global community, we develop models for collaboration and design infrastructure needed to advance the field of social entrepreneurship and the citizen sector.

          "Our Fellows inspire others to adopt and spread their innovations - demonstrating to all citizens that they too have the potential to be powerful changemakers."

  • Address: 1700 North Moore Street, Arlington, VA 22209
  • Tel. (703) 527-8300, xt 307
  • On the Web: www.ashoka.org   ~  To the TOP

(Asia; Culture; History; the Arts)
  •       "The Asia Heritage Foundation, or AHF, is a newly established organization aiming to share, celebrate, and promote the diversity of Asian heritage and culture through the arts, traditions, education, cuisines, and ways of life represented in the Washington metropolitan area.


    • To collectively share, celebrate and promote the richness, variety and ingenuity of Asian culture - ala arts, traditions, education, cuisine and ways of life
    • To create bridges/linkages, dialogues and communications between different ethnic APA communities as well as with the greater non APA communities
    • To facilitate cross cultural, communal interaction through the platform of arts and heritage.

    "The Asia Heritage Foundation is a non-profit, non-political, non-partisan, non-religious, non-discriminatory organization."

  • Address: PO Box 653, Washington DC 20044
  • Tel. (202) 470-0899
  • On the Web: www.asiaheritage.org/index.htm   ~  To the TOP

(Youth; Education: Empowerment; Asian Americans)
  •       "AALEAD's overarching goal is to increase the opportunities and ability of low-income Asian American children to move out of poverty and become successful, self-sufficient adults. AALEAD firmly believes that education is the key to meeting this goal. However, AALEAD understands that children need additional family, school, and personal supports, not just academic assistance, to succeed. Consequently, AALEAD uses a five-pronged approach to youth development, offering each child after school intervention in a safe space, mentoring, family support and educational advocacy. A community of caring adults- teachers, program coordinators, mentors, tutors and volunteers supports each child in achieving his or her personal and academic goals."

  • Address: 1323 Girard Street NW, Washington, DC 20009
  • Maryland Office: 11141 Georgia Avenue - Suite 515, Wheaton, MD 20902
  • Tel. (202) 884-0322; in Maryland, (301) 942-9333
  • On the Web: www.aalead.org   ~  To the TOP

The ASIAN ARTS & CULTURE CENTER of Towson University
(Asia; Education; Baltimore)
  •       "The Asian Arts & Culture Center at Towson University promotes the art and culture of Asia through outstanding programming designed to benefit students, faculty, artists, the local community, and the state of Maryland.  To make art an integral part of every student's education, the Asian Arts & Culture Center's activities include art exhibitions, concerts, lectures, films, workshops and demonstrations that are available to students and the public throughout the year.

          "Local schools, libraries and service organizations may borrow selected items from the collections for their educational programs."

  • Address: Osler and Cross Campus Drives, Towson University, Towson, Md.
  • Tel. (410) 704-2807
  • On the Web: www.towson.edu/asianarts   ~  To the TOP

The Annual ASIAN FESTIVAL of the Thai Tennis Organization in America (TTOA)
(Asia; Asian Cultures in the US; Community; Sport)
  •       "Asian Festival extravaganza aims to promote diverse cultures and celebrate traditions and talents from the Asian continent. The Festival aims to bring together people from various cultural backgrounds, to promote peace, harmony and unity. Each participating country will showcase its unique music, dance, food, fashion, handicrafts and other products under the single largest structure in Northern Virginia.

          "In 2006, the Asian Festival attracted over 15,000 attendees in one Saturday. The festival featured 80 multi cultural retail vendors, traditional Asian food, and all day stage performances... The famous Thai kickboxing team from Las Vegas, NV and local camp showcased their talents, and many cultural and art exhibits were on display.

          "This year [2007], we are expecting more attendees via expanding and reaching a wider audience with an Asian Festival. It will be the largest Asian Festival in our area which will promote Asian cultures from Japan, China, Vietnam, India, Korean, Philippine and Thailand.

          "The Thai Tennis Organization in America (TTOA) is an event leading organizer, and working with many local Asian Associations to introduce Asian Cultures and tennis in Washington D.C.

          "TTOA's mission is to promote tennis growth and encourage young people to broaden their horizons through education initiatives via scholarships. TTOA is a proud member of the USTA family, this national non-profit 501 (C) (3) is based in Northern Virginia with chapters in Los Angeles, Miami and New York. TTOA is well-known as the official fan club of tennis sensation Paradorn Srichaphan, as well as major force in growing tennis among Thais and other Asian Americans."

  • Address: 13015 Dunhill Dr., Fairfax, Va. 22030
  • Tel. (703) 589-4144
  • On the Web: www.asianfestivaldc.com   ~  To the TOP

(Asia in America; The Press; Community)
  •       Once each month, Asian Fortune is biweekly, as of early 2003. A paper with news, articles, and events of the local Asian population, and indispensible to interested and concerned others as well. Very international and intercultural. In English.

    (EDITOR'S NOTE:  For links to English language press organizationsl worldwide, visit Geotrees' World Press Page.)

  • Address: PO Box 578, Haymarket, Virginia 20168
  • Tel. (703) 753-8295.
  • On the Web: www.asianfortune.com   ~  To the TOP

(Asia; the World)
  •       "...this institution is indispensible."   - The New York Times

          "Founded in 1956 by John D. Rockefeller 3rd, the Asia Society is America's leading international nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization that fosters communication and understanding between the Asia-Pacific region and the United States. If you are interested in any aspect of Asia - politics, the arts, business, food, culture, social issues - the Asia Society is an essential part of your world." Headquartered in New York City, with branches in other cities.

  • Address: 1800 K Street, NW, Suite 1102, Washington, DC 20006
  • Tel. (202) 833-2742.
  • On the Web: www.asiasociety.org/washingtondc/index.html   /  
  • Email: DCInfo (AT) asiasoc.org   ~   To the TOP

(Negotiating; Problem-Solving; Reconciliation; Peacemaking)
  •       "The Association for Conflict Resolution is a professional organization dedicated to enhancing the practice and public understanding of conflict resolution." There are numerous chapters nationwide; from the Washington, DC chapter: "Welcome to the home page for the Washington D.C. Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution! This page will serve as the cental information repository for all DCACR members. Visit this page to learn about upcoming events, conferences, and the latest ACR news and headlines."

  • Address: 1849 C St NW, Washington, DC 20240
  • Tel. (202) 513-0686; fax: (202) 513-0315.
  • On the Web: www.mediate.com/dcacr   ~  Email: zsteever( AT )usbr.gov   ~  To the TOP

(Community and the Arts)
  •       "Welcome to The Atlas Performing Arts Center, the only community-based performing arts center in Washington, DC - fondly referred to by some as 'the people's Kennedy Center.' Located in a historic movie theatre complex on H Street in Near Northeast DC, this 60,000 square foot complex includes four theatres, three dance studios, offices, dressing rooms, lobbies, cafe, production and rehearsal space. The Atlas is home to a diverse group of outstanding resident arts organizations including theatre and dance companies, symphony orchestras, choral groups and arts education programs. Come visit our gleaming new center, where the arts thrive and all are welcome!"

  • Source: Jen DeMayo, the Center's Communications Director
  • Address: 1333 H Street NE, Washington, DC
  • Tel. (202) 399-7993
  • On the Web: www.atlasarts.org   ~  To the TOP

(Indian Country; Education; Indigenes)
  • Educational Consultants - Exhibits - Workshops - Lectures - Eastern Algonquian Art - Taino (Caribbean) Art.
  • Tel. (301) 596-9516; (202) 265-0136;   Fax: (301) 596-9516   ~  To the TOP

"Forwarding the Interest of Awesome in the Universe, $1,000 at a Time"

(Grantmaking; Innovation; Empowerment / National and International, with a Washington, DC Chapter)
  •       "The Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences is an ever-growing, worldwide network of people devoted to forwarding the interest of awesomeness in the universe.

          "Created in the long hot summer days of 2009 in Boston, the Foundation distributes a series of monthly $1,000 grants to projects and their creators.  The money is given upfront in cash, check, or gold doubloons by groups of ten or so self-organizing 'micro-trustees,' who form autonomous chapters around geographic areas or topics of interest.  The Foundation provides these grants with no strings attached and claims no ownership over the projects it supports.  It is, in the words of one of our trustees, a micro-genius grant for flashes of micro-brilliance.

          "Since its humble beginnings, many Awesome Foundation chapters have sprung up globally to conserve, sustain, and support the worldwide ecosystem of awesomeness.  Projects have included efforts in a wide range of areas including technology, arts, social good, and beyond.

          "We're still waiting for something with dinosaurs (hint, hint)!"

  • On the Web:  awesomefoundation.org/   ~   To the TOP

"A Unique, Wholistic Approach to Ending Poverty"

(Empowerment and Social Justice)
  •       "The mission of A Wider Circle is to empower children and adults to break the cycles of poverty and poor health. Our comprehensive wellness programming helps individuals gain greater control of their wellbeing, while the delivery of furniture, home goods and more helps individuals and families meet their basic needs.

          "Established in the fall of 2001, A Wider Circle is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating change from the inside out. Our programs address the inner and outer needs of adults and children challenged by homelessness, poverty, substance abuse, and other health and social issues."

  • Address: 4808 Moorland Lane, Suite 802, Bethesda, MD 20814
  • Tel. (301) 657-1010; Fax: (301) 654-1081.
  • On the Web: www.awidercircle.org   ~  To the TOP

Posted Thursday, November 10, 2011
"Join BabyLove DC for Its Next Baby Gear and Clothing Drive!"

(Babies and Children; Family Life; Volunteerism)
  •       "BabyLove DC is a charity dedicated to helping the district’s and surrounding areas’ needy families by providing essential baby gear, clothing, and products for children and mothers-to-be.  We distribute these items through a network of community-based organizations.

          "Our goal is to make it easy to give to those in need by holding monthly drives to collect gear and clothing from local families.  BabyLove DC also works with schools, playgroups, organizations and individuals to set up their own mini-drives and events.

          "Our volunteers are essential to the success of Babylove DC.  We are always in need of volunteers to help sort and repair clothing and prepare gift baskets for our baby showers and various charity events.  Volunteering is a great way to give back in your community and city.  Please contact us at info@babylovedc.org to learn more about how you can help us distribute donations to children in need.

          "Donate at a drive!  Hold a collection at your school!  Throw a BabyLove DC baby shower for a friend!  Or consider making a financial donation so we can buy those in need cribs, bottles, car seats and everything else that a new baby needs!  

          "And please spread the love!"

  • Email:  info@babylovedc.org
  • On the Web:  www.babylovedc.org/   ~   To the TOP

(Indian Country; Indigenes; Baltimore)
  •       "The Baltimore American Indian Center (BAIC) is an Urban American Indian Center established to assist and support American Indian and Alaskan Native families with moving into an urban environment and adjusting to the culture change they will experience. The BAIC also serves as a focal point for the Indian community for social and cultural activities and to educate non-native people about the cultures of the North American Indian and Alaskan Native communities."

  • Address: 113 S. Broadway, Baltimore, Md. 21231
  • Tel. (410) 675-3535; Fax (410) 675-6909.
  • On the Web: www.baic.org   ~  Email: info( AT )baic.org   ~  To the TOP

(Foreign Affairs and Statecraft; Baltimore)
  •       "The Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs was founded in 1980 by broadly representative and distinguished community leaders and is dedicated to educating citizens about foreign affairs. By addressing lectures, seminars, discussions and studies to established and developing leadership, international professionals, the attentive citizenry, youth and not-yet attentive members of the public, the Council helps to develop effective citizenship, professional sophistication, and a more international milieu. The Council is particularly relevant to Baltimore which, as a major port and multi-ethnic city, has special interests in international affairs in addition to those occasioned by national citizenship."

  • Address: World Trade Center - Suite 1611, 401 E. Pratt St., Baltimore, Md. 21202-3013
  • Tel. (410) 727-2150; Fax (410) 727-2174.
  • On the Web: www.bcfausa.org   ~  To the TOP

(Spirit; Buddhism; Community; Baltimore Region)
  •       "BDG is a small Soto Zen practice group. We seek to open a gate to the practice of peace, understanding and love, for self and others. Everyone is welcome here. Buddhists and non Buddhists alike.

          "BDG is led by Esho Gambert, who is a student of Rev. Dai-En Bennage. We are affiliated with Rev. Bennage's Mt. Equity Zendo, in rural Pennsylvania, a wonderful training monastery, offering a full schedule of programs and events. Contact us to carpool from Baltimore!"

          Affiliated with the Kanromon Jail Practice Group (q.v.).

  • Address: % Esho Gambert, 220 Wendover Rd. Baltimore, MD, 21218
  • Tel. 410-567-5405
  • On the Web: web.mac.com/bdgzendo/iWeb/BDG/HOME.html   ~  To the TOP

Posted Saturday, July 17, 2010
"We will not allow those who choose violence to kill our hope and belief that we still hold the power to change things."

(Faith and Interfaith; Community; Reconciliation; Peacebuilding)
  •       "The Baltimore Interfaith Coalition was formed in the fall of 2009 as a means for faith communities to collaborate in their efforts to bring hope to a hurting city.  The result is the first ongoing and cooperative effort of interfaith leaders to take place in Baltimore since the Civil Rights Movement.

          "The pervasive violence in many Baltimore neighborhoods is the context that moved interfaith leaders to seek a forum for cooperation.  In response, members of the Baltimore Interfaith Coalition produced a Declaration that states, 'For us, true faith is not a purely passive virtue by which we accept and trust in God's promises, but an active response to God's call, in which we join in God's identification with those suffering violence and injustice.'

          "The Coalition statement asserts that the Baltimore violence is more than the product of a few violent individuals or groups.  'It [violence] is supported by the attitudes of a social culture that has accepted this violence as inevitable and even acceptable,' the Declaration said.

          "To combat this culture of violence, Baltimore Interfaith Coalition members seek to spread a message of hope through faith in a God who is able to work profound change through the efforts of his people.

          "The result is the Movement Against Violence - an ongoing effort to mobilize faith communities through joint service projects that promote healing and hope to those who are affected by violence.

          "The Coalition will call upon religious and civic communities to work together to help address needs such as the following: mentoring for young people who lack positive role models; grassroots and legislative action against the illegal drug trade; treatment programs for addicts; programs to clean up vacant and dilapidated housing; and outreach efforts for those whose lives have been shattered by crime."

  • Address:  TBD
  • Tel.  TBD
  • Email:  TBD
  • On the Web:  baltimoreinterfaithcoalition.com/   ~   To the TOP

(Justice; Peacebuilding; Reconciliation)

(Empowerment; Community)
  •       (Light Edits)  "The Bangladesh Association of America, Inc. is a non- profit and non- political association consisting of Bangladeshi- Americans living in the Washington, DC metropoliton area. BAAINEWS is the news list server of the Bangladesh Association of America, Inc. (Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC) enabling members and the Bangladeshi-American people living in the Washington DC Metro area to share the news with this community. Also visit our website www.baaidc.com ."
  • On the Web: www.baaidc.com
  • The Discussion Group: groups.yahoo.com/group/baainews/   ~  To the TOP

(Reconciliation; Bridgebuilding; Peacemaking; the Arts; Worldwide)
  •       "In 2004, during the VI edition of the West-Eastern Divan Workshop, the Consejeria de Cultura (Regional Ministry of Culture of the Autonomous Regional Government of Andalusia) established the Barenboim-Said Foundation. Through this Foundation, the proposal made by the President of the Junta de Andalucia (Autonomous Regional Government of Andalusia), Mr. Manuel Chaves to Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said came to life, therefore establishing in Sevilla, not only the siege of the West-Eastern Divan among other projects, but also of the Foundation itself. The idea was to launch a broad-reaching project that would be financed by the Junta de Andalucia and would serve as a reference for intercultural conciliation.

          "One of the principles inspiring the new Foundation is that music cannot be isolated from society. Based on this premise, the main objective of the Barenboim-Said Foundation is to integrate music into the fabric of society, from which it distanced itself throughout the course of the 20th Century as a result of a general trend of specialisation.

          "The Foundation has the following aims:

    • To promote the spirit of peace, dialogue and reconciliation, primarily through music. In this spirit, the history of the peaceful coexistence of different cultures over the centuries in Andalusia is a central feature.
    • To promote formative activity in the field of music, always with the objective of an integral humanistic education in mind.
    • To prepare, promote, execute and disseminate formative and co-operation projects in Andalusia, Palestine and other Middle Eastern countries."

          The Foundation is associated with the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra (q.v.), composed of Palestinian and Israeli young people.

  • Address: Barenboim-Said Foundation, C/ San Luis, 37, 41003 Sevilla, Spain
  • Tel. +34 955 03 73 85
  • On the Web: www.barenboim-said.org   ~  To the TOP

Posted Sunday, October 26, 2014
"…For Without Doubt in the Remembrance of Allah do Hearts Find Satisfaction"   - Holy Q'ran, 13:28

(Bangladesh Relief; Education; Volunteerism)

  •       "B DESH Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization involved in poverty alleviation, health, and sanitation and educational projects.  B Desh Foundation, Inc. is an IRS approved 501c3 organization.  The activities of the organization are:
    • Natural Disaster Relief - Food Bank;
    • Poverty Alleviation Projects - Peering Empowerment and Ramadan Food Basket;
    • Educational projects - Vocational Training and Workshops, and Multi-Media programs; and
    • Health and Sanitation Projects - Tube Wells and Sanitary Latrines.

          "Our Mission:  The mission of the B Desh Foundation, Inc. is to serve humanity and seek almightily Allah’s pleasure through natural disaster relief, poverty alleviation, health and sanitation and educational projects.  The purpose of the B Desh Foundation, inc. is to assist the citizens of the world.  For now, our focus is for projects in Bangladesh and in the United States.

          "Our vision is to ensure fellow human being can realize their dream, ensure children growing up in a healthy environment, get education, and live in a developed and a peaceful world."

  • Source:  Mr. Syed Qayum of the Foundation, and of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, or ADAMS (q.v.)
  • Address:  B Desh Foundation Inc., 6 Silo Mill Court, Sterling, Va. 20164
  • Contact Person:  Mr. Sohel Ahmed
  • Tel.  571-306-2523
  • On the Web:  www.bdeshfoundation.org/   ~   To the TOP

Posted Sunday, June 17, 2012
"Knowledge Resources - Explore Traditions, Countries and Topics"

(Spirit, Faith and Interfaith, Peacebuilding, Education - Local; Global in Scope)

  •       "The Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University, created within the Office of the President in 2006, is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of religion, ethics, and public life.  Through research, teaching, and service, the Center explores global challenges of democracy and human rights; economic and social development; international diplomacy; and interreligious understanding.  Two premises guide the Center’s work: that a deep examination of faith and values is critical to address these challenges, and that the open engagement of religious and cultural traditions with one another can promote peace.

          "The Berkley Center is at the heart of a university-wide effort to make Georgetown a global leader in the interdisciplinary study of religion and the advancement of interreligious understanding.  Other Georgetown centers and programs engaged in this effort include:

    • The Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding
    • The Program for Jewish Civilization
    • The Catholic Studies Program, and
    • The Office of the Vice President for Mission and Ministry."

  • Address:  BERKLEY CENTER for Religion, Peace & World Affairs, Georgetown University, 3307 M Street, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20007
  • Tel.  202-687-5119
  • On the Web:  berkleycenter.georgetown.edu/   ~   To the TOP

Of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

(Faith; Meditation; Peacebuilding; Community)

  •       "Welcome to the Bethesda Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).  We are a congregation of about 150 families and individuals seeking divine guidance."  The meeting serves its members and the larger community in many ways, with resources that include a Peace and Social Justice committee, and the Bethesda Help philanthropic group.

  • Location: Edgemoor Lane and Beverly Road, on the campus of Sidwell Friends Lower School, Bethesda, Md.
  • Address: PO Box 30152, Bethesda, Md. 20824
  • Tel. (301) 986-8681
  • Email:  bethesdafm@igc.org
  • On the Web: www.bethesdafriends.org/   ~   To the TOP

Posted Monday, August 22, 2011
"Working for a World Free from Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons"

(Education; Sustainable Living; Activism; Denuclearization - Local Headquarters, National Activity)

  •       "Beyond Nuclear aims to educate and activate the public about the connections between nuclear power and nuclear weapons and the need to abandon both to safeguard our future.  Beyond Nuclear advocates for an energy future that is sustainable, benign and democratic.  Beyond Nuclear operates under the auspices of the former Nuclear Policy Research Institute.

          "The Beyond Nuclear team works with diverse partners and allies to provide the public, government officials, and the media with the critical information necessary to move humanity toward a world beyond nuclear.

          "Beyond Nuclear faces powrful and extremely well-funded opposition. That is why we need your financial help.  To be effective, Beyond Nuclerar must:

    • Develop first-rate educational materials
    • Promote its eye-catching, topical web site
    • Send speakers and experts to media events and public appearances
    • Deliver movement-building resources and tools to our partners and colleagues."

  • Address:  6930 Carroll Avenue, Suite 400 Takoma Park, MD 20912
  • Tel.  301-270-2209
  • Email:  info@beyondnuclear.org
  • On the Web:  www.beyondnuclear.org/   ~   To the TOP

(Buddhism; Faith; Monasticism; Retreat)
  •       "'The Beautiful chariots of kings wear out, this body too undergoes decay.  But the Dhamma of the good does not decay: So the good proclaim along with the good.'   ~ the Buddha, SN 3:3

          "The Bhavana Society is a community of monastics and lay people living according to the precepts and practices laid down by the Buddha, Siddhattha Gotama, over 2500 years ago.  Located in rural West Virginia, the monastery and meditation center provides opportunities for people to come to organized retreats as well as personal retreats and personal visits of varying lengths.  Lay people who are dedicated to the practice of Theravada Buddhism may live at the center in support of the monastery for periods from two weeks to a year or more.  There is also the opportunity of novice and full ordination for those interested and qualified.

          "The Bhavana Society was created to preserve the Theravada forest meditation tradition within the context of Western culture.  Our vision is as follows:

    • To provide a forest monastery where ordained monks and nuns can live while cultivating Sila (morality), Samadhi (concentration) and Panna (wisdom).
    • To provide training to suitable lay candidates who are seeking ordination and to ordain those candidates at the end of the training period.
    • To provide opportunities for monks and nuns to become future Dhamma and meditation teachers.
    • To offer organized meditation retreats on a regular basis to members of the society and to the general public.
    • To provide space for a limited number of lay people, who will assist in the running of the center, to live as long-term residents.
    • To provide facilities for a limited number of lay people to undergo private long-term retreats.

          "The retreats and monastic training will be determined and run by the senior monastic residents.  The Board of Directors' function is to assist and support the monastery and monastics in the continued realization of our vision."

  • Address:  Bhavana Society, Rte. 1, Box 218-3, Back Creek Road, High View, WV 26808 USA
  • Tel.  (304) 856-3241
  • Email:  info@bhavanasociety.org
  • On the Web:  www.bhavanasociety.org/   ~   To the TOP

Posted Friday, January 1, 2010
Intercultural Understanding through Animation

(Diversity; Education; Reconciliation; the Arts; Animation - International)
  •       "Big Bad Boo is a production and distribution company dedicated to teaching children culture through entertainment.  With offices in New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver, the company's first animated TV series, Mixed Nutz, will debut on PBS and many other stations worldwide this January.  The creative team's first direct-to-DVD product, Babak & Friends - A First Norooz, told the story of little Babak who is stuck between his Iranian and American life and features Emmy Award winner Shohreh Aghdashloo.  Big Bad Boo is currently in production on 26 episodes of a new series, 1001 Nights, and is launching its online retail distribution channel at oznoz.com."

  • On the Web:  bigbadboo.ca/   ~   To the TOP

UPDATED Saturday, January 14, 2012
(Returning to the Air the Week of January 9, 2012 - See Website for Local Schedules)

(Journalism; Democracy)   (Nationwide)
  •       "Continuing his long-running conversation with the American public, Bill Moyers returned to television in January 2012 with Moyers & Company, a weekly series of smart talk and new ideas aimed at helping viewers make sense of our tumultuous times through the insight of America’s strongest thinkers.  Airing on public television and radio stations around the country, the series offers a forum to poets, writers and artists, scientists and philosophers, and leading scholars.  The program also features Mr. Moyers’ hallmark essays on democracy.

          "The premiere episode of Moyers & Company explores how America’s gross inequality is no accident, but was in fact 'politically engineered,' with insight from Winner-Take-All Politics authors Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson.  Also: A Bill Moyers essay on how Occupy Wall Street is waking us up to economic inequality."

  • On the Web:  billmoyers.com/   ~   To the TOP

(US Civics and Values)
  •       "The mission of the Bill of Rights Institute is to educate young people about the words and ideas of America's Founders, the liberties guaranteed in our Founding documents, and how our Founding principles continue to affect and shape a free society.

          "Founded in September 1999, the Bill of Rights Institute is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization, a public charity. The Institute is grateful to be supported by 3,000 individual, corporate, and foundation donors as we work to strengthen civic knowledge and foster civic values among the next generation of citizens.

          "Our successful track record and deep knowledge of our audience gives us confidence in our ability to reach teachers and students with the fundamental civic and historical knowledge they need to become more active and informed citizens. (Light edits)

  • Address: 200 North Glebe Road, Suite 1050, Arlington, VA 22203
  • Tel. (703) 894-1776.
  • On the Web: http://www.billofrightsinstitute.org   ~  To the TOP

(Traditional American Musical Culture)
  •       "America's Legendary Music Hall." A great variety of mostly America n music, primarily acoustic and traditional; also, restaurant service in the show area, and tap. General admission, but advance tickets are highly recommended to guarantee seats. Downside: Ticket sale and seating procedures are cumbersome and time-consuming. Call ahead and get the details.
  • Address: 3701 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia
  • Tel. (703) 549-7500.
  • On the Web: www.birchmere.com   ~  To the TOP

Posted Sunday, June 24, 2012
(Indian Country; History; Education - Global in Scope)
  •       "The Black Hawk War website first went into service in the year 2002, and has since been dedicated to the history of the First People of Utah.

          "Founder PHILLIP B GOTTFREDSON: 'Over the past ten years [since 2002 - ed.] study of the Black Hawk War has been my passion as I have devoted all my time to understanding its legacy.  It is because my great-grandfather Peter Gottfredson was a friend of the late Ute Chief Black Hawk and I honor that friendship.  I have researched journals, diaries, countless documentaries, archives, and libraries.  But more importantly, I have had the distinct honor to live with Native Indians many years learning their traditions and life-ways, participating in sacred ceremonies, attended lectures, storytelling, watched documentaries by Indian filmmakers, and have been taught oral histories from elders.  With the Native people I have danced, sung songs, participated in drumming circles, shared many prayers, helped build a traditional sweat lodge, attended and participated in pow wows, attended healing ceremonies, been counseled, given blessings, made to endure countless challenges to demonstrate my honesty and sincerity.  I have traveled thousands of miles, met with learned tribal leaders, spiritual leaders, medicine men, from different tribes from California, to Arizona, Utah, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and I spent one week at the grand opening of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC.

          "'I have not been given the honor as a spokesman for the Indian people.  And while I have many Indian friends whom I consult, I do not know everything, and I have a lot more I want to learn.  But, I am an advocate for the Native people and stand beside them in their quest for a decent life.  I have opinions and something to say and teach, and I am proud to share with you through this website the wisdom and fruits of my journey.

          "'I say to those of us who are educators, church members, or in government positions,those who could insist on and make true Indian history available to all, those who are aware of Indian injustices who say "Not my problem, I'm just doing my job," that those who take the position of indifference they themselves have become advocates of bigotry.  And remember that racism has to be taught.  Our children learn to discriminate against others from their friends, churches, and schools.  Is Indian history being taught in your school?  Why not?  Who in hell made the decision to leave Indian history out of school curricula and why?  I hope you find my research valuable and interesting.

    "'Thank you for dropping by.'"
    Phillip B. Gottfredson

  • Source:  The Nightwolf Show (q.v.) on WPFW FM 89.3 (q.v.)
  • Address:  PO Box 63, Blachly, Oregon 97412
  • On the Web:  blackhawkproductions.com/   ~   To the TOP

Posted Saturday, October 20, 2012
"Preparing Students for Life"

(Youth; Education; Empowerment  -  DC-Local)
  •       "WELCOME!  Since 1964, the Black Student Fund (BSF) has provided financial assistance and support services to Washington, DC metropolitan area African-American students, grades pre-kindergarten to 12, and their families.  BSF-assisted students stay in school, graduate high school with distinction and enter college.  70% of these students are from one-parent households.  Many are the first generation to progress to higher education.

          "Established to racially desegregate the independent schools of the National Capital area, the Fund serves as an advocate for all black children and strives to assure that black students and their families have equal access to every educational opportunity."

  • Address:  Black Student Fund, 3636 16th Street, NW - 4th Floor, Washington, DC 20010
  • Tel.  202-387-1414
  • On the Web:  www.blackstudentfund.org/   ~   To the TOP

(Traditional US Culture)
  • Good coverage of bluegrass and traditional acoustic music throughout the area, including open jams. Also, they welcome listings for your related events.
  • Events: wamu.org/bulletin.html.  Open jams: wamu.org/jams.html   ~  To the TOP

(Traditional American Culture through Music)
  •       "Throughout the year, Bluemont presents a wide variety of community event programs such as concerts, oldtime country dances, and special events around the region. These wonderful and affordable events have become part of the fabric of community life where families and friends gather for the evening with blankets and lawn chairs on courthouse lawns for world-class performances...Bluemont has become a major public-private coalition of communities in the region...supported by a coalition of 20 local jurisdictions, 350 businesses and civic organizations, and more than 2,500 families, friends, and neighbors."

  • Tel. (703) 777-6306.
  • On the Web: www.bluemont.org
  • Email: info( AT )bluemont.org   ~  To the TOP

(Tibet; Spirit; Karma Kagyu Lineage)
  •       A dharma citadel in Potomac, Md. offering a variety of teachings and activities. "Welcome to Bodhi Path. We are a Tibetan Buddhist organization of the Karma Kagyu lineage, with monasteries and meditation centers worldwide. Our symbol is the Bodhi leaf, an internationally known symbol of peace. This leaf is from the Bodhi tree, which was blessed by Shakyamuni Buddha, who achieved enlightenment under its shady branches. The orange border in our logo symbolizes wisdom, which encircles the globe."

  • Address: 12540 Falls Road, Potomac, Md. 20850
  • Tel.  (301) 229-3767.
  • On the Web: www.bodhipath.org
  • Email: information( AT )bodhipath.org   ~  To the TOP

UPDATED Tuesday, May 21, 2013
BOOKS FOR AMERICA, the Organization and the Used Book Store
"Because Everyone Deserves to Read and Learn"

(Literacy; Literature; Bookstores; Education)
  •       "Books for America has given grants of more than $4.8 million worth [as of May 2013] of books and materials to schools, shelters and dozens of other educational programs and organizations.  Help us keep expanding our reach - please donate YOUR books now!

          "Building and improving libraries in Washington, DC area schools, shelters, hospitals and more; supporting reading programs; and providing children in the Nation's Capital with their first take-home books!"

          Books for America is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Washington, DC that is having a huge impact on thousands of disadvantaged individuals.  Our mission is to promote literacy, life-long learning and understanding by distributing donated new and used books of all types and other forms of educational media to organizations serving disadvantaged communities and individuals.

          "Because we collect all types of books, we are able to provide books to people of all ages.  This makes Books for America unique among most non-profit organizations in the United States.  Recipients include adult and youth literacy programs, youth centers, transitional homeless shelters, hospitals, inner-city and rural schools, military bases, assisted living communities for seniors, veterans hospitals, women's shelters, hospices, and other such organizations."

          "Research has shown that simply giving children books may be as effective as summer school - and a lot cheaper.  Over the last 20 years...low-income students simply have less access to print."   - Greg Toppo, USA TODAY

          "Whether rich or poor, residents of the United States or China, illiterate or college graduates, parents who have books in the home increase the level of education their children will attain."   - Mariah Evans, Research In Stratification and Mobility

          "There is a common theme among our underperforming children - they don't own books."   - United States Department of Education

          The group offers volunteer opportunities.  The bookstore itself is located in Dupont Circle, address below, with hours seven days each week.

  • Address: 1417 22nd St. NW, Washington, DC 20037
  • Tel. 202-835-2665 (BOOK)
  • On the Web: www.booksforamerica.org   ~  To the TOP

(Literacy; the Arts; Free Books)
  •       "Our mission is to put unwanted books into the hands of those who want them.
      Are the books really free?  Yup.
      Really?  Yes.
      Absolutely free?  Yes.
      What's the catch?  All the books you take have to be stamped, "Not for Resale." That's it, though.
      What's the suggested donation?  A smile.
      Is there a limit to how many books I can take?  You can only take 150,000 per day per person. . ."

          "The Book Thing of Baltimore Inc. is a 501(c)(3), IRS designation, non-profit. We believe that no one should be deprived of books for any reason. We do not actively solicit financial donations from anyone. We also try to separate the distribution of books from the fiscal obligations of an operating business non-profit or not. To this end, if you able and willing to donate to us, we would be happy to accept, but, there is no obligation to give and all are welcome to the books we distribute."

  • Source: Aaron Stevenson
  • Address: The Book Thing of Baltimore, Inc., 3001 Vineyard Lane, Baltimore, MD 21218
  • Tel. (410) 662-5631
  • On the Web: www.bookthing.org   ~  To the TOP

(International Cultures; Brazil)
  •       "The Brazilian-American Cultural Institute (BACI) was founded in 1964 as a nonprofit organization aimed at promoting cultural and educational initiatives leading to a better understanding between Brazil and the United States.
          "During the week, BACI offers evening Portuguese classes at beginners, intermediate, advanced levels, contemporary short stories, Brazilian culture & writing, private Portuguese lessons and English classes, as well as samba classes and guitar lessons. On Saturdays morning BACI offers Portuguese and English classes.
          "Located in a new, bright, contemporary space at 4719 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, DC 20016-4609, BACI has a multi-purpose cultural space that serves as art gallery, concert and lecture hall, and screening room. It has a Steinway grand piano, a large video screen system, and high-quality sound equipment. These assets allow an intense schedule of cultural activities, including art exhibits, classical and popular concerts, lectures, film and video sessions. Many of these activities are extended to other communities nationwide through BACI's traveling program."

  • Address: 4719 Wisconsin Ave, NW, Washington, DC, 20016
  • Tel. (202) 362-8334
  • On the Web: www.bacidc.org/us   ~  To the TOP

Posted Monday, January 16, 2012
"Dignity - Respect - Service - Justice"

(Hunger; Empowerment; Volunteerism; Food; Clothing; Medical and Legal Services; Advocacy)
  •       "OUR MISSION:   The mission of Bread for the City is to provide vulnerable residents of Washington, DC with comprehensive services, including food, clothing, medical care, and legal and social services, in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.  We recognize that all people share a common humanity, and that all are responsible to themselves and to society as a whole.  Therefore, we promote the mutual collaboration of clients, volunteers, donors, staff, and other community partners to alleviate the suffering caused by poverty and to rectify the conditions that perpetuate it.

          "OUR VISION:   At Bread for the City, we share a vision of Washington, DC as a nurturing community where all residents have access to the basic material resources they need for survival and growth, and the prosperity of their social, emotional, and spiritual lives."

          "HISTORY AND GROWTH:   Started in 1974, Bread for the City is a front line agency serving Washington’s poor.   The agency began as two organizations: Zacchaeus Free Clinic began in 1974 as a volunteer-run free medical clinic, and Bread for the City was created in 1976 by a coalition of downtown churches to feed and clothe the poor.   The two entities merged in 1995.   Today, we operate two Centers in the District of Columbia, and provide direct services to low-income residents of Washington, DC.   All of our services are free."

  • Source:  Emily Schneider, Development Associate, and Washington Hebrew Congregation (q.v.)
  • Addresses:  Northwest Center - 1525 7TH STREET NW, DC; Southeast Center - 1640 GOOD HOPE ROAD SE, DC
  • Tel.  Northwest Center - 202-265-2400; Southeast Center - 202-561-8587
  • On the Web:  www.breadforthecity.org/   ~   To the TOP

(Relief; the World)
  •       "Bread for the World is a nationwide Christian movement that seeks justice for the world's hungry people by lobbying our nation's decision makers. It is a 501(c)(4) organization.
          "Bread for the World Institute seeks justice for hungry people by engaging in research and education on policies related to hunger and development. It is a 501(c)(3) organization."

  • Address: 50 F Street NW - Suite 500, Washington, DC 20001
  • Tel. (202) 639-9400; Toll-free: (800) 822-7323 (82-BREAD)
  • On the Web: www.bread.org   ~  To the TOP

UPDATED Thursday, July 26, 2012
BROTHERS WHO CARE   (Hagerstown, Md.)
(Education; Empowerment; Youth; Community)
  • "Why We Started:
          "Brothers Who Care (formerly Brothers United Who Dare To Care) formed in 1996 to help black men take responsibility for their lives, their families and their community.

    "What We Believe:
          "At Brothers Who Care we believe everyone can be a voice in the community and that everyone can make a contribution to society.

    "What We Do:
          "Our mission is to promote the culture, health and well-being of the community.  We encourage others to speak up for themselves and stand with them as an advocate to help resolve their issues.    We work to better the community through our community news publication Speak Up, our various outreach activities and our support services that promote self-sufficiency and cultural pride.   Most of our outreach is free, including the free news publication as well as the free computer training and free computers we give away in our volunteer exchange program.    We have a cultural resource library with numerous books about blacks and black heritage in our Doleman Black Heritage Library.   The library is expanding to include other minority heritages.  We have a computer lab with high-speed Internet access.    Everyone is invited to share what we have available and your contributions are accepted.   Most of our programs are targeted for low-income to moderate-income minorities and minority business owners.   We help the youth of our community with our Neighborhood Youth Club and our partnerships with youth organizations.   We are also involved in programs addressing health concerns affecting minorities.   We distribute a monthly community news publication. 

    "What You Can Do:
          "We invite anyone of good standing to volunteer to serve our community.  You may donate time, money, books, videos, magazines, historic documents, computers, printers and computer accessories to our program."   

  • Address: 131 North Avenue, Hagerstown, Md. 21740
  • Tel. (301) 393-9290
  • Email: brothers@brotherswhocare.org
  • On the Web: brotherswhocare.org   ~  To the TOP

Posted Tuesday, May 10, 2011
"A Film Festival + Talks & Meditation"

(Buddhism; Film; Meditation)
  •       "BuddhaFest is meant to be a thought-provoking and inspiring four-day festival of films, talks and meditation for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.
          "The films present a wide-angle view of Buddhism in contemporary life, while the talks and meditations provide the opportunity to focus on our own individual stories and the situations we face now.
          "BuddhaFest is intended to be a simple, practical, and bold look at the profound ways in which meditation, and the cultivation of mindfulness and compassion, can transform lives."
          As of 2011, the Fest is about to become two years old and, hopefully, a regular annual event.

  • On the Web:  www.buddhafest.org/   ~   To the TOP

(Spirit; Buddhism; Community; also Westminster, Silver Spring, and the Baltimore City Detention Center)
  •       "The Buddhist Network of Greater Baltimore is a loose affiliation of Buddhist centers and practice groups in the Greater Baltimore area. Representatives from the various groups started to meet informally in late 1999 in order to open lasting lines of information, communication, friendship, and cooperation, and to plan our first joint event, Baltimore's first annual Buddha Day Celebration.
          "Please note that all of these groups are Buddhist. Unless otherwise noted, they are not secular meditation centers and all agree on this common definition of what it means to be Buddhist:
          "A Buddhist is someone who understands the dangers of samsara, recognizes the Three Jewels -- Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha -- as the ultimate protection, and determines to rely sincerely upon them throughout his or her life and to endeavor to refrain from harming any sentient being."

  • On the Web: www.bngb.org   ~  To the TOP

Posted Saturday, August 8, 2015
(Ethnic Cleansing; Displaced Persons; Genocide; Human Rights; Refugees)

  •       "The conflict in Western Burma between different Rohingya Muslim militant groups has been ongoing since 1947.  Little has been done to aid this struggle until recently, when such groups as BRANA formed.  There is still much to be done.  We need your help.  Getting more people involved in this conflict is essential to help relieve the plight of these people.  Originally in 1947-1961, during the Mujahideen Movement, the goal was to separate Mayu from Western Burma and annex that region into East Pakistan.  Mayu was the frontier region of Arakan that was largely populated by Rohingyas.  In 1962 these activities seemed to disappear after the final surrender of Mujahideens in 1961.  Again the uprising came to the front during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.  On 15 July 1972, the remaining Mujahid rebel leader Zaffar founded the Rohingya Liberation Party (RLP).  After failure of RLP movements Muhammaf Jafar Habib founded the RPF, Rohingya Patriotic Front.  In 1978 the campaign, Operation King Dragon, was launched.  This operation focused on rooting out Mujahid rebels from Arakan, Burma.  Military expansions began in in 1988 and continued through 2011.  Rohingya militant groups recently have changed their focus to obtaining an independent portion of Northern Arakan.  Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO), Arakan Movement, Arakan People’s Freedom Party and Arakan Rohingya National Organization (ARNO) formed an alliance in January 2012 according to reports.  Military activities among Rohingya rebels began again in Oct. 2012."

  • Source:  Dr. Wakar Uddin, Founder and Chairman
  • Address:  210 West Hamilton Avenue, #320, State College, PA 16802
  • Tel.  (001) 814-777-4498
  • On the Web:  www.rohingyana.org/   ~   To the TOP

UPDATED Saturday, August 8, 2015
"A zendo is not a peaceful haven, but a furnace room for the combustion of all our delusions."

(Buddhism; Rinzai Zen; Meditation; Baltimore)

  •       "Burning House Zendo is a Rinzai Zen Buddhist community located at 101 West Ridgely Road, Suite 8B, Lutherville, Md. 21093, USA.  Our regular schedule is:
    • Saturdays, 3:00 - 5:15 PM:
      Three 40-minute sitting periods, five-minute kinhin between sitting periods, and one chant from the sutra book.
    • Sundays, 7:00 - 9:15 AM:
      Morning Service -- chanting from the sutra book, and two sitting periods with five-minute kinhin between sits.  An opportunity for coffee and conversation is available after Sunday morning services.
    • Wednesdays, 7:00 - 9:00 PM:
      Dharma Lineage chanting, and two sitting periods with five-minute kinhin."

          "For Beginners:  If you’re new to sitting meditation, you should come on a Wedndsday night.  When there are new members on Wednesday, we offer beginner’s instruction and abbreviated sitting periods.   Please write classes@burninghousezendo.org to confirm that someone will available to meet you on the night you plan to attend."

  • Address: 101 West Ridgely Road, Suite 8B, Lutherville, Md. 21093
  • On the Web: burninghousezendo.org   ~  To the TOP

"A major hub for social change and self-expression"

(Education; Community; Culture; the Arts)
  •       A new addition to the human value of Washington, DC - Cafe - Bookstore - Performances - Rental for Events - A Home for the Human Family - and MORE...
          "Busboys and Poets is a restaurant, bookstore, fair trade market and gathering place where people can discuss issues of social justice and peace.  Each Busboys and Poets location should enhance the community -- allowing us to bring together a diverse clientele reflective of the surrounding neighborhoods.  Busboys and Poets creates an environment where shared conversations over food and drink allow the progressive, artistic and literary communities to dialogue, educate and interact.
          "Busboys and Poets Books, operated by Teaching for Change (q.v.), is Washington, DC's newest source for books and films that encourage children and adults to quesstion, challenge and rethink the world beyond the headlines.  We carefully select every title to ensure access to: High quality politics, poetry and literature; anti- bias children's books; young adult literature with real- world themes; Multicultural titles for pre-K-12 teachers and parents; independent publishers; and people's history.  When you purchase items from our bookstore, you help to support Teaching for Change, a non-profit organization that promotes social justice, starting in the classroom."

  • Location 1, in Washington: 2021 14th St. NW, Washington, DC
    Tel. 202-387-7638
  • Location 2, in Washington: 5th and K Sreets NW, Washington, DC
    Tel. 202-789-2227
  • Location 3, in Shirlington: 4251 S. Campbell Avenue, Arlington, Virginia 22206
    Tel. 703-379-9757
  • On the Web: http://www.busboysandpoets.com   ~   To the TOP

"Differences.  Faiths.  Bridges."

(Interfaith; Reconciliation; Bridgebuilding)
  •       "The Buxton Initiative is a nonprofit organization seeking to build bridges among Abrahamic faith communities through friendship and dialogue.  The following quote, from an op-ed article by Buxton Initiative founders Dr. Akbar Ahmed and Ambassador J. Douglas Holladay, describes our vision:
          "'We offer a simple yet profound proposal: look to faith and friendship as the vital bridge to establishing deep understanding.  Consciously or not, the world is desperately searching for authentic models that engender hope and where real faith breeds civility and trust.
          "'The relationships of which we speak don't seek to skirt the tough issues, but do take the time to establish a "bank account" of goodwill and respect.  The more solid the bridge, the greater the ability to weather the storm.'"

          (Editor's Note:  The Initiative offers has a database on line of interfaith organizations and events worldwide.

  • Source:  Daniel Tutt of the Unity Productions Foundation (q.v.), 20,000 Dialogues (q.v.), and the 9/11 Unity Walk (q.v.)
  • Address:  1717 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036
  • Tel.  (202) 467-2078
  • On the Web:  www.buxtoninitiative.org/   ~  To the TOP

(Local History and Lifeways)
  •       The canal celebrates the 175th anniversary of its groundbreaking in 2003. There is a wide range of talks, demonstrations, boat rides, music, and more available along its length.
  • Address: 1057 Thomas Jefferson St. NW, Washington, DC
  • Tel. (202) 653-5190.
  • On the Web: www.nps.gov/choh   ~  To the TOP

(Public Affairs; The Press)
  •       "Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network." An important source of news coverage frequently unavailable elsewhere. Check your local listings for FM, TV, and cable coverage.

    (EDITOR'S NOTE:  For links to English language press organizationsl worldwide, visit Geotrees' World Press Page.)

  • Tel. (202) 737-3220.
  • On the Web: www.c-span.org   ~  To the TOP

(Civilized Company and Conversation; Philosophy, Inquiry, and Reality Itself)
  •       "An informal, biweekly, philosophical gathering in a friendly public atmosphere to collectively pursue ideas about what it all means." Currently meeting regularly at Chapters Literary Bookstore (q.v.), near Metro Center at 445 11th St. NW, in Washington.
          As of June 2007, "This website is currently under construction and will be operational soon. Meanwhile, you are invited to visit our very active philosophy discussion list called Cafe' Philo DC Dialogue, which is affiliated with Cafe Philo DC and can be found at (the link below). If you wish to be added to the group list for twice-monthy Cafe' Philo DC meetings in downtown Washington, DC, please contact me at KenFphilo AT aol.com."

  • On the Web: groups.yahoo.com/group/cafephilodcdialogue
  • Email: KenFphilo AT aol.com   ~  To the TOP

CAFE' SCIENTIFIQUE ARLINGTON (and, occasionally, in DC)
(Science, Society, and Civilization Itself; National)
  •     "Cafe' Scientifique (Arlington) and its occasional cousin, Cafe' Scientifique (DC), are organized and sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Our goal: to make science more accessible and accountable by featuring speakers whose expertise spans the sciences - and who can talk in plain English. Cafes are generally held the first Tuesday of the month. We welcome your input - complete a survey on-site, or write to Mary or Sarah.
        "TO FIND OUT MORE: To hear about upcoming cafes sponsored by NSF, subscribe to the NSF e-mail list. Send a message to lyris AT lists.nsf.gov. In the text, write 'subscribe cafesci'. Don't add a signature. (You can unsubscribe at any time.)"
        NOTE! Cafe' Scientfique has meetings in cities and universities around the world. Please see their website for additional locations.

  • Location: The Front Page, 4201 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, Virginia (DC locations will vary)
  • On the Web: www.cafescientifique.org/arlington.htm   ~  To the TOP

(Islam; Advocacy; Community)
  •       "The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a non-profit, grassroots membership organization. We have headquarters in Washington, D.C., and CAIR chapters across America. CAIR was established to promote a positive image of Islam and Muslims in America. We believe misrepresentations of Islam are most often the result of ignorance on the part of non-Muslims and reluctance on the part of Muslims to articulate their case... CAIR is dedicated to presenting an Islamic perspective on issues of importance to the American public. In offering that perspective, we seek to empower the Muslim community in America through political and social activism." CAIR provides a wide array of information and services to meet the needs of Muslims in the US , and to help build bridges of knowledge, fellowship, and understanding linking Muslims with others in America.

  • Address: 453 New Jersey Ave SE. Washington, DC 20003-4034
  • Tel. (202) 488-8787; Fax, (202) 488-0833.
  • On the Web: www.cair.com
  • Email: cair@cair-net.org   ~  To the TOP

Posted May 27, 2011
(Faith and Interfaith; Peacebuilding; Reconciliation; Education - Worldwide)
  • "The Canadian School of Peacebuilding (CSOP), an institute of Canadian Mennonite University, offers a selection of five-day courses each June.  Courses can be taken for professional or personal development or for academic credit.  The CSOP is a learning community of diverse peacebuilders who come together to learn, network and engage in peacebuilding.  This requires respect, curiosity and a broad range of connecting points for both students and faculty.

          "Canadian Mennonite University (CMU), through Menno Simons College (our campus at the University of Winnipeg) and through our Shaftesbury Campus, is said to offer the world’s largest undergraduate program in peace and conflict studies.  Please click here for more information about Canadian Mennonite University’s Peacebuilding Initiatives.  Drawing from this area of strength, and from a deep commitment, rooted in Christian-Mennonite history and theology, to respectfully practice peace in difficult places in the world, the Canadian School of Peacebuilding offers opportunity for dissimilarly rooted peacebuilders from around the world to come together to learn, to share and to practice peace.

          "The CSOP is an institute of CMU, a Christian university that is rooted in the historic Anabaptist tradition of peace, justice and service.  Drawing on our 480-year faith-based peace tradition, we want to create a space where people from different backgrounds and perspectives can connect in positive and respectful ways - learning together, supporting each other and creating networks of engaged peacebuilders.  The CSOP is for peacebuilders from all faiths, countries and identity groups.  The CSOP community is shaped by this ethic of respect and collaboration."

  • Address:  Canadian School of Peacebuilding, 500 Shaftesbury Blvd., Winnipeg, MB | R3P 2N2 | Canada
  • Tel.  204-487-3300
  • Email:  csop@cmu.ca
  • On the Web:  www.cmu.ca/csop/   ~   To the TOP

(Independent Booksellers; Books from Around the World)
  •       "Candida's World of Books is a niche independent bookstore. It serves foreign and US readers who have a variety of interests, and offers residents of the Washington DC metro area a way to stay in closer touch with cultures outside the US. We stock original-language literature, children's books, art- and cookbooks, political and economic writings published outside the US as well as language-learning materials and travel guides... The store is a boutique, not a supermarket. This means the titles in stock at the bookstore are among the most influential in each country represented on the shelves." (Edited for length)

  • Address: 1541 14th Street NW, Washington, DC
  • Tel. (202) 667-4811; call toll free at (866) 667-4811.
  • On the Web: www.candidasworldofbooks.com   ~  To the TOP

(Children; the Nation)
  •       (May 25, 2007) "Scheduled to open in 2009, the National Children's Museum will be a vibrant new child-centered museum in Washington, DC where exhibits and programs will open a window on the world of Washington serving local, regional, national and international audiences.
          "Building upon the Capital Children's Museum's 30 years of experience, the National Children's Museum is foreseen as a place that reaches beyond traditional borders. We will collaborate in partnership with other institutions that serve children, families and educators, facilitating experiences through which all our visitors can learn by themselves and from one another.
          "The Capital Children's Museum closed permanently on August 22, 2004 so that we could begin full-time development of the National Children's Museum. Please check back here regularly for updates on our progress or sign up below to receive our e-newsletter."
          NOTE: As of May 2007, some of the NCM's programs remain active. Please visit their site, link below, for details.

  • Address: "Our administrative offices are located at: National Children's Museum, 955 L'Enfant Plaza North, SW, Suite 5100, Washington, DC 20024."
  • Tel. (202) 675-4120
  • On the Web: www.ccm.org   ~  To the TOP

(Social Transformation; Reconciliation; Bridgebuilding)
  •       "Our mission is to achieve sustainable solutions to complex social problems by investing in collaboration, leadership, and entrepreneurship.
          "Jean and Steve Case founded the Case Foundation in 1997 to reflect their family's heartfelt commitment to finding lasting solutions to complex social challenges.  Today, the foundation is pursuing a number of initiatives, and is particularly focused on three strategies:
    • Encouraging collaboration;
    • Supporting successful leaders; and
    • Fostering entrepreneurship in the nonprofit sector.
    "The foundation is applying these strategies to meet the needs of underserved children and families; create thriving and sustainable economic development for communities; bridge cultural and religious divides; expand civic engagement and volunteerism; and accelerate innovative approaches to health care."

  • Address: The Case Foundation, 1717 Rhode Island Ave. NW 7th Floor, Washington, DC 20036
  • Tel. (202) 775-8513
  • On the Web: www.casefoundation.org/home   ~   To the TOP

(Nurturing the Trees of Washington, DC)
  •       "The mission of Casey Trees is to restore, enhance, and protect the tree canopy of the Nation's Capital.
          "The work of Casey Trees - improving the condition and extent of the trees and forests in the District of Columbia, carries significant weight for two main reasons. First, because the District is our nation's capital it should set the gold standard for having the healthiest and most abundant urban forest in the U.S. Secondly, because the District is The City of Trees, Casey Trees must do everything it can to help the District live up to its historic name. Fortunately, Casey Trees is uniquely structured to help for a very long time."

  • Address: Casey Trees, 1425 K St NW - Suite 1050, Washington, DC 20005
  • Tel. (202) 833-4010
  • On the Web: www.caseytrees.org   ~  To the TOP

Posted Tuesday, May 11, 2011
"Enhancing the Study and Practice of Catholic Peacebuilding"

(Peacemaking; Nonviolence; Activism; Education; Faith - National and International)
  • "The Catholic Peacebuilding Network (CPN) is comprised of individuals who seek to increase knowledge of and understanding about the unique role of the Catholic Church in being a force of justice and peace in our troubled world.  Network members need not be Catholic, but are expected to have an interest in and appreciation for the institutional, doctrinal, and transformational spirituality of the Church related to justice and peace, including its relations and interactions with those of other faith traditions.
          "CPN was formed in 2004 after two years of wide consultations.  It is a network of academics and practitioners who seek to enhance the study and practice of Catholic peacebuilding at a time when religion is widely seen as a source of conflict and division, not a resource for peace and reconciliation.  CPN was established to address four needs: (1) deepening engagement among scholars and practitioners, (2) improving understanding of best practices in peacebuilding, (3) developing a theology and ethics of peace, and (4) enhancing the peacebuilding capacity of the Church in conflict areas."

  • Address:  c/o Jerry Powers, 100 Hesburgh Center for International Studies, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556-0639
  • Tel.  574-631-6970
  • Email:  cpn@nd.edu
  • On the Web:  cpn.nd.edu/   ~   To the TOP

Posted Monday, May 25, 2015
"A Way of Life and Spiritual Community serving Washington, DC Metro Area from Northern Virginia"

(Spirit; Peaceuilding; Education; Community; Empowerment)
  •       "Honoring all paths to God - Spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and make the world a better place.

          "Are you looking for a spiritual community in which you are supported in investigating and revealing your own understanding of spirituality?  Do you want easy access to classes that enhance your learning-journey?  Are you ready to deepen your relationship with the Power – the One Life – within you?  Do you seek to be inspired and experience peace of mind and healing?  Have you begun to realize that as you embrace Oneness, celebrating the uniqueness of all of creation, you are doing your part to transform the world?  At Celebration Center you will find other spiritual journeyers seeking to raise the consciousness of the world.  Join us as we open to a life that is richer and more rewarding than previously imagined.

          "The Celebration Center of Spiritual Living serves the Greater Washington, DC, Metro Area from inside the Beltway at Falls Church, Virginia.  We are impelled by a vision of a healthy world in which compassion and loving kindness toward all of Creation are the norm.  Our desire is to help create such a world by supporting individuals as they come to realize their own divinity.

          "We are committed to support the awakening of all who seek to expand their experience of the Divine.  Our philosophy is a synthesis of world teachings.  We embrace Oneness and open to experience God within us which is God in and as all creation.  We recognize the activity of God as Love which stirs a relationship with God that is rich and deeply personal.  Gratitude arises and our lives are enhanced – we are happier, we can do more for others, be better stewards of the Earth, and help bring peace and harmony to the world."

  • Address:  Celebration Center for Spiritual Living, 2840 Graham Road (Mail: 2830 Graham Road, Suite 220), Falls Church, VA 22042
  • Tel.  703-560-2030
  • On the Web:  www.celebrationcenter.org/   ~   To the TOP

"Improving Communication through Better Understanding of Language and Culture"

(Language, Culture, and Civilization Itself; Worldwide)
  •       "As the world gets smaller, effective communication becomes even more important. The Center for Applied Linguistics is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of research-based information, tools, and resources related to language and culture.
          "CAL is a private, nonprofit organization working to improve communication through better understanding of language and culture. Established in 1959, CAL is headquartered in Washington, DC.
          "CAL has a set of core values that guide all of our endeavors and help us focus our efforts more effectively. These values are outlined below and reflect CAL's strong commitment to making a difference. Languages and cultures are important individual and societal assets.
    • All languages, dialects, and cultures deserve to be respected and cultivated.
    • Multilingualism is beneficial for individuals and society.
    • Effective language education should be widely available.
    • Accurate information should be the basis for policies and practices that involve language and culture.
    • Language skills and cultural knowledge should be valued in work situations.
    • Language and cultural differences should not be an obstacle to personal or group success or well-being."

  • Address: Center for Applied Linguistics, 4646 40th Street NW, Washington DC 20016-1859
  • Tel. (202) 362-0700
  • On the Web: www.cal.org/   ~   To the TOP

(The Middle East; Education)
  •       "The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS) is the only academic center in the United States focusing essentially on the Arab world--the region from Morocco to the Gulf. It has been doing so with distinction for over 30 years. The Center's Washington, DC location provides access to government, the non-governmental policy-studies community, the media, and business as well as academia. Attendance at its public events and applications to its distinguished Masters Degree Program in Arab Studies (MAAS) have more than doubled since 2001...
          "The Community Resource Service (CRS) is an educational outreach program that focuses on the needs of K-12 teachers and other educators in the District of Columbia and its suburbs in Maryland and Virginia. The program aims to assist teachers in conveying a nuanced and realistic view of Arabs and Islam, beyond the stereotypical images reflected in the entertainment and news media, or the incomplete - and often biased - treatment of the history and politics of the region that are sometimes found in textbooks and other pedagogical materials."

  • Address: 241 Intercultural Center, Georgetown University, 37th & O Streets NW, Washington, DC 20057-1020
  • Tel. (202) 687-5793
  • On the Web: ccas.georgetown.edu   ~  To the TOP

"Reconnecting Who You Are with What You Do"

(Education; Transformation; Enwholement; Worldwide)
  •       "When we reconnect who we are with what we do, we approach our lives and our work with renewed passion, commitment, and integrity.
          "Since 1997, the Center for Courage & Renewal has helped foster personal and professional renewal through retreats that offer the time and space to reflect on life and work.  These retreats, called Courage to Teach, Courage to Lead, or Circles of Trust, are led by skilled facilitators and make use of poetry and stories, solitude, reflection, and deep listening.
          "Developed with author, educator, and activist Parker J. Palmer, PhD, and the Fetzer Institute (q.v.), this approach was initially created to renew, sustain, and inspire public school teachers.  Educators remain at the heart of our mission, but retreats are also offered to those in serving professions such as health care, clergy, and law, as well as to anyone yearning to become more wholehearted in their life and work.
          "The Center for Courage & Renewal is a 501 (c)(3) educational nonprofit organization."

  • Source: "Speaking of Faith," WAMU FM 88.5
  • Address: Center for Courage & Renewal, 321 High School Road NE, Suite D3 #375, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-2648
  • Tel. (206) 855-9140
  • On the Web: www.couragerenewal.org/   ~   To the TOP

"A 360 Degree View of the People and Stories Behind the Issues"

(Public Affairs; the Arts; Bridgebuilding; Empowerment; Baltimore-based)
  •       "The Center for Emerging Media (CEM) was founded in 2000 as a 501(c)(3) private non-profit corporation by Marc Steiner, long-time community leader and talk show host on a local National Public Radio Station. The mission of CEM is to employ all forms of media - including radio, television and Internet - to produce groundbreaking new programs that address issues affecting our world. CEM is dedicated to introducing and giving airtime to voices that might otherwise go unheard.
          "CEM strives to introduce voices from all sides of key issues, with the conviction that providing a balanced forum not only expands public understanding but also deepens our democracy. CEM's goal is to educate listeners regarding the complexity and depth of issues, and thus allow them to draw their own conclusions.
          "CEM is committed to giving airtime to voices that are not commonly heard on the radio. In addition to the usual scholars and intellectuals, listeners will hear individuals directly affected by the topics represented. From low wage workers to ex-convicts to Vietnam veterans, those who have not often been given a forum will be afforded that opportunity.
          "Contributors to CEM's past and current projects include the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Open Society Institute, Abell Foundation, Fund for Change, Stony Run Friends Meeting, and a number of individual donors."
          CEM presents The Marc Steiner Show over WEAA FM 88.9 (q.v.) beginning Wednesday, June 11, 2008.

  • Source: Marc Steiner and Jessica Philips, of the CEM
  • Address: Center for Emerging Media, c/o CleanCuts, 2901 Chestnut Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21211
  • Tel. (443) 927-7209
  • On the Web: www.centerforemergingmedia.com/   ~  To the TOP

Posted Monday, June 7, 2010
(American Islam; Interfaith; Education; Diversity; Bridgebuilding)
  •       "Founded in Washington, DC in 2004, the Center for Islamic Pluralism (CIP) is a think tank that challenges the dominance of American Muslim life by militant Islamist groups. Specifically, our mission is to:
    • Foster, develop, defend, protect, and further mobilize moderate American Muslims in their progress toward integration as an equal and respected religious community in the American interfaith environment;
    • Define the future of Islam in America as a community opposed to the politicization of our religion, its radicalization, and its marginalization, which has taken place because of the imposition on Muslims of attitudes opposed to American values, traditions, and policies;
    • Educate the broader American public about the reality of moderate Islam and the threat to moderate Muslims and non-Muslim Americans represented by militant, political, radical, and adversarial tendencies."

  • Address:  Center for Islamic Pluralism. 1718 M Street NW #260, Washington, DC 20036 USA
  • Tel.  202-232-1750
  • Email:  schwartz@islamicpluralism.org
  • On the Web:  www.islamicpluralism.org   ~   To the TOP

(Nonviolence and Peacemaking; Reconciliation; Education; Worldwide)
  •       "Nonviolent Communication (NVC) helps us stay connected with what is alive in ourselves and others moment-to-moment, and enhances our ability to make life more wonderful for ourselves and others.
          "Vision:  The Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) is a global organization whose vision is a world where all people are getting their needs met and resolving their conflicts peacefully.  In this vision, people are using Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to create and participate in networks of worldwide life-serving systems in economics, education, justice, healthcare, and peace-keeping.
          "Mission:  Our mission is to contribute to this vision by facilitating the creation of life-serving systems within ourselves, interpersonally, and within organizations.  We do this by living and teaching Nonviolent Communication.
          "Aim:  CNVC's aim is to provide ideas, experience, and support for the living of Nonviolent Communication in community.  This is accomplished by providing Nonviolent Communication training, materials, organizational consulting, and projects that develop harmonious and effective relationships."

  • Source:  Andy Stevenson of Alexandria, Virginia
  • Address:  5600 San Francisco Rd. NE, Suite A, Albuquerque, NM 87109 USA
  • Tel. (800) 255-7696
  • On the Web:  www.cnvc.org/   ~   To the TOP

(Peacebuilding; Education; Bridgebuilding; Youth; Local and Worldwide)
  • "Our mission is to enhance local capacities for peace in divided societies; to promote understanding of the role of young people in conflicts and in peace processes; and to strengthen connections between young peace builders around the world.
          "Background to our Mission: The Center for Peace Building International (CPBI) was founded on the spirit of young people working with young people and adults alike to provide sight and sound to their lives in troubled spots in various conflict affected areas of the world.
          "We recognize that the ability to coexist in a peaceful environment tolerant of diversity is one of the greatest needs of our time... Therefore, the Center for Peace Building International is dedicated to supporting this by promoting human development and respect for diversity. In light of this, CPBI focuses a majority of its efforts on children and youth. We also believe that any initiatives we undertake should involve the local narratives while acting in a responsible manner between the local, national and international agencies."

  • Address: 3754 McKinley St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20015
  • Tel. (202) 674-4670
  • On the Web: www.cpbinternational.org/   ~   To the TOP

(Education; Cooperation, Reconciliation, and Peacebuilding)
  • "...a nonprofit group that helps students get courses on nonviolence into their schools."  Founded and directed by Colman McCarthy.
  • Address: 4501 Van Ness St. NW, Washington, DC
  • Tel. (202) 687-5793.   ~  To the TOP

Posted Tuesday, February 9, 2010
"To Promote and Support Community-based Education, Especially for Girls, in Remote Regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan"

(Youth; Education; Literacy; Empowerment; Community - Global)
  •       "Peace and Hope Begin With Education: One Child At A Time.  Central Asia Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission to promote and support community-based education, especially for girls, in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
          "The Girl Effect:  The powerful social and economic change brought about when girls have the opportunity to participate in their society.  Why girls?  Adolescent girls are uniquely capable of raising the standard of living in the developing world.  Girls are the most likely agents of change, but they are often invisible in their societies and to our media.  The Girl Effect is rooted in the work of the Nike Foundation, which has been joined by the NoVo Foundation in a shared mission to create opportunities for girls, and for the world.
          Central Asia Institute (CAI) is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, founded in 1996.  Initial funds to establish Central Asia Institute were provided by Dr. Jean Hoerni, a Swiss physicist, a Silicon valley microchip industry pioneer.  Greg Mortenson, co-founder and Executive Director of Central Asia Institute, began his work in northern Pakistan in 1993. . . Mr. Mortenson's initial development efforts were first inspired by the Balti people he met after a 1993 climb of K2 (world's second highest mountain).  The K2 climb was dedicated to his sister Christa, who died from severe epilepsy in 1992."
          Greg Mortenson is author of Three Cups of Tea and, publishing in late 2009, Stones into Schools.  He maintains a dynamic schedule that mixes work in the field overseas with speaking engagements in the US and elsewhere.  Visit this page for details and links.

  • Address:  Central Asia Institute, PO Box 7209, Bozeman, MT 59771
  • Tel.  877-585-7841 (toll-free); 406-585-7841
  • Email:  info@ikat.org
  • On the Web:  www.ikat.org/   ~   To the TOP

(Education; Community, Culture, Literacy, Families, Youth)
  •       Formerly the Calvary Bilingual Multicultural Learning Center. "CentroNia's educational model is based on four central values that inform all of our activities:
            1- Social Justice, working to ensure that every child receives a high quality education regardless of socio-economic background.
            2- Life-Long Learning, pursued by building a community where all teachers and staff are growing and learning along with the students.
            3- Family Health and Economic Wellness, which informs all our work with families, and acknowledges that high quality education is impossible without a healthy, stable family environment.
            4- Community Empowerment, the inclusion of those we serve in every aspect of program design and organizational strategy.
          "CentroNia delivers its numerous educational programs and accomplishes its mission of "educating children and youth and strengthening families in a bilingual, multicultural community" through four educational departments:
            - Learning Center
            - Family/Community Development
            - Professional Development Academy
            - DC Bilingual Public Charter School"

  • Address: 1420 Columbia Road, NW, Washington DC, 20009
  • Tel. (202) 332 4200
  • On the Web: http://www.centronia.org/index.html   ~  To the TOP

"Open Sourcing Social Solutions"

(The World; Social Transformation)
  •       "Changemakers is an initiative of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public that focuses on the rapidly growing world of social innovation. It provides solutions and resources needed to help everyone become a changemaker and presents compelling stories that explore the fundamental principles of successful social innovation around the world.
          "Changemakers is building the world's first global online "open source" community that competes to surface the best social solutions, and then collaborates to refine, enrich, and implement those solutions. Changemakers begins by providing an overarching intellectual framework for collaborative competitions that bring together individual social change initiatives into a more powerful whole.
          "To keep the framework dynamic, the online Changemakers's community identifies and selects the best solutions and helps refine them. The result is global action frameworks, drawing on the work of social entrepreneurs, that seed collaborative action and visibility on a global scale - making a big difference, field by field."
          An activity of Ashoka - Innovators for the Public. Link, above.

  • Address: % Ashoka Global Headquarters, 1700 North Moore Street, Suite 2000 (20th Floor), Arlington, VA 22209
  • Tel. (703) 527-8300
  • On the Web: www.changemakers.net/   ~  To the TOP

Posted Sunday, June 29, 2014
(Indian Country; Sports - DC-Local and National)
  •       "Change the Mascot is a national campaign to end the use of the racial slur 'r*dskins' as the mascot and name of the NFL team in Washington, D.C.  Launched by the Oneida Indian Nation, the campaign calls upon the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell to do the right thing and bring an end the use of the racial epithet.

          "Take action today to urge the Washington NFL team to change their name!  Here are some specific ways that you can help:

          "Contact the NFL league office and Commissioner Roger Goodell and ask for the Washington franchise to change their mascot:

    • Write to Roger Goodell at NFL Commissioner, 345 Park Ave., New York, NY 10154.
    • Call the NFL league office at 212-450-2000.
    • Send a message to Commissioner Goodell on Twitter @nflcommish with the hashtag, #ChangeTheMascot.

          "Spread the Word:

    • Print out a “Change the Mascot” sign and bring to NFL games, proudly display at your home or workplace, and share with friends.
    • Contact your local newspapers, radio and TV stations to speak out against the R*dskins name."

  • On the Web:  www.changethemascot.org   ~   To the TOP

CHAPTERS, A Literary Bookstore
(Independent Booksellers; Literacy, Literature, and Civilization Itself)
  •       "Welcome to CHAPTERS: A Literary Bookstore. In our 21 years of selling books in downtown D.C. the most frequently asked question has been, 'What's a literary bookstore? Sounds snooty or even elitist. . . .' Well, cyber-reader, if you walked in our doors you'd find our enormous poetry section right up front, literary fiction old and new, and literature in foreign languages. But you'll also find an array of offerings from Aristotle to Babar to Churchill. We're very fond of the culinary arts, children's literature, natural history, spiritual matters, and on and on. In short, we're both very selective and wide-ranging in what we stock.
          "We're a shop that caters to serious, uncommon readers and inveterate browsers. If that describes you, then do read on!
          "The second most frequently asked question is about our store motto, Littera Scripta Manet. Latinists among you know that it's a quote from Horace that means 'The written word remains,' a notion to which we wholeheartedly subscribe, and especially in a digital age. Here at CHAPTERS, the written word not only remains, it flourishes!"

  • Address: 445 11th St. NW (Near Metro Center, 11th St. Exit), Washington, DC 20004
  • Tel. (202) 737-5553
  • On the Web: www.chaptersliterary.com   ~  To the TOP

Posted Tuesday, February 9, 2010
"Your Guide to Intelligent Living"

(Philanthropy; Accountability; Financial, Organizational, and Management Transparency - National)
  •       "Charity Navigator, America's premier independent charity evaluator, works to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace by evaluating the financial health of over 5,400 of America's largest charities.
          "Founded in 2001, Charity Navigator has become the nation's largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities.  In our quest to help donors, our team of professional analysts has examined tens of thousands of non-profit financial documents.  As a result, we know as much about the true fiscal operations of charities as anyone.  We've used this knowledge to develop an unbiased, objective, numbers-based rating system to assess the financial health of over 5,000 of America's best-known charities.
          "Specifically, Charity Navigator's rating system examines two broad areas of a charity's financial health -- how responsibly it functions day to day as well as how well positioned it is to sustain its programs over time.  Each charity is then awarded an overall rating, ranging from zero to four stars.  To help donors avoid becoming victims of mailing-list appeals, each charity's commitment to keeping donors' personal information confidential is assessed.  The site is easily navigable by charity name, location or type of activity and also features opinion pieces by Charity Navigator experts, donation tips, and top-10 and bottom-10 lists which rank efficient and inefficient organizations in a number of categories."

  • Address:  Charity Navigator, 1200 MacArthur Boulevard, Second Floor, Mahwah, New Jersey 07430
  • Tel.  201-818-1288
  • On the Web:  www.charitynavigator.org/   ~   To the TOP

(Diversity; Government Services)
  •       "To promote, develop, and sustain multicultural and multinational awareness and community-building through the combined efforts of all residents of Montgomary County."  A service of the county government.
  • Address: 11319 Elkin St., Wheaton, Md.
  • Tel. 240-777-4940.
  • On the Web: www.gilchristcenter.org   ~  To the TOP

(Russia; Literature)
  •       "Chayka ('Seagull') is a Russian-American, Russian Language semimonthly magazine that publishes exclusive short stories, novels, and poetry, as well as movie, theater and arts reviews, humor, history and politics; interviews with prominent people and stars, and much more. Seagull has many subscribers in the Greater Washington area, and delivers free complementary copies to Russian deli stores, Russian businesses, and community centers." Note: The website is also in Russian with Cyrillic fonts.
  • Source: Anna Bogomolov, at anna_bogomolov( AT )yahoo.com>
  • Tel. 1-888-601-8400.
  • On the Web: www.seagullmag.com   ~  To the TOP

(The Environment; Sustainable Living)
  •       "The Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) is the first grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to fighting global warming in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Our mission is to educate and mobilize citizens of this region in a way that fosters a rapid societal switch to clean energy and energy-efficient products, thus joining similar efforts worldwide to slow and perhaps halt the dangerous trend of global warming."

  • Source: WPFW FM 89.3 (q.v.)
  • Address: Chesapeake Climate Action Network, PO Box 11138, Takoma Park, MD 20912
  • Tel. (240) 396-1981
  • On the Web: www.chesapeakeclimate.org   ~  To the TOP

Posted Friday, December 18, 2009
(Children; Education; Visual Art)
  •       "The Children's Art Studio is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded on the belief that children reap tremendous emotional, intellectual and developmental gains from making art and that this opportunity should be made available to all children regardless of their family's ability to pay.  Need based scholarships are awarded.

          "The quality of the instruction is a core characteristic of the program.  Each student is given individual attention, and special care is given to the development of their talent.  Children are guided to navigate the social terrain of the class and the projects are structured to encourage problem solving with an eye towards solutions that benefit the group.  Each individual is cherished and the common good is valued.

          "Long class sessions provide children the opportunity to focus on their work for uninterrupted periods of time and to move past self-imposed limitations.  Children learn to slow down, concentrate, plan, think, persevere, and do.  A wide range of high quality, eco-friendly materials are used and children learn to manipulate the materials with skill and acuity.

          "The Children's Art Studio is a member of the DC Cultural Development Corporation (q.v.), and the North American Reggio Emelia Alliance, whose mission it is to envision a world where all children are honored and respected for their potential, capabilities and humanity."

  • Address:  The Children's Art Studio, 4723 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20016
  • Tel.  202-247-1155
  • Email:  childrensartstudio@gmail.com
  • On the Web:  www.childrensartstudio.org   ~   To the TOP

Posted Monday, November 5, 2012
"Family.  Health.  Education."

(Children; Education; Empowerment; Community)
  •       "Children's Law Center provides free legal services to improve the lives of 2,000 DC children each year.

          "Children's Law Center envisions a future in which every child in the District of Columbia has a solid foundation of family, health and education.  We work toward this vision by providing legal services to at-risk children and their families and by using the knowledge we gain from representing our individual clients to advocate for changes in the law and its implementation.  Our practice focuses on children who face instability as a result of abuse, neglect or extreme parental conflict, as well as children with special education or health needs.

    "Our Values:

    • Holistic Representation.  We focus on the whole person, not just the legal problem.
    • Impact.  We approach our work with a sense of urgency and make a big different by taking small steps.
    • Creativity.  We develop innovative solutions to the challenges we face.
    • Teamwork.  We work with our clients, staff members, and allies to meet our clients' needs.
    • Tenacity.  We do not give up.
    • Respect.  We value the diverse skills and experiences that our staff members bring to their work."

  • Source:  The Cleveland Park (DC) Email Yahoogroup
  • Address:  The Children's Law Center, Inc., 616 H Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20001
  • Tel.  202-467-4900
  • On the Web:  www.childrenslawcenter.org/   ~   To the TOP

(Youth; Education; the Arts)
  •       "'CHIME mobilizes community resources to promote, provide and build connections for DC public schoolchildren, during and outside of school.' Our activities to support our mission include a series of 'Music Around the World' participatory performances, on school-site choral and instrumental instruction, instrument donations, teacher training, sister-school on-going music projects between schools with different demographics, producing programs for DC Public Access TV and advocacy activities to support in-school music education and school bands. We have reached over 20,000 students from 75 DC schools. We have many partners, and welcome volunteers."

  • Tel. (202) 232-2731; fax (202) 234-5887.
  • Email info AT chime-dc.org
  • On the Web: www.chime-dc.org/mainpage.html   ~  To the TOP

(Chinese Culture in the US; Education; Community)
  •       "The Chinatown Community Cultural Center celebrates the cultural heritage of Asian Americans, notably Chinese Americans. CCCC aims to foster greater understanding between cultures and races as well as preserve and promote DC Chinatown to visitors. The Center serves as a bridge between the U.S. and China, and strives to educate the general public about the contributions of Asian and Chinese Americans in shaping American society. CCCC also provide language and job training to benefit DC residents. We aim to stimulate cooperation while expanding resources and offerings among the many local groups interested in Chinese and Chinese American history and culture. The Center plays an integral role in the community by hosting and sponsoring events in conjunction with various cultural organizations and community groups in the Washington, DC Area.

  • Address: 616 H Street NW Suite 201, Washington, DC 20001
  • Tel. (202) 628-1688
  • On the Web: www.ccccdc.org   ~  To the TOP

CHRISTIAN MEDITATION at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Georgetown
(Spirit; Christian Meditation)
  •       "The mission of Holy Trinity Catholic Church is to be a community of disciples of Christ that, guided by the Holy Spirit, brings God's transforming love to the world. Newcomers are invited to join our Christian Meditation group. Meditation, or contemplative prayer, seeks God through the prayer of silence and stillness. This is an ancient form of prayer - central to the Christian experience and deeply rooted in the Christian tradition."
          Meditation is offered each Thursday afternoon, immediately after the 5:30 PM Mass, at the Chapel of St. Ignatius Loyola, on N St. between 35th and 36th Streets. Allow plenty of time for parking.

  • Address: Near the parish offices, 3513 N Street NW, Washington, DC 20007
  • Tel. Carol Carpenter, at (703) 532-6177
  • On the Web: www.holytrinitydc.org/Liturgy/yop/2005_2006_yop/2005_2006_meditation.htm   ~  To the TOP

Posted Friday, February 5, 2010
"Led by Faith to Peace"

(Faith; Reconciliation; Peacebuilding; Activism - National and International)
  • "Christian Peace Witness is an ecumenical, ad hoc group of Partners who are called and committed to raising a Christian voice for peace.  Our staff is volunteer (although often staff of Partner peace organizations) and our budget is based on donations.  We witness to the power of God's Spirit in bringing us together and enabling this work.
    • "Our witness will be grounded in worship and scripture and be dependent on the movement of God's Holy Spirit as we work together for the creation of the 'beloved community.'
    • "We will intentionally and consistently link public witness, worship and advocacy.
    • "We will boldly affirm the best of our Christian tradition while we reach out to those of other faiths.
    • "All participants will commit to the principles of nonviolence in our work together.
    • "We will be hopeful and respectful, accentuating the transforming power of God's love while prophetically speaking truth to power.
    • "We will be a movement of volunteers, a growing community of sisters and brothers and partner organizations, expanding the faith-based movement of peacemakers to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq and to stand against violence in our communities."

  • Tel.  845-786-6743
  • Email:  Info@ChristianPeaceWitness.org
  • On the Web:  www.christianpeacewitness.org/   ~   To the TOP

(The Press)
  •       "...An international daily newspaper published Monday through Friday. Founded in 1908, it's now also a multimedia website, an e-mail edition, a personal digital assistant (PDA) edition, and a version for electronic books... 'Is the paper a religious periodical?' No, it's a real newspaper published by a church - The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Mass., USA. Everything... is international and US news and features, except for one religious article each day in The Home Forum section since 1908, at the request of the paper's founder, Mary Baker Eddy." ... "In an age of corporate conglomerates dominating news media, the Monitor combination of church ownership, a public-service mission, and commitment to covering the world (not to mention the fact that it was founded by a woman... when US women didn't yet have the vote!) gives the paper a uniquely independent voice in journalism."

    (EDITOR'S NOTE:  For links to English language press organizationsl worldwide, visit Geotrees' World Press Page.)

  • On the Web: www.csmonitor.com   ~  To the TOP

Posted Thursday, January 15, 2015
"Followers of Christ, Good Neighbors in the World"

(Inclusive Congregations; Spirit; Community)

  •       "CHURCH IN BETHESDA is an inclusive faith community that welcomes people from all backgrounds, experiences and traditions.  We value honest, challenging and non-judgmental dialogue that allows us to explore and deepen our faith together and to express that faith in genuine love and service to our neighbors.

          "You are so welcome to come meet us on a Sunday morning!  We begin worship around 11am, but food and hot drinks are out around 10:45am and there's always some fellowship after worship to enjoy... we also stay after worship on the first Sunday of each month for a potluck lunch.  You don't have to bring anything but an appetite!  See you, soon!

          "New Prayer Services: Beginning in 2015 we will host a prayer time in the Sanctuary on Sunday evenings at 7pm and done by 7:45pm.  This is a special time of prayer and you are welcome to bring your needs and concerns for prayer.  We will also offer an anointing with oil and laying on of hands when desired.  We will also be welcoming anyone who wants to join in prayer on Thursday mornings at 6am, done by 6:45am.  For the moment (I.e., January 15, 2015   - Ed.), we meet in the Chapel, but may go off the church campus, soon."

  • Address:  5033 Wilson Lane, Bethesda, Maryland 20814
  • Tel.  301-656-5130
  • On the Web:  www.churchinbethesda.org/   ~   To the TOP

(Faith; Transformation; Community; Service)
  •       "A welcoming community for all who seek to connect with the spiritual dimension of life."

          "Church of the Holy City was founded in 1846 and has been a spiritual home for people seeking a broader sense of Christianity in Washington DC. The church offers a vision of God as infinitely loving and at the core of our invisible center of being.
          "Incorporating a vision of Christianity put forward by theologian, scientist, and philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg, the church has been home to many people with diverse views, celebrating its 'Unity in Variety.' Believing that spiritual growth is akin to a 'spiritual birthing' toward heavenly and Christly consciousness, this church presents the Bible as the story of that inner journey toward the becoming of our new self.
          "The church holds that the highest form of worship is to live a useful life to the world at large. The Church of the Holy City seeks to foster that vision of usefulness within this city.
          "Relationship is the comprehensive, unifying principle of all of life. We are made to be in relationship - with God, with others, with our own spiritual selves, and with the earth. There are sublime truths to be learned about the nature of God and the universe when we participate in conscious, intentional, loving relationships. Christ came into this world to be in relationship with us."

  • Address: 1611 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009
  • Tel. (202) 462-6734
  • On the Web: www.holycitydc.com   ~  To the TOP

  • Address: 1742 Church St. NW (Le Neon Theater)
  • Tel. (703) 243-2744.
  • On the Web: www.leneon.org   ~  To the TOP

(Faith, Interfaith, and Public Policy; Education; Research; Nationwide)
  •       "The Churches' Center for Theology and Public Policy is a national, ecumenical research center, drawing upon the theological resources of the churches and other sources of expertise. Its goal is to discern and study the relationship between Christian faith and critical issues of public policy, and to enable the churches to contribute more fruitfully to public dialogue and action."
          The Center's interests and activities include the Muslim-Christian Initiative on the Nuclear Weapons Danger, Greater Interfaith Peace and Light (q.v.), a National Capital Semester for Seminarians, and more.

  • Address: % the Wesley Theological Seminary, 4500 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20016, USA
  • Tel. (202) 885-8648
  • On the Web: www.cctpp.org   ~   To the TOP

Posted Thursday, March 5, 2009
CITY YEAR, Washington, DC Office
"Give a Year.  Change the World."

(Youth; Leadership Development; Service; Community Local and Nationwide)
  •       "City Year unites young people of all backgrounds for a year of full-time service, giving them the skills and opportunities to change the world... City Year is an AmericCorps (q.v.) program.
          "As tutors, mentors and role models, these young leaders make a difference in the lives of children, and transform schools and neighborhoods in 18 U.S. locations and Johannesburg, South Africa.  Just as important, during their year of service corps members develop civic leadership skills they can use throughout a lifetime of community service.
          "City Year was founded in 1988 on the belief that young people can change the world.  By giving corps members the skills and opportunities to serve in schools and neighborhoods across the country, City Year seeks to:
    • Help children succeed
    • Build stronger communities
    • Break down social barriers
    • Develop young leaders
    • Foster active citizenship.
          "City Year's vision is that one day the most commonly asked question of a young person will be, 'Where are you going to do your service year?'"

  • Source: John McCarthy, of the Center for Teaching Peace (q.v.)
  • Washington, DC Office Address: 1875 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 1130, Washington, DC 20009
  • Tel. (202) 776-7780
  • Email:  dcrecruitment@cityyear.org
  • On the Web: cityyear.org   ~   To the TOP

(Multicultural Venue)
  •       Located on the campus of the University of Maryland in College Park. "...Conveniently located at the corner of Route 193 (University Blvd.) and Stadium Drive on the campus of the University of Maryland...800 car parking garage literally feet from our doors, and a convenient 'drop-off' driveway in front of the Center."
  • Tickets: (301) 405-2787.
  • On the Web: www.claricesmithcenter.umd.edu   ~  To the TOP

Posted Saturday, January 14, 2012
(The Arts; Performance)
  •       "Classic Arts Showcase is a free cable television program designed to bring the classic arts experience to the largest audience possible by providing video clips of the arts in hopes that we may tempt you, the viewer, to go out and feast from the buffet of arts available in your community.  Brought to you by The Lloyd E. Rigler - Lawrence E. Deutsch Foundation."

          Geotrees recommends this program highly - it has proven deeply enriching, with a remarkable variety of quality performances of all kinds.  Apparently it comes in a different eight-hour program each week, and that program is repeated throughout the week.  Be prepared for a few surprises.  If you miss something, or saw something that you wish to see again, be patient, and it will come around again.  The Showcase credits each performance at its beginning, and at its close.  Check their site for your local stations and times.

          'The Tree' especially recommends the Showcase to our young people and to others who wish to get a widely-ranging introduction to the performing arts in a relatively short time.

  • On the Web:  classicartsshowcase.org/   ~   To the TOP

(Bomb and Landmine Relief; the World)
  •       "Long after cessation of hostilities in war zones, landmines and unexploded bombs remain. Approximately every thirty minutes someone, somewhere in the world is injured or killed by an encounter with this deadly debris. In southeast Asia, an accident happens every day, shattering lives, hopes and dreams.
          "At Clear Path International we serve landmine and bomb accident survivors, their families and their communities. This assistance takes the form of direct medical and social services to survivors and their families as well as equipment support to hospitals. Our current projects are in Vietnam, Cambodia and on the Thai-Burma border."

  • East coast address: 2844 Rt. 30, PO Box 945, Dorset, VT 05251
  • On the Web: www.cpi.org   ~  To the TOP

(Local History; Traditional American Culture)
  •       Friends of Colvin Run Mill is dedicated to preserving the heritage of Northern Virginia for future generations. The initial goal is strengthening community ties through the development of new exhibits and programs.
  • Address: 10017 Colvin Run Rd., Great Falls, Virginia 22066
  • Tel. (703) 759-4360.
  • On the Web: www.colvinrunmill.org   ~  To the TOP

(Local History; Traditional American Culture)
  •       This 200 year old mill, with 36 acres and several related buildings, is a center of education and recreation for all ages in Great Falls, close to Route 7. Numerous public programs; open daily except Tuesdays. The site includes a store.
  • Address: 11017 Colvin Run Road, Great Falls, Virginia 22066
  • Tel. (703) 759-2771; TTY (703) 324-3988.
  • On the Web: www.colvinrunmill.org   ~  To the TOP

(Interfaith; Reconciliation; Visionary Intention; Community; Columbia, Maryland)
  •       "The bold, new idea of different religious expressions working together where possible and having independent integrity when needed began with the creation of Columbia. Thus, from early on, Jews, Protestants, and Roman Catholics planned to live together in Columbia in creative tension to maximize their respective and collective interests.
          "Almost all major expressions of faith exist in and around Columbia. We, the interfaith community of Columbia, are grateful for our heritage and respectful of our traditions, and we honor our differences. Together we move into the future responsibly.
          "Interfaith centers are in four of Columbia's villages, with a fifth center being planned for the village of Kings Contrivance. Each existing center provides facilities for one to six religious congregations.
          "The work of CCM is accomplished largely through Task Groups. Usually, task groups are open to all who wish to participate. The only requirement for CCM sponsorship of a task group is for at least two member congregations to be represented. Current task forces include:
    • Faith and Fantasy - a clown ministry which shares non-verbal worship and caring experiences with others.
    • Ecumenical/Interfaith Worship - which has been responsible for planning several Interfaith/Ecumenical worship events throughout the year; for example, the joint Good Friday, joint Easter sunrise, and interfaith Thanksgiving Eve services.
    • VisibilIty Task Group - Raising the awareness of the existence of the religious communities and what they are doing in Columbia.
    • Interfaith Task Forces."
          The Ministry itself is a group of Christian churches, which also serves as a crossroads for knowledge of and connection to the fuller range of faith congregations in Columbia and in Howard County, Maryland.

  • Tel. (410) 730-7862 and ask for George Martin
  • On the Web: www.inetstrat.com/ccm/inter.htm   ~  To the TOP

(Africa; African America)
  •       "...seeks to promote the study and understanding of Africa and the African Diaspora at the University of Maryland and throughout the Maryland-Washington region."
  • Address: 2108 Tawes Fine Arts Building, University of Maryland College Park
  • On the Web: www.africaamericas.umd.edu   ~  To the TOP

(The Press; Community Media)
  •       Geotrees is sad to report that the paper ceased publication in the autumn of 2006. As of June 2007, however, the paper's website remains on line, including a discussion of the paper's closure, and - of enduring value to the region and its people - links to its archives, and to a wide range of organizations and neighborhoods in the DC area. Geotrees tested several of these links at random, and their contents are still available. Use the paper's own link, below, to visit this important site.

    (EDITOR'S NOTE:  For links to English language press organizationsl worldwide, visit Geotrees' World Press Page.)

  • On the Web: www.thecommondenominator.com
  • Email: NewsDC( AT )aol.com   ~  To the TOP

(Westminster, Maryland)

(The Arts; Bridgebuilding; Education)
  •       "Vision:  Common Ground on the Hill was founded on the premise that there is a common human thread unifying all people expressed in our various artistic traditions. Our mission is to make this thread a path towards human understanding, tolerance, fulfillment, and enjoyment. The embodiment of this path will be a music and arts community where master musicians, artists, craftspeople, and creative thinkers will provide a quality learning experience for an audience which we will endeavor to increase in size, diversity, and influence. It is essential to the success of this mission that the artists, teachers, and students, reflect local, national, and international communities.
          "Goals:  'To provide the opportunity to teach and to study various musical instruments and art forms representing various ethnic and cultural traditions. To sponsor a series of musical and artistic events from cultural and ethnic groups who are marginalized in our society or who are in conflict with each other and listen to their voices... To encourage and facilitate dialogue, by way of the arts among different cultural traditions, in order to discover that this artistic common ground unites us, and that, as a result, the world might become a more human place.' - Ira Zepp, Director Emeritus"

  • Address: Common Ground on the Hill, c/o McDaniel College, Westminster MD 21157
  • Tel. (410) 857-2771
  • On the Web: www.commongroundonthehill.org/   ~   To the TOP

(Peacebuilding; Education; Community)
  • "People often ask us what makes our Communities of Peace program different from other approaches to peace - after all, human beings have been trying to create e a peaceful world for many thousands of years.
          "Rather than depending on a 'top down' approach, of governments, politicians, officials of any sort, designing or negotiating peace, our approach takes the position that it is the responsibility, joy and indeed mission of everyone to create a peaceful world. We've formatted this program in the hope that each person's intrinsic reason for being will be evoked, and that each person's nature will be therefore fulfilled -- rather like a flower coming to full blossom in a beautiful garden. If people are happy and fulfilled, they don't create wars.
          "Therefore, our mission is: 'To provide a format for people to identify themselves as peacemakers at the earliest possible age, a means to evoke each person's intrinsic nature, and a platform for participants to contribute their unique positive contributions of peace into the community.'"

  • Address: Communities of Peace Foundation, "Cool Runnings," 7253 Hunton Street, Warrenton, VA 20187
  • Tel. (540) 341-2859
  • On the Web: www.communitiesofpeace.org   ~  To the TOP

Posted Thursday, March 5, 2009
"Empowering Girls, Building Leaders for the Community"

(Youth; Leadership Development; Community)
  •       "Community Bridges empowers diverse girls to become exceptional students, positive leaders, and healthyyoung women.
          "Welcome to Community Bridges, a nonprofit organization that provides multicultural empowerment and leadership programs for young, at-risk girls in the Silver Spring, Maryland, community.  Community Bridges' services are free to all participants.
          "Most program participants are from low-income or immigrant backgrounds.  Our programs give these girls access to the experiences, opportunities, people, and ideas that will help them succeed in life.
          "Since Community Bridges was founded by two community activists in 1997, our programs have grown steadily in response to community needs.  Today our dedicated staff and volunteers work with more than 300 girls in ten elementary and middle schools and four high schools."

  • Address: 620 Pershing Drive, 2nd Floor, Silver Spring, MD 20910
  • Tel. (301) 585-7155
  • On the Web: www.communitybridges-md.org   ~   To the TOP


(Neighborhood, Village, and Communities; includes Cohousing and Aging in Place)

      Welcome to the Community Living section of the GeoLinks page. Into this section we gather descriptions of and connections to a number of options for connected living, ranging from organized, neighborhood-based networks benefitting elders and other vulnerable people in their homes, to cohousing, classic landed intentional communities, and formal spiritual, retreat, and service communities. Most are fairly local; all - except the Beacon Hill Village in Boston, a national model - are reachable from Baltimore or Washington in a day or less by car. Many offer tours and programs, and welcome inquiries from prospective members. And all of them suggest models of connecting and living that can enhance civilized life, individual and shared.

      This section also contains LINKS to articles and publications addressing this theme. Most entries offer additional links of their own.

      You may find these and more by scrolling through this section. We invite you to visit their sites, to learn of them, perhaps contact or visit them, and to share your interests and experience over the Geotrees.Com email discussion group. You're also welcome to send us any interesting links and leads you discover. We'll be happy to credit you as source.

1.   COHOUSING: Washington and Baltimore Regional Communities and Resources
(Living in Community; Sustainability)

      "Cohousing communities combine the advantages of private homes with the benefits of more sustainable living, including shared common facilities and ongoing connections with neighbors. These intentional neighborhoods, created and managed by residents, offer an innovative solution to today's environmental and social challenges." (from the Welcome! section of the Cohousing Association of the US home page; link below.)

      Since its earliest days, the United States has been home to a wide variety of intentional communities, as people seek to live in physically, emotionally, and spiritually rational and connected ways. This quest for intentional community has diversified and matured greatly over the past forty-some years.

      Cohousing is one such model for building community.

      In this section we present a brief, general description of cohousing, and links to general resources, and to a few of the actual living communities in our region, and from beyond it, as well. For links to others, please visit the sites below.

      Each resource, each community, has its own adaptation and 'take' on cohousing. Be sure to visit as many sites as possible to get a fuller idea of how people are developing cohousing for themselves. Some offer tours, open houses, talks, etc. that are open to the public.

    (Regional Resource, with Links to Communities and Public Programs)
          "Mid-Atlantic Cohousing (MAC) is a regional resource for existing and developing cohousing communities. Our member communities are located in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Contact us at 703-346-2488 for more information."

    (National Resource, with Links to Communities and Public Programs)
          "The mission of the Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US) is to: 1) Promote the cohousing movement; 2) Support individuals and groups in creating communities; 3) Provide assistance to completed groups for improving their systems for living together in community; and 4) Create networking opportunities for those involved or interested in cohousing."

    (Community in Formation)
          "Fact Sheet (tentative - work in progress)   CohoDC is a group of families hoping to establish a new racially diverse, mixed-income, intergenerational 'mini-neighborhood' in Washington, D.C. by creating D.C.'s second cohousing community. The majority of homes will be privately owned; some rentals are possible. As part of the cohousing standard, the community will include a common house designed for daily use with a large dining room and kitchen for communal meals, lounge, guest rooms, and children's space."

    EcoVILLAGE OF LOUDOUN COUNTY, Lovettsville, Virginia
    (Community; Links; Tours)
          "EcoVillage of Loudoun County, VA. invites you to experience living in a healthy alternative to ordinary residential development in Northern Virginia. Our inspired community is nestled on 180 organically managed acres of beautiful rolling hills north of Leesburg, VA, close to the Point of Rocks commuter rail station serving Washington, DC and suburban Maryland."

    BLUEBERRY HILL, Vienna, Virginia
    (Community; Links; Welcomes Inquiries. No public programs as of summer 2007)
          "Does it bother you that you don't know your neighbors? Want to bring back the old-fashioned values of neighborhood and community? Tired of driving your kids to 'play dates'? Learn all about cohousing and why it's a return to the values we used to cherish... The first cohousing development in Northern Virginia, Blueberry Hill is located in a country setting in Vienna, just four miles from Tysons Corner and a few miles from the Dulles Toll Road. Learn about what else makes Living at Blueberry Hill so great."
          www. blueberryhill.org

    LIBERTY VILLAGE COHOUSING, Union Bridge, Maryland
    (Community; Links; Public Activities TBD)
          "Maryland's first cohousing community is located on the edge of Libertytown at the intersection of Maryland Route 26 and Maryland Route 31, on a beautiful, partially wooded 23 acre site... The Libertytown location, just 10 miles east of Frederick, combines the pleasures and advantages of rural living with the ease of access to the major cities of Baltimore and Washington. Our site is about 23 acres, with about 15 acres left undeveloped as open space, either to dream about or to go and dream in. Adjacent to our site, but shielded by mature trees, is the original Manor House, a registered Frederick County historic landmark, built in 1753."

2.   AGING IN PLACE, or AIP / "Urban Villages"
(Elders; Aging in Place; Neighborhood Networks; Sustainable Living; Local and National)

      Aging in Place is centered on enabling elders to remain in their own homes and communities for as long as possible. It embraces a wide range of services and activities that often involve paid providers as well as volunteers, family and community members, at varying levels of community.

      Editor's Note:   Our research to date suggests that aging in place, at its present stage of development, relies largely on businesses, corporations, and organizations that are external to those served, and to their communities. It is often framed as a product, a commodity, furnished and directed from without, and consumed by those it serves.

      We believe that this early model will prove to be a strong foundation, and that as it matures, AIPP will evolve in the direction of elders, their families, and their home communities actively taking the leadership, the initiative, and the follow-through in their own behalf - that is, to networks and communities that are planned and directed by our members and communities themselves. And in addition to professional skills and services, AIP will gain more person to person social connection, hopefully with a rich multigenerational life.

      We look forward to more multigenerational networks and communities generally, stimulating and resilient, where people share knowledge and respect from generation to generation, and are active and engaged with life, embracing all the phases and ages of their lives.

      There are already many such networks, at varying levels of formality, in place throughout the region and across the nation. Faith congregations and community associations, for example, have been major forces.

      While we welcome the activity and value of professional providers, we look forward to learning about more self-directed, member- and community-based efforts, and posting their information here. Feel free to contact us at guest AT geotrees. com with your leads and information.

    (In Boston; a Nationwide Model)
          "Peace of Mind and Choice... In Your Own Home... In the Neighborhood You Love"
          "Beacon Hill Village helps persons age 50 and older who live on Beacon Hill and in its adjacent neighborhoods enjoy safer, healthier and more independent lives in their own homes - well-connected to a familiar and attentive community.
          "Faced with the prospect of leaving the neighborhood they love in order to obtain the services of a retirement community, a group of long-time Beacon Hill residents decided to create a better alternative - Beacon Hill Village is designed to make remaining at home a safe, comfortable and cost-effective solution.
          "By partnering with proven providers of services, Beacon Hill Village is able to offer its members preferred access to social and cultural activities, exercise opportunities and household and home maintenance services, as well as medical care and assisted living at home. As a nonprofit, membership organization, it can provide these programs and services more cost-effectively than most conventional retirement communities.
          "Social and Cultural Activities include: regular trips and events, travel adventures for individuals and groups, educational seminars, and computer classes at home."

          "A Non-Profit Organization to Help Residents Stay in Their Homes as They Grow Older"
          "What is it? Capitol Hill Village is a new non-profit organization created to provide support for residents of the Capitol Hill community who wish to stay in their homes as they grow older... Founded by a group of Capitol Hill residents who themselves would like to stay on the Hill as long as possible as they age.
          "What is provided? Members call a single telephone number to arrange assistance with any number of problems or to participate in a variety of activities. A small office staff will research and assess possible service providers. The staff will respond quickly to requests for services or information and emphasize follow-up calls with members. Services and programs being considered to include with the annual membership fee are: rides to stores or doctors' appointments, look-in services, talks on a wide variety of topics, and other social and cultural activities.
          "Services being considered that would entail additional cost to members include handyman, home care services, physical fitness classes, computer help, and many other services to make living in our homes easier.
          "Will I be able to volunteer? Yes, Capitol Hill Village hopes to offer many opportunities for its members to volunteer services such as driving, performing minor repairs, 'looking-in' on a neighbor, or organizing lectures. We also anticipate that other people outside the Village membership will want to volunteer."

    (Faith; Local)
          Not exactly an Aging in Place organization itself, CCGH, with locations in Northeast Washington, DC, is certainly community-based, and has an Age-in-Place program of its own.
          "Christian Communities Group Homes, Inc. (CCGH) has been providing housing and care for low-income seniors since 1981 and became a subsidiary of Episcopal Senior Ministries in 2000. CCGH today operates three recently-renovated, small homes for low-income elders in NE Washington, DC and a volunteer-based housing services program, Age-in-Place, that helps seniors maintain the integrity and safety of their homes.
          "CCGH was founded with the support of ten inner city churches. Throughout our history we have made connections to people and congregations of all faiths. Thus, the CCGH homes and program services are available to eligible seniors without regard to any religious affiliation. Individuals and groups from schools, churches, and the community at large play a big role in transforming our houses into homes by volunteering and befriending seniors. Whether it‚Äôs helping rake the leaves in a senior‚Äôs yard, sharing a meal or activity with our residents, or joining the CCGH Council in our fundraising events, there‚Äôs always room for one more in the CCGH community of friends."

          "IONA Senior Services is a nonprofit community organization located in northwest Washington, DC. IONA is dedicated to enabling older people to live with dignity and independence. Through its professional staff, corps of volunteers and close collaboration with other organizations, IONA provides services and access to programs designed to meet the needs of seniors and their families. IONA educates and advocates to achieve a deeper understanding of and a strong community commitment to seniors.
          "IONA Senior Services was established in 1975 to respond to the growing needs and number of people aged 60 years and older. It has received wide recognition as a model agency for providing community- and home-based professional and volunteer assistance to seniors and their caregivers. Thirty-three churches and synagogues are members of IONA. More than 40 professional employees and 600 volunteers working in close collaboration with numerous community and government organizations provide services that meet the needs of seniors and their families."
    • Address: IONA Senior Services, 4125 Albemarle Street NW, Washington, DC 20016
    • Tel. (202) 895-9448
    • On the Web: www.iona.org/

          "Please Note: Kalorama Village is in the early stages of development. This website is under construction and is only intended to give you a sense of what we hope is to come.
          "Kalorama is one of Washington‚Äôs most vibrant and historic neighborhoods, right in the heart of the city. Our residents live on quiet residential streets, or along Embassy Row, or in handsome old apartment buildings on busy Connecticut Avenue. Even the gargoyles on our buildings have smiles on their faces. No wonder most of us never want to leave!
          "Kalorama Village, Inc., is a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation established in 2007 to serve as a clearinghouse for the kinds of services our residents want or need in order to remain in their homes as they grow older. KVI will be a membership organization open, for an annual fee, to anyone 50 or older within the geographic limits of our service area (including the communities known as Kalorama, Kalorama Triangle, Sheridan Circle and Massachusetts Avenue Heights).
          "Kalorama Village, Inc., is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the District of Columbia. We are a public charity exempt from federal taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; charitable contributions to us are tax-deductible.
          "Some of the possibilities under consideration are: Help Desk, Transportation, Meals and Groceries, Volunteer Programs, Concierge Service, Social and Cultural Activities, Home Health Services and Health Care, and Wellness Programs."
    • Address: Kalorama Village, Inc., 2126 Connecticut Ave. NW, #52, Washington, DC 20008
    • On the Web: www.kaloramavillage.org

    (National Organization and Resource, Headquartered in DC)
          "Education and Collaboration to Keep Our Loved Ones Safe and In Their Own Homes"
          "The National Aging in Place Council is a membership organization founded on the belief that an overwhelming majority of older Americans want to remain in their homes for as long as possible, but lack awareness of home and community-based services that make independent living possible. NAIPC has created a national forum for individuals from the aging, healthcare, financial services, legal, design and building sectors to work together to help meet the needs of our growing aging population, so they can continue living in the housing of their choice.
          "The primary mission of the National Aging in Place Council is to establish an ongoing forum between individual professionals (from the private, public and non-profit sectors) and corporations to work together to promote aging in place. Secondly, we hope to encourage senior citizens, recent retirees, and Baby Boomers to be proactive in planning for their future housing and care needs, and provide ideas and information to help them do so."
    • Address: 1400 16th Street NW - Suite 420, Washington, DC 20036
    • Tel. (202) 939-1784
    • On the Web: www.naipc.org

3.   KOINONIA FOUNDATION, Baltimore, 1950-1985
(Multigenerational, Ecumenical Faith-based Community Living)

      After ten years of prayer over World War II and other crises of the mid-twentieth century, a group of concerned Christians founded Koinonia Foundation on a 45-acre estate in Baltimore's Green Spring Valley in 1950. Its mission was to serve as a center for training people for non-evangelical service overseas (e.g., agriculture, health, literacy), and for ecumenical retreat, worship, workshops and study. Koinonia's training provided models for much of the Peace Corps' work. Founding and sustaining members included such people as Frank Laubach, Louise Eggleston, Dick Falkenstein, Glenn and Esther Harding, Marion Carnes, and others of similar quality.
      Physically, Koinonia included forest, orchards, organic garden and meadows, with several central main common buildings, plus a number of smaller houses, apartments, garden facilities, and dormitories. The large organic garden, established and cultivated by Dick Falkenstein and his students, remains certified and operational to the present day.
      The Foundation had a resident staff of two or three adult generations, some of whom had children. In 1970 the Foundation altered its mission and program, and a larger community of "Alternative Semester" students of all ages, along with renting residents, began to form. Retreat and seminar participants sojourned at Koinonia for periods of a day or two to a number of months. Many of the original staff lived at the Foundation continuously from the early 1950s to its final closing in 1985 - a period of over thirty years.
      For most of its life, Koinonia included from forty-five to over eighty residents, ranging in age from freshly conceived into their eighties. The community was fairly close-knit, with a great deal of cross-generational activity and respect. Elders were actively engaged in community and staff life well beyond conventional retirement age; like everyone else, they were valuabe, valued, and involved in multiple ways. This probably contributed to their alertness, good humor, and robust physical wellbeing.
      The physical Foundation closed its doors and sold the property in 1985-86, but persists as a legal, grant-bestowing organization that may be contacted at this address: www.kfoundation.com.
      (Disclosure:   Your writer was himself a Koinonia resident three times, twice on staff as conference manager, in the mid-70s and mid-80s, and as renting resident in the early 1980s.)

4.   HEATHCOTE COMMUNITY, Freeland, Maryland
(Intentional Community; Organic Lifeways; Community)

      "Heathcote is an intentional community located 30 miles north of Baltimore, Maryland and 20 miles south of York, Pennsylvania. It is nestled in a narrow wooded stream valley on a 44 acre community land trust plus a 68 acre plot of woods that's owned by some of our members. We are a community of friends and family who choose to live cooperatively and consciously create a better way of life. We strive to care for one another and for the natural systems that nurture us.
      "Our diet is organic and vegetarian. We have several organic vegetable, herb, and flower gardens; bees; hiking trails; and stream-side hammocks. Heathcote is a drug-free and smoke-free community.
      "Members live in a 150 year-old grain mill, a 100 year-old farmhouse, a 200 year-old log cabin, and several outbuildings. We plan to build alternative, energy-efficient group housing with individual and family units. We are in the process of renovating the mill to improve our shared living spaces.
      "The Heathcote Conference Center helps us to maintain an interconnectedness to the larger society through education and community outreach.
      "We currently have nine adult residents and four child residents (ages from 4 to 12). We have an associate membership category for those who would like to be associated with Heathcote, but don't live here."
      Heathcote offers a variety of classes, workshops, and other public events and celebrations, and welcomes inquiries.

5.   WOODBURN HILL FARM, St. Mary's County, Maryland
(Intentional Community; Organic Lifeways; Community)

      "Woodburn Hill Farm is a unique sanctuary for her busy residents. Founded in 1975, WHF's 128 acres of fields and forest rest gently among neighboring traditional Amish farms. Yet, located in Southern Maryland about 45 miles southeast of the Nation's Capital, we have opportunity to experience its social, cultural, and political diversity.
      "Lifestyles here reflect our values of cooperative and ecological living, diversity, and non-violence. We meet regularly to share our hearts and concerns for better community process and communication. Decisions are made through consensus. We often celebrate earth cycles at equinox, solstice, full moon, etc.
      "Presently our eclectic, multiracial group brings many talents home. We are artists, teachers, acupuncture and massage therapists, and chimneysweeps. And yoga instructors, antique dealers, RNs, and restorers of old homes. Some are activists and environmentalists.
      "We hold the land through a Chapter S corporation. Residents are encouraged, though not required, to become shareholders. All pay a monthly 'rent' which covers our operating costs. Our six residences run the spectrum from 50-year old Amish farmhouses to renovated chicken houses to modular geo-thermal heated dwellings.
      "While WHF is an established cooperative, we seek to grow more sustainable. With this awareness, we strive to become better in building community, and are in search of like-minded innovators. We are open to youthful energies of all ages - singles, couples, families.
      "Please call or email us to explore more about Woodburn Hill Farm."

  • Source: Bobbi Ponce and Frank Fox
  • Location: St. Mary's County, Maryland
  • Tel. (301) 884-5615 / 3478
  • Email: chriswhf AT yahoo. com
  • On the Web: www.soundzimpossible.com/whf/


7.   BUILDING CATHOLIC COMMUNITIES, Virtual Organization (VO) and Website
(Intentional Community; Organic Lifeways; Community)

"What life have you, if you have not life together?
There is not life that is not in community,
And no community not lived in praise of God."

      - T.S. Eliot

      "Building Catholic Communities is an informal confederation of scholars, architects, religious and lay leaders who are hungry to rediscover the rich history and tradition of community life based on Catholic principles.
      "Our initial effort is a series of lectures to explore two main topics: Catholic Social Teaching (in theory and practice) and investigating a model of community living known as co-housing.
      "From the lecture series we envision an association aiming not only to continue research on these two topics, but also to begin to plan and build actual Catholic communities.
      "We invite you to join our newsletter group to keep posted on the development of our efforts. We also welcome your thoughts, ideas and prayers."

  • Email: info@buildingcatholiccommunities.org
  • On the Web: www.buildingcatholiccommunities.org/index.cfm   ~   To the TOP

    (Intentional Community; Organic Lifeways; Community)

          "The Intentional Communities Website came online in 1994 and is published by the Fellowship for Intentional Community. This website complements the FIC's print publications such as the Communities Directory and Communities magazine in providing people with the information and resources needed to find, create, maintain and support intentional communities of all kinds."

          "The Fellowship for Intentional Community nurtures connections and cooperation among communitarians and their friends. We provide publications, referrals, support services, and sharing opportunities for a wide range of intentional communities, cohousing groups, ecovillages, community networks, support organizations, and people seeking a home in community.
          "Intentional Communities have for many centuries been places where idealists have come together to create a better world. Although there are thousands of intentional communities in existence today, and many others in the formative stages, most people are unaware of them or the roots from which they spring. The Fellowship is increasing public awareness of existing and newly forming communities. We offer information and referrals for those who are actively seeking, or simply curious about, alternate lifestyles for themselves and their families.
          "Communities come in all shapes and sizes, and share many similar challenges -- such as defining membership, succeeding financially, distributing resources, making decisions, raising children, dividing work equitably, and choosing a standard of living. Many wrestle with questions about right livelihood, spiritual expression, land use, and the role of service in our lives. At the same time, there is limited awareness of what others are doing to meet these challenges -- and much to gain through sharing information and experiences with others exploring similar paths. The Fellowship documents the visions and experiences of life in community, and actively promotes dialogue and cooperation among communities."

  • Intentional Communities on the Web:   www.ic.org
  • The Fellowship for Intentional Community:   fic.ic.org   ~   To the TOP

    Posted Tuesday, August 11, 2009
    "Creating the Just and Sustainable World of Tomorrow - Today"

    (Intentional Community; Organic Lifeways; Community)

          "The Common Fire Foundation's mission is to help create communities here and now that give as full an expression as possible to healthy, joyful living in solidarity with other people and the planet.   These communities inspire and nurture ways of being in the world that are holistically and deeply rooted in just and sustainable cultures and systems.
          "As sacred beings with profound potential for joy, beauty, creativity, and connection, we are worthy of so much more than the violence, injustice, and destruction of the world we have inherited.
          "One of the core principles underlying Common Fire's work is that the overwhelming suffering and destruction in today's world are not the result of isolated political or economic problems.   They're manifestations of the underlying culture from which they surge.
          "It does little good to struggle to create change in the world if in our own lives we are recreating the very norms that give rise to that violence and destruction.   We must create within ourselves, our families and communities, and our organizations and broader movements, the cultural norms we wish to see in the world.
          "Common Fire helps to create communities that give as full an expression as possible to healthy, joyful living in solidarity with other people and the planet.   Common Fire doesn't pretend there is one way to do this.   Rather each Common Fire community offers a rich diversity of perspectives and strategies regarding what it means to lead such a 'good life.'"

  • On the Web:   www.commonfire.org/

    To the TOP

    (Reconciliation; Bridgebuildling; Peacebuilding; Community)
    • "The Community Mediation Program reduces interpersonal and community violence by increasing the use of non-violent conflict resolution strategies, and making mediation accessible to Baltimore communities. The mission is to provide neutral and safe dispute resolution opportunities through which individuals are empowered to work collaboratively to develop creative and mutually agreeable solutions to conflicts.
            "What Is Mediation? Mediation is a voluntary and confidential dispute resolution process in which a neutral mediator assists parties in finding a win-win solution to their conflict. Mediation lets people speak for themselves and make their own decisions."

    • Address: 3333 Greenmont Ave., Baltimore, MD 21218
    • Tel. (410) 467-9165
    • On the Web: www.communitymediation.org   ~  To the TOP

    The COMMUNITY OF SANT'EGIDIO, US and Washington, DC Branches
    (Faith; Spirit; Reconciliation; Community)
    •       "The Community of Sant'Egidio began in Rome in 1968 with a group of high school students who wanted to take the Gospel more seriously. Today it is a movement consisting of over 40,000 Christian laypeople in more than 60 countries throughout the world.
            "Prayer, solidarity, friendship, peace, ecumenism, and interreligious dialogue are central to the life of the Community. The services of each Community around the world develop through the fostering of intimate friendships with the poor, elderly, immigrants, and children who are our neighbors in the cities in which we live. Not only have Communities been tearing down the walls of prejudice, fear, and loneliness that separate us from one another within our own cities, but many Communities throughout the world have also realized dreams of friendship across international borders. Friendship, always at the starting point, has led to a peace agreement to cease civil war in Mozambique and to Project DREAM, an HIV/AIDS treatment program in sub-Saharan Africa. Communities have entered prison cells to discover a lasting hope and friendship that radiate past locked doors. Friendship with prison inmates has also led the Community to strongly oppose the death penalty. Communities throughout the world have set up Schools of Peace wherever children need a safe place to learn, to build friendships and strong foundations for peace.
            "The Vatican has officially recognized the Community of Sant'Egidio as a public lay association."

    • Source: Desire of the Everlasting Hills, Thomas Cahill, Random House - Anchor Books
    • International Headquarters: www.santegidio.org/en/index.html
    • Home Page, US Branches: www.santegidiousa.org/index.html
    • In Washington, DC: www.santegidiousa.org/dc/index.html   ~  To the TOP

    (Asia in America; Education; Citizenship, Youth and Adult)
    •       "CAPAL was founded in 1989 to increase Asian Pacific American (APA) participation and leadership in public policy and government. Today, we are a nonpartisan network of professionals in the Washington, DC area who conduct education and outreach on a number of issues. CAPAL conducts monthly forums and workshops on issues of interest and concern to the APA community... for its members and open to the general public. We also run the Washington Leadership Program, a summer-long public policy educational series designed for college students, and offer competitive scholarships to college students interning in Washington... Our mission is to promote APA interests and success in public sector careers, to provide information and education on policy issues affecting the APA community, and to serve the APA community at large."

    • Address: CAPAL, c/o Summer Internship Application, P.O. Box 65073, Washington, DC 20035-5073
    • Tel. 877-892-5427.
    • On the Web: www.capal.org
    • Email: info( AT )capal.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Education; Leadership Development; Youth; Empowerment)
    •       "The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) is one of the leading Hispanic non-profit and non-partisan 501(c) (3) organizations in the country. CHCI was established in 1978 by Congressman Edward Roybal, Congressman E. 'Kika' de la Garza and Congressman Baltasar Corrada to help increase opportunities for Hispanics to participate in and contribute to the American policy making process.
            "Since then, CHCI's mission has been to develop the next generation of Hispanic leaders. Our vision is an educated and civically active Hispanic community participating at the local, state and federal policy decision-making levels.
            "As the premier national Hispanic educational organization, CHCI seeks to accomplish its mission by offering educational and leadership development programs, services and activities that promote the growth of participants as effective professionals and strong leaders. In the spirit of building coalitions, CHCI seeks to establish partnerships with other Hispanic and non-Hispanic organizations."

    • Address: Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, 911 2nd Street NE, Washington, DC 20002
    • Tel. (202) 543-1771
    • On the Web: www.chci.org/   ~   To the TOP

    (Tibet; Faith; Cultural Preservation; Education)
    •       "The Conservancy for Tibetan Art & Culture is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in the District of Columbia in 1997 under the patronage of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. CTAC supports activities dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Tibetan culture through teachings, exhibitions, symposia, and cultural research. Collaborating with Tibet Fund, Tibet House, and other experts and scholars, CTAC aims to increase awareness of Tibet's living cultural heritage among the Tibetan communities and the general public."

    • Address: Box 6598, McLean, Va. 22106
    • Tel. (703) 755-1533.
    • On the Web: www.tibetanculture.org   ~  To the TOP

    "Voices for Peace and Life"

    (Ethics; Peacebuilding; Activism)
    • "Mission:   We are committed to the protection of life, which is threatened in today's world by war, abortion, poverty, racism, capital punishment and euthanasia.  We believe that these issues are linked under a 'consistent ethic of life'.  We challenge those working on all or some of these issues to maintain a cooperative spirit of peace, reconciliation, and respect in protecting the unprotected.
            "Purpose:   We serve the anti-violence community by connecting issues, building bridges, and strengthening the case against each kind of socially-approved killing by consistently opposing them all.
            "About Us:   Consistent Life (formerly called Seamless Garment Network) is a network uniting many organizations and individuals who support the consistent ethic of reverence for life, as expressed in our Mission Statement.
            "Our work is spreading the consistent ethic vision throughout the community, our nation and the world.  A major way we have done this over the years is the placement of ads in national and local publications... Past ad endorsers have included Peace Nobelists Mairead Corrigan Maguire, Adolfo Perez Esquivel and his Holiness the Dalai Lama; and such nonviolence advocates as John Dear, SJ, Philip Berrigan, Liz McAlister, Eileen Egan, Nancy Forest-Flier, Jim Forest, Shelley Douglass, Jim Douglass, Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Bishop Raymond Hunthausen, and anti-death-penalty activists Bill Pelke, Marietta Jaeger, Randy Loney and Sr. Helen Prejean.
            "What are we trying to achieve?  A revolution in thinking and feeling, an affirmation of peace and nonviolence, an infinite gentleness, a value for the life, happiness and welfare of every person, and all the political and structural changes that will bring this about."

    • Source:  Bob Cooke of DC-area Pax Christi (q.v.)
    • Address:  Consistent Life, P.O. Box 9295, Silver Spring, MD 20916-9295
    • Tel.  1-866-444-7245 (Toll free)
    • On the Web:  consistent-life.org   ~   To the TOP

    "Silence ~ Solitude ~ Service"

    (Christian Meditation; Contemplative and Centering Prayer; Faith)
    •       "Contemplative Prayer - We may think of prayer as thoughts or feelings expressed in words.   But this is only one expression.   Contemplative prayer is the opening of mind and heart - our whole being - to God, the Ultimate Mystery, beyond thoughts, words, and emotions.   We open our awareness to the God whom we know by faith is within us, closer than breathing, closer than thinking, closer than choosing - closer than consciousness itself.
            "Centering Prayer is a method designed to facilitate contemplative prayer by preparing one to receive the gift of contemplative prayer.   It presents an ancient Christian teaching (e.g., "The Cloud of Unknowing") in a contemporary form.   It is not meant to replace other types of prayer; it simply puts them into a new and fuller perspective.
            "Contemplative Outreach is a spiritual network of individuals and small faith communities committed to the practice of Centering Prayer and to renewing the contemplative dimension of the Gospel.   While it is ecumenical in composition and outlook, the individuals who affiliate with it are united in their common search for God (Vision Statement).   Contemplative Outreach Metropolitan Washington (COMW) is a chapter of Contemplative Outreach that serves D.C., suburban Maryland, northern Virginia, and Annapolis."
            COMW coordinates numerous groups throughout the metro area, including regular meetings at the Dominican Retreat (q.v.) in McLean, Virginia.   See the following links for details and locations.

    • COMW on the Web:  www.comwcp.org
    • The Dominican Retreat:  www.dominicanretreat.org
    • Contemplative Outreach of Northern Virginia:  www.conova.org
    • The National Resource:  www.contemplativeoutreach.org/   ~   To the TOP

    (Faith; Islam; Community)
    •       The Coordinating Council of Muslim Organizations (CCMO) has been established to serve as a platform of unity and coordination for all Muslim organizations in the Washington Metropolitan area. The objectives of CCMO are to:
      - Facilitate and coordinate communication and key initiatives for Washington Metropolitan area Muslim organizations;
      - Educate fellow Americans about Islam as a religion and a way of life, about Muslims culture and traditions, and about critical issues and challenges facing American Muslims as well as Muslims in other parts of the world;
      - Provide effective advocacy on critical civil liberties and social justice issues impacting American-Muslims; and
      - Establish and maintain productive collaborative relationships with government, civic, legal, social, and media organizations.

    • On the Web: www.ccmodc.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Latin America; Music)
    •       "Coral Cantigas increases awareness and appreciation of the many rich styles of Latino (Latin American, Spanish and Caribbean) choral music, and promotes diversity by uniting communities through the joyful and transformative power of music.   Cantigas provides artistic excellence in creative programming; educational workshops; and bilingual, cross-cultural and collaborative performances to national and international audiences.
            "VISION: To be nationally and internationally recognized for our unique, artistic excellence and as a resource for Latino choral music repertoire and composers   - To establish an ongoing multicultural choral festival   - To provide opportunities for people of all backgrounds to have a cross-cultural experience by participating in Coral Cantigas' children, youth, and adult choirs   - To provide education and training in Latino choral music."

    • Tel. (301) 424-8296.
    • On the Web: www.cantigas.org   ~  To the TOP

    (American Islam; Education; Schools)
    •       "Welcome to Cordoba University. We live in a globally interdependent world in which Muslim relations with other faith groups and interaction with increasingly technologically sophisticated and secularized cultures have become imperative. Academic programs offered by Cordoba University through The Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences give students the tools needed to begin to meet the challenges of the modern world while taking students through an in-depth exploration of the Quran. Our programs in Islamic studies focus on the pivotal position of the Quran and Sunnah, as sources of Islamic knowledge and on the need for developing methodologies to understand and interpret them to meet the challenges of modern times."   (From the welcome message of Dr. Taha Jabir Alalwani, President)

    • Address: 45150 Russell Branch Parkway, Suite 303, Ashburn, VA 20147-2902
    • Tel. (571) 223-0544
    • On the Web: www.cordobauniversity.org/index.asp   ~  To the TOP

    (International Knowledge and Understanding; Statecraft; National)
    •       "Founded in 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations is an independent, national membership organization and a nonpartisan center for scholars dedicated to producing and disseminating ideas so that individual and corporate members, as well as policymakers, journalists, students, and interested citizens in the United States and other countries, can better understand the world and the foreign policy choices facing the United States and other governments. The Council, which is headquartered in New York with an office in Washington, DC, does this by:
        -- Convening meetings in New York, Washington, DC, and in other select American cities where senior government officials, global leaders, and prominent thinkers come together with Council members to debate and discuss the major foreign policy issues of our time;
        -- Conducting a wide-ranging Studies Program where Council fellows produce articles and books that analyze foreign policy issues and make concrete policy recommendations;
        -- Publishing Foreign Affairs, the preeminent journal covering international affairs and U.S. foreign policy;
        -- Maintaining a diverse membership, including special programs to foster interest and expertise in the next generation of foreign policy leaders;
        -- Sponsoring Independent Task Forces whose reports help set the public foreign policy agenda; and
        -- Providing up-to-date information about the world and U.S. foreign policy on the Council's website." (link below)

    • Address, Washington Office: 1779 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036
    • Tel. (202) 518-3400
    • On the Web: www.cfr.org   ~  To the TOP

    Posted Friday, February 10, 2012
    CRADLE OF HOPE ADOPTION CENTER, INC.   (with the Bridge of Hope Summer Camp Program)
    "A Child is Waiting for You!"

    (Adoptions, Domestic and International; Unplanned Pregnancies)   (Locally Led, International in Scope)
    •       "Cradle of Hope's mission is to provide adoption services to children domestically and overseas who are in need of permanent, loving families, and to provide humanitarian assistance to the orphanages which care for them.    We believe that every child has the right to grow up in a loving family, whose unconditional love will help him to reach his full potential.    We are committed to providing our adoptive families with comprehensive counseling, preparation, and support throughout the adoption process and beyond.    Since our staff has extensive personal and professional experience with adoption, we know the joy that adoption brings to a family.    We try to ensure that building families through domestic and international adoption is a positive experience for the child and adoptive family.

            "Cradle of Hope Adoption Center (CHAC) is a non-profit adoption agency founded in 1990 by adoptive parents.  CHAC has placed more than 3200 children from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Romania, China, and Latin America.  We provide international services for children in need of permanent loving families as well as provide humanitarian assistance to the orphanages which care for them.

            "The Bridge of Hope Summer Camp Program, founded in 1997, provides older Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese orphans, ages 6 to 13, with three to four weeks of summer fun, good nutrition, a chance to learn about American culture, and the opportunity to live in a family setting.  The underlying purpose is to identify loving, adoptive homes for the children in the program."

    • Address:  8630 Fenton Street, Suite 310, Silver Spring, MD 20910
    • Tel.  301-587-4400
    • On the Web:  www.cradlehope.org/   ~   To the TOP

    (The Arts; Education)
    •       "The Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington is dedicated to sustaining and increasing regional leadership, appreciation, support, and resources for arts and culture. We build and nurture a regional network by enhancing the connection, collaboration, and conversation within the arts and cultural community and among business and other interest groups.
            "The Cultural Alliance pursues four institutional strategies to progress its mission:
      • RESEARCH -   Resources
      • CONVENE -   Professional Development
      • ADVOCATE -   Marketing the Arts
      • SERVE -   Services"
      The Alliance introduced the online resource CultureCapital.Com (q.v.) in June of 2008.

    • Address: 1436 U St. NW, Suite 103, Washington, DC 20009
    • Tel. (202) 638-2406
    • On the Web: www.cultural-alliance.org/   ~  To the TOP

    Posted Friday, December 18, 2009
    "Creating Opportunities for Artists and Arts Organizations that Stimulate Economic Development and Improve the Quality of Life in the DC Area"

    (The Arts; Artists' Professional Development; Networking)
    •       "Vision:  We envision the arts driving economic and community development as an integral part of DC's vibrant metropolitan area.
            "Scope:  Our scope includes service to artists and arts organizations, property owners, developers and residents throughout the DC metropolitan area.
            "CuDC ensures the continuing creation of affordable spaces for artists to live and work, but we do more than that.  Each year CuDC serves 5,600 artists, 75 arts organizations and touches over 150,000 greater DC metro area residents by providing space, funds, knowledge, marketing, advocacy and presentation opportunities.
            "Through our programs, such as Flashpoint, Source and the Creative Communities Initiative, we work with artists and arts organizations to build the creative infrastructure that fuels the arts and economy in Washington, DC."

    • Address:  916 G Street NW, Washington,DC 20001
    • Tel.  202-315-1305
    • Email:  culturaldevcorp@culturaldc.org
    • On the Web:  www.culturaldc.org/   ~   To the TOP

    (Mexico; the Arts; History; Culture)
    •       "The Cultural Institute of Mexico in Washington, D.C. is one of the most important artistic and cultural centers established outside Mexico. Its primary mission is to promote and disseminate, among the local community, the vast and rich traditions of Mexico's cultural past and present.
            "Washington, D.C. is culturally and politically, one of the most privileged and important cities in the world. The Cultural Institute of Mexico maintains close contact with its local community, offering an array of artistic and cultural activities as part of its ever-increasing cultural program. From academic events to cinema, whether in literature, music, the visual and performing arts, to Institute's goal is to support and promote the best of Mexico's artistic and cultural expressions.
            "The Cultural Institute of Mexico, situated on a magnificent mansion on 16th Street N.W., has become an important meeting place for the intellectual and artistic minds on both sides of the border. The lnstituto has developed a close relationship with key cultural and academic institutions of the nation's capital aiming at increasing the mutual understanding between our countries. In the future, the Instituto will continue to support and promote the rich manifestations of the human spirit."

    • Address: 2829 16th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009
    • Tel. (202) 728-1647
    • On the Web: portal.sre.gob.mx/imw/index.php?Itemid=1   ~  To the TOP

    Posted Saturday, November 24, 2012
    "Your Link to DC's Culture and Heritage!"

    (Events; Culture; Education)
    •       "MISSION:  Cultural Tourism DC and its members affirm the importance of culture and heritage to local neighborhoods and the city’s economic prosperity by developing, delivering, and celebrating real experiences for area residents and visitors.

            "VISION:  Cultural Tourism DC envisions Washington, DC as a city of rich and diverse culture and heritage that generates civic pride and economic prosperity in neighborhoods across the entire city.

            "To many, Washington, DC is the nation’s and the world’s political powerhouse.  But DC is much more than that. DC is rich in culture and heritage as evidenced by the spectrum of historic sites and cultural institutions found in every neighborhood in the city.

            "DC is brimming with art, music, dance, and museums and theaters of every type.  These cultural and heritage organizations are members of Cultural Tourism DC.  Cultural Tourism DC, along with its more than 230 member organizations, develop, deliver and celebrate real experiences for Washington area residents and visitors.

            "These real experiences can be found in every neighborhood in the city.  You can find them as you explore a neighborhood Heritage Trail, celebrate international culture during Passport DC or discover some of the city’s hidden treasures during WalkingTown DC.

            "These real experiences can be found in DC’s art galleries and museums, in its parks and gardens, and in its concert halls and theaters.  Visiting any one of our more than 230 members will provide you a rich and enjoyable experience.  And we make it easy for you.  Sign up for our weekly Events Update to receive the latest listing of cultural and heritage activities and events in the city.

            "Come explore and see for yourself the intricately woven cultural cloth that is Washington, DC."

    • Address:  Cultural Tourism DC, 1250 H Street NW - Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20005
    • Tel.  202-661-7581
    • Email:  info@CulturalTourismDC.org
    • On the Web:  www.culturaltourismdc.org/   ~   To the TOP

    "Your Guide to Arts and Culture in DC, Maryland and Virginia"

    (Resources On Line; The Arts; Education)
    •       "Introduced in June, 2008, CultureCapital.com connects people to the heart of the thriving arts and culture community in the Greater Washington, DC region including the District of Columbia; Montgomery, Prince George's, Arlington and Fairfax Counties; and the City of Alexandria.
            "This virtual arts marketplace provides comprehensive information and reliable ticket-purchase options for shows, performances, classes and exhibitions offered by more than 300 regional arts organizations and cultural institutions, making it the region's richest and most diverse collection of arts and culture activities.  CultureCapital.com strives to be inclusive and includes big names and small groups alike, giving users access to all the hot hits and hidden jewels the DC region has to offer.
            "CultureCapital.com is produced by the Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington (q.v.), a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustaining and increasing appreciation, support and resources for arts and culture throughout the region."

    • Address:  Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington, 1436 U Street NW, Suite 103, Washington, DC 20009
    • Tel.  (202) 638-2406
    • Email:  info@culturecapital.com
    • On the Web:  www.culturecapital.com   ~   To the TOP

    Online Resource: "A community built guide to cross-cultural etiquette and understanding"

    (Intercultural Education and Skillbuilding; Community; Worldwide)
    •       "The Culture Crossing mission is to foster cross-cultural understanding and awareness by inviting the global community to share its knowledge and experiences with others. We hope that the result will be a repository of essential information that will be useful to travelers, businesses, students and anyone else who steps beyond their cultural borders. Culture Crossing's Web site and additional services are intended to help people navigate our increasingly interconnected world with savvy and sensitivity.
            "Culture Crossing provides users with valuable cultural information about every country. It's a dynamic database, built and kept up-to-date by its own community of registered members from around the world.
            "Culture Crossing also provides tools for understanding your own culture, by exploring the values, communications styles and other elements that guide your actions, interactions and reactions. More than just a crash course in cross-cultural etiquette, Culture Crossing is also a place where you can:
      • Ask questions, share information and interact with community members.
      • Read interviews with well-known actors, musicians, writers, politicians and others about their culture crossing experiences.
      • Test your cultural IQ by taking the weekly quizzes.
      • Find useful information and access resources to help you plan for a trip abroad - whether you are preparing for an international business trip, study abroad program or any other kind of cross-cultural adventure."

    • On the Web: www.culturecrossing.net   ~  To the TOP

    The CURRENT Newspapers
    (DC School Life; Events Calendar; City Life; The Press)
    •       A family of weekly local papers, focused on various parts of the city, with solid, detailed coverage of local events and activities. GeoTrees recommends them highly for their superb events calendars, and because they give extensive coverage of local school events, written by the students themselves.
            "People everywhere are most interested in the news that affects them directly. People want to know what is going on in their immediate neighborhood. This is the main reason that well-edited community newspapers all over the country have been growing while their metropolitan competitors have suffered from serious circulation declines. It is also why we have three very different newspapers: The Northwest Current, The Georgetown Current and The Dupont Current. We even break The Northwest Current into two editions, one for the areas in the District of Columbia's Ward 3 and one for Ward 4."

      (EDITOR'S NOTE:  For links to English language press organizationsl worldwide, visit Geotrees' World Press Page.)

    • Tel. (202) 244-7223
    • On the Web: www.currentnewspapers.com   ~  To the TOP

    (The Czech Republic)

    (The Arts)
    • A source of performances, classes, community resources, and partnerships.
    • Address: 3225 8th St NE
    • Tel. (202) 639-1700.
    • On the Web: www.danceplace.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Community; Islam; Spirit)
    •       Serving the Islamic community since 1983. Active in helping non-Muslims understand the tradition, and in putting a human face on the transactions from tradition to tradition, and faith to faith. The home congregation of Imam Johari Abdul-Malik. "We have come here to be together. Now we must stay together." (Imam Johari, Sept. 11, 2002)
    • Address: 3159 Row St., Falls Church, Virginia; very close to Route 7.
    • On the Web: www.hijrah.org   ~  To the TOP

    Posted Friday, March 16, 2012
    "We Hope You Will Join Us."

    (Genocide; Peacebuilding; Faith in Action; Education)   (Washington, DC-based; Global in Scope)
    • "As people of faith, the Darfur Interfaith Network (DIN) is dedicated to action to help the victims of the genocides in Darfur and most recently Abyei, South Kordofan's Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile regions of Sudan.  Our mission is to raise awareness of the ongoing unacceptable conditions of the victims in Darfur, Abyei, Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile and other marginalized regions in Sudan - including the 35,000 slaves still being held in northern Sudan.

            "Darfur Interfaith Network holds their monthly vigil, rain or shine, the third Sunday of every month at the Embassy of Sudan at 2210 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC.  This is the fifth consecutive year Laura Cutler has led the Darfur Interfaith Network vigils, standing witness to raise awareness of the on-going genocide in Darfur.

            "We believe it is up to all of us to do God's work in Sudan.  We rally, march, and hold vigils for the surviving victims in Darfur and other marginalized areas to let them know they are not alone or forgotten.  We are determined to raise awareness and help the suffering in the refugee and internal displacement camps and to shine a light of the unspeakable cruelty and inhumanity that continues in Sudan.

      "We hope you will join us."

    • On the Web:  www.hope4darfurrally.org/darfur-interfaith-network   ~   To the TOP

    Posted Sunday, June 20, 2010
    DARYL "KLAN WE TALK?" DAVIS and his Band
    Musician, Author, Lecturer, Reconciliationist

    (Peacebuilders; People; Reconciliation; Music; Americana)
    •       "When Daryl was the only black member of a Country band, he was approached by a man who told him that he enjoyed his music very much and this was the first time he had seen a black man play piano like Jerry Lee Lewis.  Daryl explained to the man that he was a friend of Jerry Lee's and they both had learned from some of the same black Blues and Boogie Woogie pianists.  The man found it hard to believe in the black origin of the music.  Nonetheless, he was fascinated by Daryl's playing and became a regular fan.

            "Turns out the man was a member of the KU KLUX KLAN. . ."   (From the Great Falls Connection newspaper)

            Daryl has had a remarkable career of bridgebuiding and reconciliation, a career of great courage and vision, one in defiance of just about all of our conventional perceptions and expectations, a career that continues to the present.  Daryl has written a book, Klan-Destine Relationships, and gives public talks - "KLAN WE TALK?"  His website has a good deal of information, including a bio, a CNN video clip, an awesome photo gallery, information on his musical, writing and speaking schedule, and more.  You can e-mail him directly from the page.

    • Source:  The Great Falls Connection newspaper
    • On the Web:  www.daryldavis.com   ~   To the TOP

    (Youth; Empowerment; Community)
    •       "DC Action for Children (DC ACT) is an independent, non-profit, multi-issue advocacy organization dedicated to improving conditions for children, youth and their families in the District of Columbia. DC ACT is guided by its vision that each child in DC should be afforded the opportunity to reach their potential. DC ACT's mission and vision are supported by four broad strategies:
        - Informing citizens, public officials and service providers about the issues that improve the lives of children and youth;
        - Holding the government accountable and promoting public policies that improve the lives of children and youth;
        - Mobilizing an informed, city-wide constituency for children; and
        - Empowering families and neighborhoods to advocate for children.
            "DC ACT focuses on public policies in five areas of child and youth well-being and government accountability. Our current work focuses on early care and education, child welfare, child and maternal health and positive youth development. Staff members also are involved with the District's budget. DC ACT staff members rely on the wealth of advocacy and policy resources in the city to take action on, as needed, policies in the areas of homelessness, recreation, mental health, juvenile justice and welfare."

    • Address: 1616 P Street NW - Suite 420, Washington, DC 20036
    • Tel. (202) 234-9404
    • On the Web: www.dckids.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Community; Caribbean)
    • A rich online collection of news, events, links, resources, live radio, etc. of the Caribbean and its peoples' presence in the nation's capital.
    • On the Web: www.dccaribbeanconnection.com   ~  To the TOP

    Posted Thursday, August 18, 2011
    "Working to Connect DC Students to the World"

    (Education; Youth Leadership Formation; Pluralism - Locally Based; Global in Scope)
    •       "The DC Center for Global Education and Leadership mobilizes the unique resources of the nation’s capital to help prepare a new generation of DC youth for life and careers in our culturally diverse, globally interconnected 21st century world.

            "Our Vision:   In the 21st century all students will need to graduate from high school with the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and experiences that will prepare them to successfully compete and participate in our increasingly globalized and interconnected world.    We believe that the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), building on its internal assets and experience, and taking full advantage of the city’s unique international resources, can and should become a national model for the delivery of high quality, systemic PK-12 global education in an urban school district.

            "Our View of Global Education:   We regard global education as teaching that equips students with the global knowledge and competencies that will prepare them to become responsible and productive members of a global society.   Global education is not a subject, but rather a perspective or prism through which teachers teach and students learn.   As such, it is multidisciplinary and incorporates international studies, intercultural or multicultural education, and world languages, as well as technology, leadership skills, problem solving, character education, conflict resolution, and peace education.   Global awareness and understanding can no longer be viewed as a luxury or supplement to the core curriculum, or as a set of isolated, extracurricular experiences for a select group of privileged or academically advanced students.   Instead, global education must be embedded in all grades and all subjects for all students.  It must be relevant to their lives, and designed to help them understand their place in the wider world, their connection to it, and their power to contribute to making their world a better place.

            "Our Mission:   The DC Center for Global Education and Leadership (CGEL) promotes high-quality, systemic global education in DCPS to ensure that all students, regardless of income or social background, are prepared for responsible global citizenship in the 21st century."

    • Source:  Sally Schwartz, of the Center
    • Address:  CGEL, Box 11503, Washington, DC 20008
    • Tel.  202-362-2152
    • Email:  info@dc-cgel.org
    • On the Web:  www.dc-cgel.org/   ~   To the TOP

    (Education; Empowerment; Community)
    •       "The D.C. Coalition for Democracy in Education was launched in December 2006 and significantly enlarged in March 2007. We say to the City Council:
      • Don't disempower our elected Board of Education!
      • Help create a democratic, inclusive plan to improve our schools!
      • Ask voters, not Congress, to approve changes to our Charter! We need a public referendum on the school takeover!

    • Tel. (202) 521-0377
    • On the Web: democracyineducation.net   ~  To the TOP

    (Community; South Asia)
    •       "DC Collective for South Asians [DCCSA] is a volunteer, non-profit, non-sectarian network of individuals actively engaged in a broad range of social, political, economic, and cultural issues concerning the South Asian region, and the South Asian community in the metro Washington DC area, and globally. Specific activities combine direct action with public education and social events, and focus on issues such as ending xenophobia and discrimination targeted towards South Asians in the United States; promoting peace, communal harmony, economic and social justice in South Asia; and enhancing access to health, education, personal freedom and civil rights for South Asians around the world regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. In pursuing these goals, DCCSA activists work independently, or in collaboration with partners in the local and global communities."

    • On the Web: groups.yahoo.com/group/dccollective
    • Email: dccollective-owner( AT )yahoogroups.com   ~  To the TOP

    (The Arts; Education; Grants)
    •       "Since 1968, the District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH) has developed and promoted local artists, organizations, and activities. The mission of the DCCAH is to provide grants, programs and education activities that encourage diverse artistic expressions and learning opportunities so that all District of Columbia residents and visitors can experience the rich culture of our city.
            "DCCAH is governed by volunteers who are appointed by the mayor and approved by the City Council. DCCAH provides financial support and conducts programming in three primary areas:
            "DC Creates Public Art: The purpose of the DC Creates Public Art Program is to provide high quality art installations and administrative support services for the public so they can benefit from an enhanced visual environment.
            "Arts Learning and Outreach: The purpose of the Arts Learning and Outreach Program is to provide grants, educational activities and outreach services for youth, young adults, and the general public.
            "Arts Building Communities (Grants and Programs): The purpose of the Arts Building Communities program is to provide grants, performances, exhibitions, and other services to individual artists, arts organizations, and neighborhood/ community groups. Grants are based on funding availability and advisory panel recommendations."   (Edited for length)

    • Address: John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004
    • Tel. (202) 727-1000
    • On the Web: dcarts.dc.gov/dcarts/site/default.asp?dcartsNav_GID=   ~  To the TOP

    (Education; Youth; Literature; Community)
    •       "Showing kids their possibilities... developing a roster of future literary stars... If only there were more programs in public schools designed to help kids find their niche." - Kevin Merida, of The Washington Post.
            "Students, teachers, parents, and writers creating a literary renaissance in Southeast DC... The DC Creative Writing Workshop provides four professional writers-in-residence to work with students at Simon Elementary School, Charles Hart Middle School, and Ballou Senior High. Our writers offer intensive literary arts instruction to over 1,000 students annually." The Workshop has a number of public events and activities, to be published on the Geotrees calendar and email discussion list.

    • Address: 601 Mississippi Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20032
    • Tel. (202) 297-1957
    • On the Web: www.dccww.org   ~  To the TOP

    Posted Saturday, March 7, 2009
    "The Sundance of the East Coast" - The Washington Post

    •       "The Washington DC Independent Film Festival (DCIFF) is an award-winning annual festival showcasing the best independent films from around the world.  Master Classes, Seminars and Workshops conducted by industry professionals combine with a simultaneous Music Festival to provide additional entertainment.  And, unique to DCIFF, an annual Advocacy Forum brings together filmmakers and lawmakers to discuss matters of interest to the industry.  The DCIFF is a non-profit organization of volunteers serving the Capital area since 1999."

    • Office:  3222 N Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20007
    • Mailing Address:  2950 Van Ness Street NW, Suite 728, Washington, DC 20008
    • Tel.  (202) 333-6615
    • On the Web:  www.dciff.org/   ~   To the TOP

    Posted Wednesday, September 8, 2009
    (Faith and Interfaith; Peacemaking; Reconciliation; Service)
    •       "The D.C. Interfaith Peace Initiative is committed to promoting peace and harmony among people of all faiths and beliefs.   We strive to bring a greater awareness of the bonds and values that join us together as one humanity sharing a common experience.   We work to raise consciousness through purposeful dialogue, collaborative social action and ethical education, and to explore and support spiritual sources of inspiration and joyful celebration among faith communities.   We seek to build a culture of understanding, justice, and peace.
            "We work in the field of interfaith hosting events providing opportunities to learn more about the many faith traditions in the Washington Metropolitan area.   And there are moments that arise from time to time when we can invite others to share in this quest to know more about these beautiful spiritual traditions within our own community.... in a most enjoyable way!"

    • Source:  Andra Baylus
    • Email:  dc.interfaithpeace@gmail.com
    • On the Web:  www.geotrees.com/dcipi.html   ~   To the TOP

    (E-Groups; Community; International Networking)
    •       International in-person networking and social events, with a wide and interesting range of speakers and themes, often free of charge. DCIC welcomes people of all nations, cultures, faiths, and points of view to gatherings throughtout the DC area.
    • Tel. (703) 475-8328, or (301) 649-9167.
    • On the Web: groups.yahoo.com/group/DC_International_Connection
    • Additional Website, Autumn 2003: www.dcinternational.org
    • Email: DC_International_Connection-owner( AT )yahoogroups.com   ~  To the TOP

    (Judaism; Spirit; Community)
    • A welcoming focus of culture, the arts, service, and more, based in the Jewish tradition.
    • Address: 1529 16th St. NW
    • Tel. (202) 518-9400.
    • On the Web: www.DCJCC.org   ~  To the TOP

    Posted Saturday, November 7, 2009
    "Fighting for Working People in the Nation's Capital"

    (Social and Economic Justice; Empowerment; Education; Activism; Community)
    •       "DC Jobs with Justice is a coalition of labor organizations, community groups, religious organizations and student groups dedicated to protecting the rights of working people and supporting community struggles to build a more just society."
            "The DC Jobs with Justice coalition formed during the summer of 2001 with the purpose of bringing together labor, community, faith-based, and student organizations to build power for working families in Washington, DC.  The coalition initially came together in support of efforts by parking garage attendants, most of whom were Ethiopian immigrants, to organize a union.  The primary issue we have sought to address is the existence of very low-wage jobs with inadequate or no benefits.  The result of this situation is that many people who work hard remain poor, often relying on public resources to meet family needs or working multiple jobs to get by.  We seek to address this situation by supporting the efforts of workers in these low-wage industries to form unions, thus gaining the power to negotiate with their employers for living wages and family-sustaining benefits.  Over our history, we have worked with D.C. residents, workers, and consumers to build power and win real improvements for working families in Washington, DC."

    • Address:  DC Jobs with Justice, 888 16th Street NW, Suite 520, Washington, DC 20006
    • Tel.  (202) 974-8224
    • On the Web:  www.dcjwj.org/   ~   To the TOP

    (Education; Literacy)
    •       "Here in Washington, D.C. many residents lack the literacy skills they need to get a good job, take part in civic affairs, read to their children, or access information about their health, safety or legal rights.
            "Thankfully, there are over a hundred programs and groups -- both large and small -- here in the District working to help our children, youth, and adults improve their literacy skills. However, most of these programs are small community-based organizations with limited resources.
            "That's where D.C. LEARNs comes in. For nearly a decade, we have been Washington's literacy coalition. We work together with our members to raise public awareness of literacy issues, recruit volunteers, and provide the materials, research, training, and technical assistance needed to raise the quality of literacy services available to D.C. residents."

    • Address: 1612 K Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006
    • Tel. (202) 331-0141; Fax, (202) 331-0143.
    • On the Web: www.dclearns.org   ~  To the TOP

    (The Middle East; Persia and Iran; Community; Culture; Public Affairs)
    •       "Established 6 years ago, DCPersian.com was created and designed to be the all-in-one portal for the Persian community of the DC Metro Area including the areas of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. With a registered member base exceeding 6,000, DC Persian puts its main focus on a specific geographical and cultural region & group to provide you with up to date information on our area's various establishments, services, events, concerts, and nightlife. Throughout the years, DC Persian has grown considerably by word of mouth to now bring in approximately 150,000 hits per month to the website, DCPersian.com.

            "We also have hits from states outside of DC area and countries outside of the U.S., including Canada, England, Australia and many various Middle Eastern countries, especially Iran. The tremendous amount of people interested in learning about the Persian community of DC area has inspired us to grow with our members.

            "DCPersian.com wants to:

      • Bring the Persian community of DC area closer together.
      • Keep the Persian community informed on all events and happenings and be a one-stop for any and all information and services its' viewers may need from one central location.
      • Promote the Persian Culture through its promotion of all things Persian and Persian-related."

    • Tel. (877) DCP-ONLY (327-6659)
    • On the Web: www.dcpersian.com   ~  To the TOP

    (Local History; Education)
    •       "The mission of the DC Preservation League is to preserve, protect, and enhance the historic built environment of Washington, DC through advocacy and education. By protecting these resources, the League helps to preserve the city's human scale and evidence of its physical and social history, thereby contributing to the city's economic vitality and building an appreciation of the city's history and a sense of community and place.

            "The DC Preservation League was founded as 'Don't Tear It Down' in 1971 to prevent the demolition of historic buildings in Washington's downtown. The organization's early efforts focused on saving the Old Post Office and the Willard Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue. Since prevailing in those struggles, DCPL has gone on to save more than 100 individual historic buildings, many of which were slated for demolition. DCPL has also surveyed and initiated the designation and preservation of several historic neighborhoods.

            "DCPL sponsors lecture series, tours, and citywide preservation conferences that have attracted hundreds of people. DCPL has organized the Coalition for Greater Preservation Enforcement, now the Historic Districts Coalition, a group of more than 30 civic organizations concerned with the District's enforcement of existing laws and regulations for protected neighborhoods."

    • Address: DC Preservation League, 401 F Street NW, Room 324, Washington, D.C. 20001
    • Tel. (202) 783-5144
    • On the Web: www.dcpreservation.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Education; Schools)
    •       "The D.C. Public Charter School Board (PCSB) was created in 1996 by an amendment to the D.C. School Reform Act of 1995 to provide additional public education opportunities for District of Columbia residents. Public charter schools authorized by the PCSB are independently operated by a non-profit board of trustees, and are monitored regularly by the PCSB.

            "This website provides information about the PCSB's functions, the public charter schools authorized by this board, and other local charter school matters. Click (on their site) for Frequently Asked Questions, or browse the site for information that is regularly updated."

    • Address: 3333 14th Street, NW - Suite 210, Washington, DC 20010 (One block north of the Columbia Heights Metro Station)
    • Tel. (202) 328-2661
    • On the Web: www.dcpubliccharter.com   ~  To the TOP

    Posted Sunday, October 5, 2014
    (Development; The City and Its Peoples)
    •       "DC4RD is a unincorporated citizens association formed by participating DC residents for the non-profit civic purpose of reviewing, evaluating, and acting on development projects, policies, and laws affecting neighborhoods throughout the City.

            "'Zoning and Planning. . . Is that what they call it?'  This site has been developed to connect communities located throughout the District contending with problem projects -- projects which may be entirely public, private, and/or a combination of public and private.

            "The ad-hoc, unscientific, opaque planning review and decisionmaking happening in the District of Columbia right now exposes every DC resident to dispossession and other serious risks.  The corporate condominium construction explosion is happening at the same time The City is closing schools, shrinking the safety net, and systematically dismantling our communities.  Disinterested DC officials and their purposeful poor planning continues to leave entire DC neighborhoods disconnected, displaced, and downright disrespected.

            "It's time poor planning in the City ends now."

    • Tel. 202-810-2768
    • On the Web: www.dc4reason.org/   ~  To the TOP

    Posted Thursday, February 20, 2014
    "A Washington, DC Community Group Helping to End Slavery through Grassroots Action"

    (Slavery and Human Trafficking; Education; Community; Empowerment)
    • "We seek to leverage the power of the community to help build a better world, one without modern slavery and human trafficking.  DC Stop Modern Slavery (DC SMS) is a diverse and growing community group taking action to end slavery wherever it occurs, beginning in our own city.

      "Our Vision:  A world without slavery

      "Our Mission:  To end modern slavery through community education and action

      "Our Current Strategic Goals: 

      • A DC-area community that is educated about human trafficking.  We will do this by creating a forum for education, engagement, and action and by reaching out to groups and individuals to share information about this issue.
      • An active DC-area community.  We will do this by fostering grassroots movements for local change, by giving people the necessary tools and support to act, and by complementing existing efforts of NGOs, government, the private sector, and the community to combat slavery.
      • A successful community-based model for combatting human trafficking that can be replicated at other locations.  We will do this by documenting and spreading the knowledge and best practices we’ve learned in building DC SMS to communities in other parts of the country and world.

      "Our Values:  These are the principles that fuel our actions:

      • Action – Just because we believe something is wrong and needs to be changed, does not mean it will.  We have to take action ourselves to change it.
      • Community – Community is the core of what we are.  This means that more than what we come together to do, we also value the time that we spend with each other and the relationships that we build.
      • Purpose – No matter what we do, we always remember our core purpose of helping to build a world without slavery.
      • Teamwork – The key to our success is our ability to work with each other and our group’s ability to work with others in the anti-slavery movement.
      • Growth – What we are trying to do is not easy.  We must continue to grow ourselves and our group to get there.
      • Respect – We respect each other’s backgrounds, ideas, opinions, time, and interests.
      • Efficiency and Impact – In everything we do, we strive to be efficient and impactful."

    • Address:  PO Box 66462, Washington, DC 20035
    • Tel.  888-373-7888
    • E-Mail:  organizers@stopmodernslavery.org
    • On the Web:  www.stopmodernslavery.org/   ~   To the TOP

    "District Community Voices Organized and Informed for Change in Education"

    (Education; Empowerment; Community)
    •       "DC VOICE is a growing city-wide collaborative of teachers, principals, parents/guardians, young people, schools and school system personnel, community-based organizations, policy-makers and power-brokers committed to strengthen the public voice in public education. Our aim is to build a spirit of hope, opportunity and community among students and their families and the many activists throughout the city who want to help raise academic achievement.
            "To assure that each DC public school has a fair chance at offering its students a high quality education, we focus on the conditions and supports for quality teaching and learning, the most critical ingredients in education. Join with DC VOICE to give voice to the hopes and dreams of those who want an opportunity for a quality public education."

    • Address: 1328 Florida Ave. NW, 3rd Floor, Washington, DC 20009
    • Tel. (202) 986-8535; (202) 238-0109
    • www.dcvoice.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Literature; Education; Youth; Community)
    •       "DC WritersCorps is a not-for-profit community service organization whose mission is to use the reading, writing, and performance of literature and media arts to get DC public school students to read and write beyond the classroom. We use performances, writing, and media production to highlight students' creative and intellectual achievements.
            "DC WritersCorps serves middle/junior and high school students in the District of Columbia public schools. In our middle school program our goal is to use writing mentors and innovative approaches to teaching creative writing as a way of maintaining student's interest and commitment to education. DC WritersCorps sends accomplished and well-trained writers into ten DCPS middle/junior high schools to run in-school and after-school creative writing workshops. From these workshops, students participate in local poetry readings and competitions, create their own anthologies and participate in cultural enrichment activities connected to the literary arts."
            Programs for the DC WritersCorps include Writers in Residence In-School Writing Workshops; After-School Writing Clubs; the Youth Poetry Slam League (YPSL); the 2kNation Radio Project (q.v.), with weekly broadcasts over WPFW FM 89.3 (q.v.); and the Youth Apprentice Program (YAP).

    • Source: Thanks to Kenneth Carroll, Executive Director
    • Address: DC WritersCorps, Josephine Butler Parks Center, 2437 15th Street NW-Third Floor, Washington, DC 20009
    • Tel. (202) 332-2848
    • On the Web: www.dcwriterscorps.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Youth; Education; Civics; Empowerment)
    •       "Kids ages 4-12 learning about democracy and voting rights through education and civic action."
            "The DC Young Suffragists group was founded in 2003 by DC neighbors interested in helping kids learn about our city and democracy. Open to boys and girls ages 4-12, we hold family workshops and go on field trips to learn about and improve Washington DC's unique status in our country. We hope that by the time our oldest members are 18, they will be voting for senators and a representative from Washington DC.
            "We model our methods on those of the women suffragists of the early 20th century, who worked hard to gain votes for women in 1919.
            "We learn from the work of dedicated civil rights and voting rights activists in the mid-1900s.
            "We work with DC Vote to learn how people today try to gain voting rights for DC residents.
            "We visit the US Capitol to watch democracy in action. We try to meet with real senators and house members, all representing other Americans, to understand what we can do to gain senators and a voting representative for Washingtonians.
            "Kids plan and hold rallies to support the cause. We make our own posters, we think up slogans and chants, and we call reporters to tell them about our plans.
            "Next year we hope to have programs at two or three more schools in DC."

    • Address: Friends of Young Suffragists, PO Box 9711, Washington, DC 20016
    • On the Web: www.youngsuffragists.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Youth and the Arts; Community)
    •       "The mission of the DC Youth Orchestra Program is to provide a center for affordable, music instruction and performance opportunities for young people ages 4-1/2 to 19; to develop a youth orchestra capable of competing successfully at the national and international levels; and to instill in our students the discipline and focus necessary to succeed on an academic as well as a musical plane.
            "The organization's vision is a simple one: every child has a right to music. Professional music teachers instruct the children in classical music methods over two semesters and one summer session each year, and every player is challenged to advance by playing before a jury for the next, more-demanding level. As skills improve, there are opportunities to join one of the six orchestras, three wind ensembles, two chamber orchestras, one jazz ensemble, and/or multiple chamber groups, with the prestigious DC Youth Orchestra at the top of the musical ladder."

    • Mailing Address: PO Box 56198 - Brightwood Station NW, Washington, DC 20011
    • Tel. (202) 723-1612
    • On the Web: www.dcyop.org   ~  To the TOP

    The DEESEEDS Message Forum
    (E-Groups; Activist Transformation)
    •       Formerly known as "Drumseed" and, in Baltimore, as "Neighbor Net," this freethinking email discussion group welcomes and shares news, notes and knowledge in behalf of grassroots and visionary social, economic, and political activism and transformation throughout the DC / Baltimore area. DeeSeeds is an independent activity of Geotrees.Com, with no partisan or ideological litmus tests. The archives of past messages is open to the public at the URL below, as is subscription information.
    • On the Web: groups.yahoo.com/group/deeseeds.
    • Message archives On the Web: groups.yahoo.com/group/deeseeds/messages.   ~  To the TOP

    Posted Sunday, September 23, 2012
    "A World Committed to Peace"

    (Peacebuilding; Education; Reconciliation)
    •       "The Desmond Tutu Peace Centre is a non-profit organisation founded and inspired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his wife, Leah.  The Centre is committed to creating a society that nurtures tolerance and understanding amongst all people and is guided by the virtues that the Archbishop himself has identified as essential human values and the building blocks for sustainable peace: Love, Hope, Tolerance and Courage. 

            "We aim to create and maintain a Peace Centre that will deliver programmes that further the understanding that peace flows out of justice and that there is essential good in everyone.

            "The work of the DTPC is guided by the virtues identified by Archbishop Tutu as essential human values and the building blocks for sustainable peace: Courage; Hope; Love and Tolerance.  Together these values are an expression of Archbishop Tutu’s belief that 'We are family'."

    • Address:  PO Box 8428, Roggebaai, Cape Town, 8012, RSA
    • Email:  info@tutu.org
    • On the Web:  desmondtutu.worldwidecreative.co.za/home   ~   To the TOP

    (Women; Entrepreneurship; Empowerment)
    •       "The Dialogue seeks to foster an exchange of experience and ideas between women of diverse cultural and national traditions, bringing together women of the many ethnically differing groups constituting American culture.
            "This core concern, moreover, extends specifically to women in all regions of the world, where, more often than not, living in a many-cultured societal complex is similarly a basic fact of social existence. It is our continuing purpose to encourage women of each country to assume their places in the developing political system and in those cultures of entrepreneurship that are emerging in their own, much differing social and political worlds. Our mission as an organization, then, is multi-targeted:
      • To bring women, through entrepreneurship and education, into the fullness of their economic potential, which can be the key to their empowerment in the civic and social realms as well.
      • To sharpen a consciousness of common interests among women across boundaries of culture and class, in our own country and globally.
      • To bring the diversity of traditions in the world's gamut of cultures and nationalities into a mutually productive dialogue.
      • To promote solidarity among women of diverse cultural and ethnic background."

    • On the Web: www.dialogueondiversity.org   ~  To the TOP

    DIANE MACKLIN, Storyteller, Educator
    "In the African Griotic Tradition ~ Making a Difference, One Story at a Time"

    (Peacebuilders; People; Storytelling; Oral Traditions; the Performing Arts; Education)
    •       (Editor's Note:  Geotrees has not featured individuals in the GeoLinks resources catalogue previously, but hearing Ms. Macklin over WPFW (q.v.) on a recent evening convinced us that this should change.  We now look forward to carrying listings for artists, educators and others whose work nurtures the enwholement and upliftment of the world and the life upon it.)

            "Simply Phenomenal!  Acclaimed storyteller, Diane Macklin, captivates the young and old with her dancing hands, lyrical voice, and high energy.  Her engaging style is charming as well as delightful.
            "Diane is also a Certified Educator, Actress, Historian, Lecturer, as well as a Conflict Resolution and Multicultural Mediator. She has performed, led workshops, and conducted residencies nationally.
            "As an American storyteller, telling in the African "griotic" tradition, her work inspired. . . HOPE, PEACE, JUSTICE. . . through world folktales and creative personal narratives."

    • Source:  WPFW FM 89.3's Spectrum Today
    • Address:  8639-B 16th Street, Suite #112, Silver Spring, Md. 20910
    • Tel.  703-966-7957
    • Email:  storylady@dianemacklin.com
    • On the Web:  www.dianemacklin.com   ~   To the TOP

    (The Arts)

    DOMINICAN RETREAT, McLean, Virginia
    (Spirit; Retreat; Christian Meditation; Contemplative Prayer)
    •       "Dominican Retreat, hidden on 12 acres of rolling lawn, nature trails, and shade trees in the heart of McLean, Virginia, has provided an oasis of peace, solitude, and renewal to thousands of people for over 40 years. Dominican Retreat is open to anyone seeking spiritual renewal and prayer. The programs are available to individuals of all ages, faiths, and from all walks of life. Young and old, married and single, Catholics, as well as those of other religious faiths, all attend our programs.
            "Rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, all weekend retreats and most day programs also offer the opportunity for celebration of the Eucharist and Reconciliation.
            "The Retreat House offers a variety of retreat programs designed to nurture the spiritual needs of women and men in today's all too busy world. Through a retreat experience, you can gain a new perspective on God's presence in your life.
            "We invite you to pause from your busy life, tour our web site, and consider attending one or more of the many programs being offered in 2007."

    • Address: 7103 Old Dominion Drive, McLean, VA 22101-2799
    • Tel. (703) 356-4243
    • On the Web: www.dominicanretreat.org   ~  To the TOP

    UPDATED Monday, July 16, 2012
    "Community - Hospitality - Nonviolence - Resistance" since 1933

    (Peacebuilding; Social Justice; Empowerment; Faith; Activism - The Local House in a Global Movement)
    • "On May 1, 1933, in the depths of the Great Depression, The Catholic Worker newspaper made its debut with a first issue of twenty-five hundred copies.  Dorothy Day and a few others hawked the paper in Union Square for a penny a copy (still the price) to passersby.

            "The Catholic Worker Movement is grounded in a firm belief in the God-given dignity of every human person.  Today over 185 Catholic Worker communities remain committed to nonviolence, voluntary poverty, prayer, and hospitality for the homeless, exiled, hungry, and foresaken.  Catholic Workers continue to protest injustice, war, racism, and violence of all forms.

            "Explore the life and writings of Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin as well as sample contemporary Catholic Worker thought and action."

            [In Washington, DC:]  "In 1981, a Trinitarian brother came to see Fr. Dick McSorley, SJ, and told him that the Trinitarians were considering giving a house they owned to the Catholic Worker in memory of Dorothy Day.   At that time, the house, where Day stayed on at least several occasions, was being used by the Trinitarian religious order for their seminary students.  Fr. McSorley graciously accepted this amazing gift, and thus the DDCW was established.  Tom Siemer, Monica Siemer and Pat Cassidy were among those who joined Fr. McSorley to form the first community.  Since then hundreds of people, Catholic Workers and formerly homeless families, have lived here.

              "For thirty years the DDCW has served as a house of hospitality for mostly single moms and their children from DC, the US and around the world.  It has also been a school where those, inspired by the Catholic Worker vision, have learned about community, solidarity, Gospel nonviolence, resistance, patience, compassion, forgiveness and so much more.  It has been a place where many have come face to face with their weaknesses, and have experienced pain and joy, hardship and hope.  Despite many difficulties and challenges along the way, God’s amazing grace has been profoundly evident, enabling the DDCW to reach a special 30th anniversary in December 2011."

    • Address:  503 Rock Creek Church Road NW, Washington, DC 20010
    • Tel.  202-882-9649; 202-829-7625
    • On the Web / Blog:  dccatholicworker.wordpress.com
    • National:  www.catholicworker.org   ~   To the TOP

    (Faith and Interfaith; Spirit and Service; Reconciliation; Community)
    • "Welcome to the website of the Downtown Cluster of Congregations. The Downtown Cluster is a non-profit, ecumenical association founded in 1972 for the purpose of cooperatively meeting pressing human service needs in the District of Columbia. The Cluster's efforts have increased ecumenical cooperation in the city and built bridges between community groups. It will continue to provide a religious witness in the nation's capital on issues of human needs as well as city-wide revitalization.
            "The Downtown Cluster of Congregations has established or assisted a host of programs to serve those who are without even the most basic necessities of life. For example:
            - The Homeless Services Unit
            - The Downtown Cluster's Geriatric Day Care Center; and
            - The Washington Area Community Investment Fund.
            "The Downtown Cluster of Congregations has actively assisted a wide range of other programs - soup kitchens, community health care programs, shelters for battered women, and employment programs - by finding operating space, raising funds, or garnering volunteers and board members."

    • Address: 1313 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20005
    • Tel. (202) 347-7014
    • On the Web: www.downtowncluster.org   ~  To the TOP

    Posted Wednesday, February 6, 2013
    "When Dreams Emerge, Communities Arise!"

    (Community; Empowerment; Youth; Education; Sustainable Lifeways)
    •       "Dreaming Out Loud, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to design and implement innovative human development programs and high-impact social enterprises, within our ethical framework, that empower the potential in under-served communities.

            "Our impact is measured by more than just numbers. It is measured by the lives we touch, relationships we build, and communities we help to heal. Since our founding we’ve found multiple ways to be a part of progress towards a brighter day.

            "Our impact has been measured through our various programs: Aya Community Markets, Walking the Dream Path, and Project Dream Green.  We’ve partnered with local community and national organizations and institutions such as:

      • Christ United Methodist Church
      • Groundwork Anacostia DC
      • Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church
      • Ophelia Egypt Center
      • Ward Memorial AME Church
      • American Public Health Association
      • SEED Public Charter School
      • Spingarn Senior High School
      • Cesar Chavez Public Charter School – Parkside Campus
      • Nia Community Public Charter School
      • GreenTHINK
      • National Parks Service."

    • Source:   Thanks and a hat tip to Aaron McCormick of the Tenleytown community discussion group, and to Christopher Bradshaw of Dreaming Out Loud, Inc.
    • Address:   920 U Street NW, Washington, DC 20001
    • Tel.   202-332-1306
    • On the Web:   www.dreamingoutloud.org   ~  To the TOP

    "AMERICA.  You Have to Learn It."

    (Education; History; Civics; Citizenship / National and Global in Scope)
    • "We must put civics back into the hands of all Americans!... To teach our kids how to run our country, before they are called upon to run our country... If we don't, someone else will run the country and the experiment of government by, for, and of the people will have failed.."   - Richard Dreyfuss
            "We start with no apologies, devoted to the country that declared war on the curse that the world thought eternal: 'You and yours will never rise.  You are a serf, you will always be serfs and our heel will always be on your neck.'
            "Until America said, 'Wait a minute.  If you can get here, if you are strong and lucky, willing to work and can take what life throws at you, you might rise.'
            "That is the most important political message in the history of civilization.  The whole world heard it.  That is why they came here, why they come here and why they will always come here.  America is a miracle, and only Americans don't know that anymore, because we don't teach it.
            "The country doesn't happen by itself... It takes patience, respect, and creativity.  We've abandoned that for too long, and its time to get serious about learning to understand and maintain this nation, or it will continue this inescapable decay.
            "The story of making and keeping America is the most noble of stories.  Let's start telling our story with candor and honesty to ourselves again.  Who we are and why we are who we are, will go far to regain our devotion to the true gifts we have given mankind.
            "The Initiative:  Civic education is the founding mandate of public education.  Free public schools were developed in America for the express purpose of raising up good citizenship.  This purpose has been abandoned and must be regained.  Thus the mission of The Initiative is to create a demand for a more expert learning experience and to give our kids the splendid pleasure of learning what power they have."

    • Source:  The Diane Rehm Show of Monday, January 24, 2011, on WAMU 88.5 FM
    • Address:  The Dreyfuss Initiative, 119 West 72nd Street PMB #159, New York, New York 10023
    • Tel.  212-222-2916
    • On the Web:  thedreyfussinitiative.org   ~   To the TOP

    (Community; Cultural Venue; Spirit)

    (Community; Hinduism; Spirit)
    • The Durga Temple offers regular worship, timely festivals and seasonal observances, learning for young and old, and opportunities to share the joy of faith in the Divinity present in all worlds.
    • Address: 8400 Durga Place, Fairfax Station, Virginia 22039
    • Tel. (703) 690-9355
    • On the Web: www.durgatemple.org/index.htm   ~  To the TOP

    (International Study; Scholarships; Eastern Europe; Youth; Global)
    • "Eastchance has been started by two East European students with a genuine interest in doing more for themselves and their CVs than just passing exams at the university. With no other way to travel outside our home country but scholarships and grants, we slowly discovered how well-guarded is in Eastern Europe the information about such opportunities. We have gathered over time a relevant amount of data about events and opportunities and have realized from personal experience how useful and fun these can be. We thought we should do something useful for other students just like us, who might just not be as lucky as we were when we first ran into such information [in the early 2000s].

            "Eastchance is a website providing centralized access to information about scholarships and career opportunities for students from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Our goal is to provide you with the starting point for your search for a job or scholarship. We surf the web and get in contact with universities, companies and student associations, searching for opportunities that are of interest to CEE students and young professionals. We then structure and format the collected data in order to present them to you in an easy to read manner."

    • On the Web: www.eastchance.com   ~  To the TOP

    (Asia; E-Groups; Japan; the Arts)
    • "East is East is a metropolitan DC-based arts appreciation group dedicated to providing information, exploring and promoting the awareness of East (China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and Mongolia), Southeast (Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) and South Asian (Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet, Sri Lanka and Bhutan) culture through performance and cultural education.

            "East is East is committed to the development, sustenance and advancement of East Asian, Southeast Asian and South Asian arts appreciation and cultural awareness in the non-academic setting. Recognizing the interdisciplinary nature of 'performance,' East is East encompasses all the arts: theater, music, dance, visual arts (including film) and literature." You are invited to join, at the URL below.

    • On the web: groups.yahoo.com/group/EASTISEAST   ~  To the TOP

    "A Faith-Based Organization Dedicated to Making a Difference East of the River"

    (Faith and Interfaith; Empowerment; Reconciliation)
    • "Vision: As led by God, the East of the River community will experience healing, restoration and transformation from brokenness to healthy, self-sustaining, and holistic neighborhoods through the collaborative work of Clergy, police and Community.

            "Mission: To assist youth and adults living east of the Anacostia River who are in need of life transformation through community-based, school-based and re-entry focused programming.

            "The Goals of ERCPP are to:

      • Decrease Decrease community involvement with crime, violence and drugs in Wards 7 and 8
      • Increase educational and vocational achievement among youth
      • Develop youth with strong family, moral and spiritual values
      • Create healthy and safe neighborhoods
      • Mobilize the faith-based community, law enforcement, government, businesses and nonprofits to provide leadership, mentors and other resources
      • Become a world class, pace-setting nonprofit organization while remaining God-focused, family-oriented, non-bureaucratic and mission centered."

    • Main Office: 4105 First Street SE, Washington, DC 20032
    • Tel. (202) 373-5767
    • On the Web: www.ercpcp.org/Home.asp   ~   To the TOP

    (Haiti in DC Area; Community)
    • A local website full of news, events, and articles on Haitian arts and culture. In English.
    • On the Web: www.echodhaiti.com   ~  To the TOP

    "Awakening Our Selves, Aligning with Nature, One Choice at a Time"

    (Ecology; Sustainable Living; Community; Education)
    •       "EcoStewards Alliance promotes personal transformation through environmental awareness.  Our discovery circles and other programs teach voluntary simplicity, deep ecology, sustainable living choices, knowledge of our bioregion and mindful, conscious living to restore and preserve the environment and enrich our quality of life.
            "All of our programs and events relate to our mission of 'Awakening our selves, aligning with nature, one choice at a time' and as such are designed to help Bay area citizens slow down, look at how they would like to enrich and 'green' their lives, and then make the choices they feel are needed to make that life a reality.
            "EcoStewards Alliance (ESA), was founded in 1994, and is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit, grass roots, membership organization.  Guided by heart, spirit, and intellect, it works to heighten awareness of humankind's interrelationship with all life and natural systems.  Our mission is to 'provide resources for and nourish growing communities of diverse individuals who are making choices that enrich the quality of their lives and restore and protect the local environment.'
            "The Chesapeake Earth Institute is a project of EcoStewards Alliance.  The Earth Institute is part of a growing national network of Earth Institutes offering study circles on a variety of topics using materials produced by the Northwest Earth Institute in Portland, Oregon."

    • Source: The Conscious Bean Coffeehouse (q.v.) of Great Falls, Virginia
    • Address: PO Box 2609, Reston, VA 20195
    • Tel. (571) 323-2386
    • On the Web: www.ecostewardsalliance.org/   ~  To the TOP

    "Fifty Years of Vision, Innovation, and Results"

    (Education; Empowerment; Worldwide)
    •       "For fifty years (1958-2008) EDC has been a pioneer, building bridges between research, policy, and practice. Our award-winning programs and products, developed in collaboration with partners around the globe, consistently advance learning and healthy development for individuals of all ages. Today, EDC manages 325 projects in 35 countries. Our work strengthens nearly every facet of society, including early child development, K-12 education, health promotion, workforce preparation, community development, learning technologies, basic and adult education, institutional reform, medical ethics, and social justice.
            "Projects at EDC address critical challenges around the world in education, health, technology and human rights. While the issues we address are diverse, all that we do is united by our conviction that learning is the liberating force in human development. We are committed to education that builds knowledge and skill, makes possible a deeper understanding of the world, and engages learners as active, problem-solving participants."

    • Address: EDC, 1000 Potomac Street NW, Suite 350, Washington, DC 20007. Two additional main offices are located in New York City, and in Boston.
    • Tel. (202) 572-3700
    • On the Web: main.edc.org   ~  To the TOP

    (The Middle East; Peacebuilding; Iraq)
    •       "The Education for Peace in Iraq Center, or EPIC, is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving humanitarian conditions in Iraq and defending the human rights of the Iraqi people. EPIC works toward these objectives through the education and involvement of Americans in a national dialogue about Iraq, a nation caught between the repression of Saddam Hussein and U.S.-led enforcement of crippling United Nations sanctions... EPIC works to achieve [its] goals through three main programs - Advocacy, Media, and the Iraq Speakers Bureau."

    • Address: 1101 Penn. Ave. SE, Washington DC, 20003
    • Tel. (202) 543-6176
    • On the Web: epic-usa.org   ~  To the TOP

    "Independent Analysis, Innovative Ideas"

    (Education; National)
    •       (Excerpted for length)   "Education Sector is an independent education policy think tank devoted to developing innovative solutions to the nation's most pressing educational problems. We are nonprofit and nonpartisan, both a dependable source of sound thinking on policy and an honest broker of evidence in key education debates throughout the United States.
            "Our education system today serves a wider range of students more effectively than at any time in the past and the level of knowledge, skill, and commitment our nation's educators bring to their work is routinely underestimated. Educating students well is far more complicated and difficult than is commonly understood.
            "Yet our education system is not nearly as effective as it could and must be... Education policies and practices should be based on sound empirical evidence. And educators, schools, and colleges should be held accountable and rewarded for their performance under measures that are fair and accurate.
            "Creating a sense of community, connectedness, and empowerment in schools is also critical to motivating students and teachers to do their best work. Too many students and teachers don't care because they don't feel cared about. There is a human side of school reform that is too often ignored."

    • Address: 1201 Connecticut Ave. NW - Suite 850, Washington, DC 20036
    • Tel. (202) 552-2840
    • On the Web: www.educationsector.org   ~  To the TOP

    The EDUCATOR ROUND TABLE of The Vermont Society for the Study of Education
    (Education; Public Policy; the Nation)
    •       "The Educator Roundtable is a division of the Vermont Society for the Study of Education, an 501(c)(3) that relies on small grants for support.
            "The purpose of The Educator Roundtable is to improve education- related legislation by amplifying the informed perspectives of professional educators; local, state, and national board associations; university policy and education departments; local PTAs, and other organizations committed to high quality public schools.
            "Teachers, parents, scholars, and policy analysts have convened this roundtable in hopes of repealing the CURRENT authorization of the ESEA (No Child Left Behind Act). While we recognize that many individuals signed onto the legislation with the best of intentions, it is our hope that we can help them see the damage NCLB has done. While no one has yet leveled an effective, widespread challenge to the law, we are hopeful. We are hopeful that the thousands of disenfranchised educators, disillusioned parents, overburdened students and hyper-regulated school districts will work together to reclaim our free, public, and locally controlled schools. From there we can explore multiple paths of learning..."

    • Address: VSSE, PO Box 186, Brandon, VT 05733-0186
    • On the Web: www.educatorroundtable.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Education; the Nation)
    •       A national organization, with resources and programs of value and relevance locally. "Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR) is a national non-profit organization that was founded in 1982. Our mission is to make teaching social responsibility a core practice in education so that young people develop the convictions and skills to shape a safe, sustainable, democratic, and just world.
            "ESR helps educators create safe, caring, respectful, and productive learning environments. We also help educators work with young people to develop the social skills, emotional competencies, and qualities of character they need to succeed in school and become contributing members of their communities.
            "Teaching About Conflict in the World: In these challenging times, it's crucial to discuss, and help students understand, national and world events. These free lesson plans on Iraq and other pressing issues, available on our website, can help. Please see our newly revised free Guide to Talking With Children about these events."
            NOTE: Their online store carries resources of substance, instead of the souvenirs and "gear" so often found in such places. A visit is recommended.

    • Address: ESR National Center, 23 Garden St., Cambridge, MA 02138
    • Tel. 617-492-1764.
    • On the Web: www.esrnational.org
    • Email: educators( AT )esrnational.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Education; Empowerment; Community)
    •       About EduSeed: "EduSeed's mission is to promote education, particularly among historically disadvantaged and under-served communities, such as women and people of color. EduSeed(R) furthers the pursuit of higher education and life-long learning by using models of peer-mentorship and self-empowerment. In carrying out this mission, EduSeed helps those who have often been marginalized to achieve success, and helps to develop stronger communities. EduSeed believes that real social change and economic advancement begins with promoting the value of education in disadvantaged communities."
    •       About Sistermentors: "We are a community of highly motivated women of color of different races, ethnicities and backgrounds who come together to help each other complete the dissertation and get the doctorate. Most of us are the first generation in our families to get an advanced degree or a doctorate.
            "Our diversity extends to our disciplines and universities. Our disciplines include Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology and Social Work. We are from different universities including the University of Maryland, George Washington University, Howard University and the University of London. We form community based on the principles of interdependence, non-competitiveness, compassion and mutual respect.
            "We are a project of EduSeed(R), a 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization that promotes education among historically disadvantaged and underserved communities such as women and people of color."

    • Source: WPFW's (q.v.) Gloria Minott and Metro Watch (q.v.)
    • Address: 1666 K St. NW - Suite 700, Washington, DC 20006
    • EduSeed tel. (202) 775-6846
    • EduSeed on the web: www.eduseed.org
    • Sistermentors tel. (202) 778-6424
    • Sistermentors on the Web: www.sistermentors.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Japan; Spirit; Community)
    •       "Ekoki means 'The Temple of the Gift of Light'... A Japanese monk named Shinran established this form of Buddhism in the 12th century... The aim of our fellowship is to live the life of gratitude, and share the rejoicing of it with others, having awakened to the fact that we are being taken care of by the Immeasurable Light and Life, the Wisdom and Compassion of Amida Buddha." Temple activities include worship in English and in Japanese, meditation classes, adult dharma classes, seminars, and teaching the art of Japanese "Taiko" drum playing.
    • Address: 6500 Lake Haven La., Fairfax Station, Virginia 22039
    • Tel. (703) 239-0500.
    • On the Web: www.ekoji.org   ~  To the TOP

    The ELDERS
    (Spirit; Reconciliation; Peacebuilding; International)
    •       Johannesburg, South Africa, July 18, 2007 - "Out of deep concern for the challenges facing all of the people of our world, Nelson Mandela, Graca Machel, and Desmond Tutu have convened a group of leaders to contribute their wisdom, independent leadership and integrity to tackle some of the world's toughest problems..."
            "'This group can speak freely and boldly, working both publicly and behind the scenes on whatever actions need to be taken,' Mr. Mandela commented. 'Together we will work to support courage where there is fear, foster agreement where there is conflict, and inspire hope where there is despair.'
            "Archbishop Tutu, Chair of The Elders remarked, 'Despite all of the ghastliness that is around, human beings are made for goodness. The ones who ought to be held in high regard are not the ones who are militarily powerful, nor even economically prosperous. They are the ones who have a commitment to try and make the world a better place. We - The Elders - will endeavor to support those people and do our best for humanity.'"
            The Elders include Nelson Mandela, Graca Machel, Desmond Tutu, Kofi Annan, Ela Bhatt, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Jimmy Carter, Li Zhaoxing, Mary Robinson, and Muhammad Yunus.
            We will update this page with news of local points of contact for The Elders as they develop.

    • On the Web: www.theelders.org/   ~  To the TOP

    (International Music)
    •       "The mission of The Embassy Series is to promote international understanding through music, inviting national and international artists of high quality from the United States as well as from abroad, who have gained national and/or international recognition. The Embassy Series is also supportive of talented, young musicians who are on a career track."
    • Tel. (202) 625-2361
    • On the Web: www.embassyseries.com   ~  To the TOP

    (Community; Empowerment; the Arts)
    •       "There was a time when neighbors knew each other, and supported those in need. There was a time when neighborhoods spoke out against negative things happening around them. There was a time when we could talk, play games that weren't plugged in, learn from each other or just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee on the front porch. There was a time when the elders watched the young ones grow up, and guided them to the right path. When stories of families and events and history were told over and over until they just became a part of you. There was a time that we danced and sang and enjoyed life.
            "Rather than reminisce on the old days, the ECACollective believes we can revive them. Deep down people's hearts have not changed; it's just that fear and stress have overshadowed our potential. With conscious focus we can restore the basic human elements that have been lost along the way.
            "It is not intended that we deal with life alone. It is through community that we will find a new strength and peace.
            "The mission of the ECACollective is to foster a spirit of community within the neighborhood through social activities, traditional arts classes, support groups and educational seminars."

    • Address: 733 Euclid St. NW, Washington, DC 20001
    • Tel. (202) 462-2285
    • On the Web: http://www.ecacollective.org/index.html   ~  To the TOP

    Posted Thursday, January 22, 2015
    "Help Us Build a Better America"

    (Empowerment; Civic Engagement; Community; Scope: Local and National)
    •       "Emerge USA is a civic engagement organization that engages underrepresented communities into the political process with a focus on the Muslim, Arab, and South Asian American (MASA) communities.  We aim to ensure that these communities have the same constitutional rights, privileges, and political opportunities afforded to all Americans.
            "Through grassroots organizing, Emerge USA politically empowers and trains its constituents to be engaged and active citizens.  We have three programs that help fulfill our mission: the Emerging Leaders program, the Emerging Voters program, and the Emerging Data program.
            "Originally founded in South Florida, we now have active offices and full time staff located in Tampa, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale/Miami.  With the support and assistance of statewide, dedicated board members and volunteers, our activities and programs have reached all corners of Florida.  We are currently undergoing an expansion into Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia."

    • Source: Sarah Cochran of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, or ADAMS (q.v.)
    • E-Mail: info@emerge-usa.org
    • Tel. 954-762-7666
    • On the Web: www.emerge-usa.org/   ~  To the TOP

    (Empowerment; Housing; Community)
    •       "The District of Columbia Grassroots Empowerment Project (Empower DC)'s mission is to enhance and improve the self-advocacy of low income and working people in the District of Columbia in order to bring about sustained self improvement in their quality of life. Take action for affordable housing, child care and government accountability with Empower DC."
            The group has activities in four important areas of concern: Child Care, Affordable Housing, Public Property and Ivy City. Please visit their website, or contact them directly, to learn more.

    • Address: 1419 V St. NW, Washington, DC 20009
    • Tel. (202) 234-9119
    • On the Web: www.empowerdc.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Education; Languages; Personal Development)
    •       "The Enrichment Centers is a tri-state area organization which began ten years ago as the Center for Gifted and Talented. We have expanded greatly since then and have been awarded several grants to work in middle and elementary schools with at-risk children in reading and math. We are now certified by the state of Maryland to do 'No Child Left Behind' reading programs throughout Maryland.
            "For over ten years, we have provided individual tutoring to students from Pre-K through college (as well as for adults) in reading, writing, math, Algebra I, II, Geometry, Calculus, History, English, Biology, Chemistry, Honors, AP, and SAT I and II preparation, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Latin and much more.
            "All of The Enrichment Centers' programs make every effort to stimulate, motivate, and challenge students to maximize their potential. Small group settings provide a more personalized relationship between teacher and student in both the General and Individualized Programs.
            "We have centers throughout the Washington DC Metro Area, including Montgomery County, Prince George's County, Frederick County, Washington DC, Arlington County and Fairfax County."

    • Administrative office address: 6109 Broad Street, Bethesda, MD 20816
    • Tel. (301) 229-8000
    • On the Web: www.enrichmentcenters.com   ~  To the TOP

    (Community; El Salvador)
    • Address: 1724 20th St. NW
    • Tel. (202) 331-4033, xt 120.   ~  To the TOP

    "College Scholarships for Immigrant Students in the Capital Region"

    (Immigrants; Diversity; Education)
    •       "Over the last few decades, the D.C. metropolitan area has emerged as one of the fastest-growing and most diverse immigrant gateways in the nation, drawing more than one million immigrants from around the world.  Despite the long-held promise of the American Dream, many immigrant children remain unable to access the opportunities that only higher education can provide.  Immigrants in the capital region are 50 percent more likely than their native-born peers to have never gone to college, and twice as likely to be poor.
            "The Esperanza Education Fund is a grassroots effort to increase access to higher education for immigrant students in the capital region—and to do so by harnessing the energy, resources, and initiative of the immigrant community itself.  Starting this spring, the Fund will offer $5,000 two-year scholarships and $10,000 four-year scholarships to local immigrant students to attend public colleges and universities, regardless of ethnicity, national origin, or immigration status."

    • Address:  The Esperanza Education Fund, Inc., PO Box 27507, Washington, DC 20038
    • Email:  info@esperanzafund.org
    • On the Web:  www.esperanzafund.org   ~   To the TOP

    "We Are the Leaders We Have Been Waiting For"

    (Youth; Empowerment; Community)
    •       "FLY is a nonprofit organization making a difference East of the Anacostia River by investing in the future of Barry Farm youth.
            "FLY's success is a result of a unique, long-term, youth-led approach that matches students beginning in elementary school through high school with individual volunteer tutors and mentors.
            "'The walls of my classrooms blurred to include the entire city when I started to volunteer with FLY. A wide cast of characters became my teachers, including twelve year-olds, the extremely dedicated staff, and for one of the first times, myself.'   —Molly Norris, American University sophomore, School of Communication and School of International Service, FLY tutor and Summer Camp Counselor"

    • Source: Candace Hetchler, Communications Coordinator, Facilitating Leadership in Youth
    • Address: Facilitating Leadership in Youth (F.L.Y.), 611 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, #409, Washington DC 20003
    • Tel. (202) 423-2124
    • On the Web: www.flyouth.org/index.php   ~   To the TOP

    (Diversity; Reconciliation; Interfaith Bridgebuilding; Community; Local Government)
    •       "Strengthening and Facilitating Community and Interfaith Partnerships."
            The Office's objectives are "to strengthen community, interfaith, and Fairfax County communications, and to strengthen existing and facilitate new cooperative and collaborative human service efforts between community and interfaith groups and Fairfax County." It offers a range of services, activities and resources.
            One activity of the Office is its work since 2003 with McLean Community Connections (q.v.) on a series of intercultural dialogues. While these are locally based, interested people from throughout the region are welcome, and the dialogues are available as a model for similar work in other communities.
            Another important activity is Faith Communities in Action, or FCIA, "An interfaith coalition of churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, and faith and community-based organizations gathering to learn and share information to better address human services needs." FCIA meets bi-monthly. Please visit the link on the Office's site for meeting schedules and more information.

    • Address: 12011 Government Center Parkway - Suite 220, Fairfax, VA 22035
    • Tel. (703) 324-3453
    • On the Web: www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dsm/CIL   ~  To the TOP

    (Historical and Cultural Education)

    "Help a Child Find a Family"

    (Youth; Adoption; Community)
    •       "What is Fairfax Families4Kids?
            "Fairfax Families4Kids is an initiative of the Foster Care and Adoption Program in the Department of Family Services.   We find adoptive families and lasting relationships with adults for children in foster care.
            "We are seeking adults to adopt, mentor, or host children ages 9 to 18, living in foster care.   We are also looking for volunteers for the initiative and advocates for the children.
            "Fairfax Families4Kids gives children the opportunity to participate in regularly scheduled community recreational and social activities where they can meet potential adoptive families and mentors.
            "A child may also spend a series of weekends with a volunteer host family that partners with the child and the staff to find the child a permanent, adoptive family."

    • Source: The Conscious Bean Coffeehouse, Great Falls, Virginia (q.v.)
    • Address: Fairfax County Department of Family Services [ 12011 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, VA 22035
    • Tel. (703) 324-7518
    • On the Web: www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dfs/childrenyouth/ff4kids.htm   ~   To the TOP

    Posted Wednesday, March 9, 2016
    "A School of the International Institute of Islamic Thought - Set Sail on Your Academic Journey"

    (American Islam; Education; Interfaith; Scholarship in Action)

    •       "The Fairfax Institute (TFI) is a school of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT).  Its main aims are continued education, community outreach, and inter-faith dialogue which are accomplished by providing enrichment courses, training workshops, seminars, and career development programs.  TFI connects IIIT’s global networks of scholars and ideas to the community by translating scholarship into practical courses and training programs, with the objective of enhancing spiritual and religious understanding.

            "The flagship TFI program is the Graduate Certificate in Imam and Muslim Community Leadership, which TFI conducts in collaboration with Hartford Seminary.  This program seeks to graduate community leaders and counselors – male and female – and Imams who are firmly rooted in Islamic traditions, and who are at the same time fully equipped to perform their duties within the American context.

            "Another significant TFI program is the Summer Student Program for college students.  This program is structured to provide students with intensive instruction in Islamic studies.  It also offers directed research and training in students' areas of interest.

            "TFI also focuses on ‘training the trainers.’  The goal is to conduct training programs in Islamic studies and Arabic language skills for Islamic school teachers and educators.  The Fairfax Institute pays special attention to youth development.  Each summer, TFI collaborates with MACCPAC (the Muslim American Citizens Coalition & Public Affairs Council) to host a youth leadership retreat program geared toward citizenship education and civic activism.

            "Looking into the future, The Fairfax Institute will continue seeking active collaboration with committed partners, whose educational objectives are aligned with ours, and who can contribute to community development and spiritual regeneration."

    • Address:  500 Grove Street, Suite 200, Herndon, Va. 20170
    • Address:  703-471-1133
    • On the Web:  TOP

    <<<< The FAITH CLUB
    (Interfaith; Grassroots Empowerment; Worldwide)

    •       "Have you started a faith club?"

            "'Welcome to the Faith Club. We're three mothers from three faiths - Islam, Christianity, and Judaism - who got together to write a picture book for our children that would highlight the connections between our religions.  But no sooner had we started talking about our beliefs and how to explain them to our children than our differences led to misunderstandings.  Our project nearly fell apart.'  After hours of soul-searching about the issues that divided them, Ranya, Suzanne, and Priscilla grew close enough to discover and explore what united them.

            "Destined to spawn interfaith discussion groups in living rooms, churches, temples, mosques, and other settings, The Faith Club is a memoir of spiritual reflections in three voices that will make readers feel as if they are eavesdropping on the authors' private conversations, provocative discussions, and often controversial opinions and conclusions.  The authors wrestle with the issues of anti-Semitism, prejudice against Muslims, and preconceptions of Christians at a time when fundamentalists dominate the public face of Christianity.  They write beautifully and affectingly of their families, their losses and grief, their fears and hopes for themselves and their loved ones.  And as the authors reveal their deepest beliefs, readers watch the blossoming of a profound interfaith friendship and the birth of a new way of relating to others."

            (Editor's Note: Geotrees will carry locations and news of faith clubs in the region as they become available.)

    • On the Web: www.thefaithclub.com/index.html   ~  To the TOP

    Posted Friday, May 27, 2011
    "United in Prayer and Understanding - A Project of Interfaith Alliance and Human Rights First"

    (Faith and Interfaith; Reconciliation; Peacebuilding; Education)
    • "Tensions around Islam in America have erupted throughout the country in the past year, leading to misconceptions, distrust and in some cases violence.  News stories on the rising tide of anti-Muslim bigotry and violence abound, with graphic and often searing images of the antagonists, the protagonists and the battlegrounds where they meet.  All too often, media coverage simplistically pits Muslims against would-be Qur’an burners, neglecting any substantive representation of where the majority of Americans actually stand: a shared commitment to tolerance and freedom.  We are committed to ensuring that the storyline changes dramatically in 2011 by helping to create an environment of mutual understanding and respect for each other’s faith traditions

      "Interfaith Alliance and Human Rights First offer the Faith Shared event as a way to engage faith leaders on the national and community levels in interfaith events intended to highlight respect among people of different faiths.  Through photos, video clips and print coverage distributed around the world, we are looking to display visual images that reflect the mutual respect that is shared by so many Muslims, Christians, Jews and other Americans, standing together as a strong counterpoint to the negative images that have dominated the domestic and international news.

      "The Goals:   This project will create opportunities across the United States for faith communities to strengthen ties with each other.  We will counter the misperception, including in the Arab and Muslim worlds, that the United States is a nation defined by the widely covered images of the marginal few who would burn a Qur’an, rather than by a proud and longstanding tradition of religious freedom, tolerance and pluralism.  In communities across the United States, this project will not only serve as a model for tolerance and cooperation and promote local faith leaders as champions of such, but it will also create a concrete opportunity to build and strengthen working ties between faith communities moving forward."

    • Source:  Andrew A. Stern of the Interfaith Spiritual Practices Institute (q.v.) and the Interfaith Meditation Initiative (q.v.)
    • Tel.  202-238-3300
    • Email:  Donna@faithshared.org
    • On the Web:  www.faithshared.org/index.html   ~   To the TOP

    Posted Monday, March 5, 2012
    "A 'Public Square' for Fauquier County and the Surrounding Region"

    (Community Journalism)
    •       "FauquierNow.com provides news and information for Warrenton, Bealeton, Bristersburg, Catlett, Casanova, Calverton, Gainesville, Goldvein, Hume, Marshall, Middleburg, Nokesville, Opal, Orlean, Paris, Remington, Sumerduck, The Plains, Upperville and other communities in or near Fauquier County, Virginia.

            "Launched in September 2011, FauquierNow.com values collaboration and transparency.  It serves as a 'public square' for Fauquier County and the surrounding region.

            "Community-contributed content forms the heart of FauquierNow.com.  We encourage fair, responsible and true contributions from all members of the greater Fauquier County community.  FauquierNow.com’s staff also covers news and produces multimedia content.  The Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics guides us in our work:


            "Based in Warrenton, Virginia, FauquierNow.com is updated constantly.

            "We welcome suggestions, contributions and criticism.  We want to improve every day and seek your help in doing so."

    • Address:  FauquierNow.com, 50 Culpeper Street, Suite 3, P.O. Box 3430, Warrenton, Virginia 20188
    • Tel.  540-359-6574
    • On the Web:  www.fauquiernow.com/   ~   To the TOP

    (Reconciliation; Bridgebuilding, Peacebuilding; National)
    •       "FOR's Vision: We envision a world of justice, peace, and freedom. It is a revolutionary vision of a beloved community where differences are respected, conflicts are addressed nonviolently, oppressive structures are dismantled, and where people live in harmony with the earth, nurtured by diverse spiritual traditions that foster compassion, solidarity, and reconciliation.
            "FOR's Mission: FOR seeks to replace violence, war, racism, and economic injustice with nonviolence, peace, and justice. We are an interfaith organization committed to active nonviolence as a transforming way of life and as a means of radical change. We educate, train, build coalitions, and engage in nonviolent and compassionate actions locally, nationally, and globally.
            "Since 1915, The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) has carried on programs and educational projects concerned with domestic and international peace and justice, nonviolent alternatives to conflict, and the rights of conscience. A Nonviolent, Interfaith, tax exempt organization, The FOR promotes nonviolence and has members from many religious and ethnic traditions."
            It is a part of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR) (q.v., immediately below), with affiliates in over 40 countries.

    • Address: 521 N. Broadway, Nyack, New York 10960
    • Tel. (845) 358-4601
    • On the Web: www.forusa.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Reconciliation; Bridgebuilding, Peacebuilding; Worldwide)
    •       "Founded in 1919 in response to the horrors of war in Europe, IFOR has taken a consistent stance against war and its preparation throughout its history. Perceiving the need for healing and reconciliation in the world, the founders of IFOR formulated a vision of the human community based upon the belief that love in action has the power to transform unjust political, social, and economic structures.
            "Today IFOR has 69 branches, groups, and affiliates in 43 countries on all continents. Although organized on a national and regional basis, IFOR seeks to overcome the division of nation states which are often the source of conflict and violence. Its membership includes adherents of all the major spiritual traditions, as well as those who have other spiritual sources for their commitment to nonviolence."
            The International Fellowship is associated with the US-based Fellowship of Reconciliation (q.v., immediately above).

    • Address: IFOR, Spoorstraat 38, Alkmaar, 1815 BK, The Netherlands / Pays-Bas
    • Tel. + 31 (0)72 512 3014
    • On the Web: www.ifor.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Faith; Reconciliation; Enwholement; Education; Worldwide)
    •       "Love is the core energy that rules everything. . . Love is the one ingredient that holds us all together."   - John E. Fetzer, founder
            "The Fetzer Institute develops research and education programs that explore how love and forgiveness can effect transformation and healing for individuals and communities, and are informed by both scientific rigor and spirituality.
            "Our mission, to foster awareness of the power of love and forgiveness in the emerging global community, rests on our conviction that efforts to address the world's critical issues must go beyond political, social, and economic strategies to their psychological and spiritual roots."
            The Institute's programs focus on individual and community transformation, science and spirituality, communication and outreach, and the Campaign for Love and Forgiveness.

    • Source: "Speaking of Faith," WAMU FM 88.5
    • Address: Fetzer Institute, 9292 West KL Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49009-9398
    • Tel. (269) 375-2000
    • On the Web: www.fetzer.org/   ~   To the TOP

    (DC Schools; Education; Empowerment)
    •       "What is this Web site's purpose? This site aims to involve parents, students, teachers and neighbors in the struggle to provide high-quality schools for our city's children. Its goals are 1) to expose what schools look like, on the inside; and 2) to help the public demand change.
            "Would you be willing to help make this project grow? If so, or if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact:

        Marc Borbely
        536 13th St. NE, Washington, D.C. 20002
        (202) 544-2447
        borbely AT fixourschools.net

            This site includes school by school photos of "What needs to be fixed" in various schools, comments from readers, automated points of contact for DCPS officials, school board members, the DC mayor, and DC City Council members. It also contains links to other groups, news, blogs and email groups addressing the city's schools.

    • On the Web: www.fixourschools.net   ~  To the TOP

    • Performance, education, and scholarship.
    • Tel. (202) 544-4600; Box Office: (202) 544-7077.
    • Address: 201 East Capitol Street SE
    • On the Web: www.folger.edu/indexb.html   ~  To the TOP

    (Traditional Arts)
    • "FSGW is dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional folk arts in the Washington, DC metropolitan area." Excellent resources and links on their web page.
    • Address: PO Box 5693, Friendship Heights Station, Washington, DC 20016-5693
    • Tel. (202) 546-2228.
    • On the Web: www.fsgw.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Hunger; Relief; Faith in Action; Worldwide)
    •       "Food for Life Global's primary mission is to bring about peace and prosperity in the world through the liberal distribution of pure vegetarian meals... A 501(c)3 charity, Food for Life Global pursues its mission by providing organizational and operating support to Food for Life, an international vegetarian hunger relief program, and 170 related projects.
            "With roots in Indian culture, the Food for Life project is a modern day revival of the ancient Vedic culture of hospitality. Since the beginning of recorded time, sharing of food has been a fundamental part of the civilized world and in India, such hospitality was based on the understanding of the equality of all beings. In 1974, an elderly Indian swami, Srila Prabhupada, shocked and saddened upon seeing a group of village children fighting with street dogs over scraps of food, told his yoga students: "No one within ten miles of a temple should go hungry . . . I want you to immediately begin serving food." Hearkening to the swami's plea, Krishna devotees around the world were inspired to expand that original effort into a global network of free food kitchens, cafes, vans, and mobile services, establishing daily delivery routes in many large cities around the world."

    • Address: 7008 Westmoreland Ave. Suite B, Takoma Park, MD 20912
    • Mail: Food for Life Global, PO Box 59037, Potomac, MD 20859
    • Tel. (888) 816-6977
    • On the Web: www.ffl.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Think Tank; Statecraft; Nationwide and Worldwide)
    •       "Foreign Policy In Focus (FPIF) is a think tank for research, analysis, and action that brings together scholars, advocates, and activists who strive to make the United States a more responsible global partner. The International Relations Center (IRC) in Silver City, New Mexico and the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) in Washington, DC have jointly managed FPIF since 1996.
            "FPIF provides timely analysis of U.S. foreign policy and international affairs and recommends policy alternatives. We believe U.S. security and world stability are best advanced through a commitment to peace, justice and environmental protection as well as economic, political, and social rights. We advocate that diplomatic solutions, global cooperation, and grassroots participation guide foreign policy."

    • Address: FPIF - IPS, 1112 16th St NW, Suite 600, Washington DC, 20036
    • Tel. (202) 234-9382
    • On the Web: www.fpif.org   ~  To the TOP

    (US History; the War Between the States; Regional and National)
    •       "Living History Programs - Lectures - Battle Reenactments - Parades - Proud Member of the Mason Dixon Alliance - The 49th Virginia Infantry is a family-oriented Civil War (sic) living history and reenactment organization based in Northern Virginia. Our unit provides opportunities to have a lot of fun while working together to present authentic impressions of soldier and civilian life during the American Civil War. If you are interested in becoming a part of this exciting hobby, or simply want more information about the unit, upcoming events or educational research information please click on the links above or contact Tony or Georgia Meadows at the points offered below."

    • Tel. (703) 590-3172
    • On the Web: 49thvirginiainfantry.com
    • Email: 49thvainfo( AT )49thvirginiainfantry.com   ~  To the TOP

    Posted Saturday, April 25, 2009
    "Strengthening the Community by Helping Individuals and Families Lead Dignified and Harmonious Lives"

    (Islam, Faith and Spirit in Service; Human Development; Volunteerism)
    •       "The Foundation for Appropriate and Immediate Temporary Help (FAITH) is a non-profit organization.  Its mission is to provide humanitarian aid to needy individuals and families living Northern Virginia.  We serve all people regardless of their faith, ethnicity or gender.
            "Our vision is to strengthen the community by helping individuals and families lead dignified and harmonious lives."
            FAITH projects and activities include a thrift store, Safe and Peaceful Families, Herndon Without Hunger, Helping Hands zakah, senior citizen assistance, and Islamic funeral services.  Volunteers are invited to participate at all times.

    • Sources:  The ADAMS Center (q.v.) and the annual Global Youth Service Day (q.v.)
    • Address:  795 Center Street Unit #2, Herndon, VA 20170
    • Tel.  (571) 323-2198, 2199
    • Email:  info@faithus.org
    • On the Web:  www.faithus.org   ~   To the TOP

    (Democratic Empowerment)
    •       "The Foundation for Democracy in Africa is a Washington-based nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. The Foundation was founded in 1994 with the intent to vertically integrate a culturally based program aimed at strengthening and enhancing the fundamental principles of democracy, freedom, and economic plurality in Africa. The mission of the Foundation is to implement the principles of culturally based democratic government within the African society, bringing the countries of Africa into the mainstream of the global economy through free enterprise, thus cultivating the pathway for peace and prosperity from resulting economic opportunity."

    • Address: 1900 L St. NW - Suite 414, Washington, DC 20036
    • Tel. (202) 331-1333.
    • On the Web: www.democracy-africa.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Bridgebuilding; Education; National)
    •       "The Foundation is a national non-profit dedicated to strengthening relations between ethnic communities.  We are committed to the belief that direct, face-to-face dialogue between ethnic communities is the most effective path towards the reduction of bigotry and the promotion of reconciliation and understanding."

    • Address: The Foundation For Ethnic Understanding, 1 East 93rd Street, Suite #1C, New York, NY 10128
    • Tel. (917) 492-2538
    • On the Web: www.ffeu.org/index.htm   ~   To the TOP

    •       "Freedom Manor is uniquely charming facility with architectural interest located in the Broad Creek Historic District of Fort Washington, Maryland. The Manor is available for meetings, celebrations, and events. Freedom Manor is the result of collaborative efforts between CMS4Women and URSuccess Unlimited to promote excellence through self-development, entrepreneurship, financial management, and community involvement... Freedom Manor is a tribute to our forefathers as we embrace the past to build the future."
    • Address: 10905 Livingson Road, Fort Washington, Md. 20744
    • Tel. (301) 203-0619; Fax, (301) 203-7628.
    • Email: info( AT )freedommanor.net
    • On the Web: www.freedommanor.net   ~  To the TOP

    "Empowering Young Inmates to Write New Chapters in Their Lives"

    (Inmates and Incarceration; Literacy and Literature; Youth; Education; Empowerment)
    •       "Our mission is to introduce young inmates to the transformative power of books and creative writing. By mentoring them and connecting them to supportive services throughout their incarceration into reentry, Free Minds inspires these youths to see their potential and achieve new educational and career goals.
            "Our Vision: That every young inmate receives the necessary tools, inspiration and community support to pursue education and follow a positive new path in life."

    • Address: 2905 11th Street NW, Suite 201, Washington, DC 20001
    • Tel. (202) 468-4809
    • On the Web: www.freemindsbookclub.org/   ~   To the TOP

    "Reform Media.  Transform Democracy."

    (Civil Liberties; Transparency; the Press / Nationwide, with a DC-Local Office)
    • "Free Press Basics:  Free Press is a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to reform the media.  Through education, organizing and advocacy, we promote diverse and independent media ownership, strong public media, quality journalism and universal access to communications.

      "Free Press was launched in late 2002 by media scholar Robert W. McChesney and Josh Silver, our president and CEO.  Today, Free Press is the largest media reform organization in the United States, with nearly half-a-million activists and members and a full-time staff of more than 30 based in our offices in Washington, D.C., and Florence, Mass.

      "Our Purpose:  Media play a huge role in our lives.  TV, radio, the Internet, movies, books and newspapers inform and influence our ideas, opinions, values and beliefs.  They shape our understanding of the world and give us the information we need to hold our leaders accountable.  But our media system is failing.

      "This failure isn't natural.  For far too long, corrupt media policy has been made behind closed doors in the public's name but without our informed consent.  If we want better media, we need better media policies.  If we want better policies, we must engage more people in policy debates and demand better media.

      "That's why Free Press was created.  We're working to make media reform a bona fide political issue in America.  Powerful telecommunications, cable and broadcasting companies have plenty of lobbyists to do their bidding.  We're making sure the public has a seat at the table, and we're building a movement to make sure the media serve the public interest.

      "Free Press believes that media reform is crucial not just for creating better news and entertainment, but to advancing every issue you care about.  A vibrant, diverse and independent media is the cornerstone of a healthy democracy."

      (Editor's Note:  This is the organization that exposed the US company NARUS' sale of internet surveillance systems to the Egyptian and other governments, as reported in Al Jazeera English [q.v.])

    • Source:  Al Jazeera English (q.v.)
    • Address:  501 Third Street NW, Suite 875, Washington, DC 20001
    • Tel.  202-265-1490
    • On the Web:  www.freepress.net/   ~   To the TOP

    (Asian Art)
    •       The Freer is a first rate gallery of Asian art, part of the Smithsonian campus, home of the Meyer Auditorium and of an outstanding gift and book shop. Located near the Smithsonian Metro.
    • Address: Jefferson Drive at 12th Street SW, next to Independence Avenue
    • Tel. (202) 357-2700.
    • On the Web: www.asia.si.edu   ~  To the TOP

    (Education; DC Charter Schools)
    •       "Public charter schools are publicly funded schools that provide all parents a choice of public schools for their children. Free to all, public charter schools are non-sectarian, do not discriminate, and admit students without screening of any kind.
            "The idea behind public charter schools is that parents, given a variety of public schools to choose from, will pick the schools they think best meet the academic needs of their children. This will create competition for students among public schools - charter and traditional - that will bring across-the-board improvements in public education.
            "Public charter schools are organized as non-profit corporations and are freed from most of the rules that burden traditional public schools..."

    • Address: 1530 16th Street, NW #001~ Washington, DC 20036
    • Tel. (202) 387-0405; Fax: (202) 667-3798.
    • On the Web: www.focus-dccharter.org   ~  To the TOP

    Posted Monday, February 23, 2009
    "A Quaker Lobby in the Public Interest"

    (Faith; Reconciliation; Activism; Peace and Justice)
    •       "The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) is the largest peace lobby in Washington, DC.  Founded in 1943 by members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), FCNL staff and volunteers work with a nationwide network of tens of thousands of people from many different races, religions, and cultures to advocate social and economic justice, peace, and good government.  FCNL is nonpartisan.
            "In the last six-and-a-half decades, FCNL has played a pivotal role in the creation of the Peace Corps, was instrumental in lobbying for the creation of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, helped lobby for the Civil Rights Act, and led efforts in Washington to oppose both the first (1991) and second (2003) Iraq wars.
            "FCNL's recent accomplishments include encouraging Congress to challenge the direction of U.S. policy in Iraq; leading the effort to block the development of a new generation of new nuclear weapons; and successful lobbying for a one-year moratorium on cluster bomb exports.  See our recent statements and letters to Congress and what others say about FCNL's accomplishments."

    • Source: Jane Coe, Bethesda Friends Meeting (q.v.)
    • Address: 245 Second Street NE, Washington, DC 20002
    • Tel. (202) 547-6000; (800) 630-1330
    • On the Web: www.fcnl.org/   ~   To the TOP

    Posted Sunday, March 16, 2014
    "Voice of the Palestinian Christians"

    (Palestine; Peacebuilding; Education; Community - National and DC-Local)
    • "Who are Friends of Sabeel?

            "Friends of Sabeel—North America (FOSNA) is a non-profit, tax-exempt Christian ecumenical organization seeking justice and peace in the Holy Land through non-violence and education.  FOSNA works in the U.S. and Canada to support the vision of Sabeel, cultivating the support of American churches through co-sponsored regional educational conference, alternative pilgrimage, witness trips, and international gatherings in the Holy Land.

            "Sabeel is an international peace movement initiated by Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land, who seek a just peace based on two states - Palestine and Israel - as defined by international law and existing United Nations resolutions.

      • Sabeel promotes theological, moral, and legal principles for peace as outlined in the Jerusalem Sabeel Document and the Kairos Palestine Ecumenical Declaration.
      • Sabeel is a grassroots movement striving to develop a spirituality based on justice, peace, nonviolence, liberation and reconciliation.
      • Sabeel also works to promote a more accurate awareness of the heritage and witness of Palestinian Christians.

            "As friends of Sabeel, we share its mission to amplify the voice of Palestinian Christians and to work with peace builders of all faiths and convictions who stand with the oppressed and who work for a just peace in Palestine/Israel.  FOSNA challenges distortions of the Bible and theologies that lead to violence and racism, including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, and condemns all acts of violence, whether done by states, individuals or groups.  We organize and participate in educational events and nonviolent advocacy campaigns that advance the cause of peace and justice for both Palestinians and Israelis.

      "Friends of Sabeel-North America Supports:

      • The call of Kairos Palestine to end Palestinian suffering
      • An end to the Israeli occupation of the state of Palestine, in accordance with international law and United Nations resolutions
      • Equal rights and access to resources for all inhabitants of the region, based on principles of social, economic, environmental and political justice
      • The right of return for Palestinian refugees in accordance with international law and human rights
      • An end to policies of the United States government that support and perpetuate the occupation
      • Active engagement in the campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions."

    • National Address:  PO Box 9186, Portland, Oregon 97207
    • National Phone:  503-653-6625
    • On the Web - National:  www.fosna.org
    • Washington, DC Metro:  www.sabeeldc.org   ~   To the TOP

    Posted Saturday, October 1, 2016
    "A Community Discovering the Balanced Life ​of Prayer, Work, Study, and Rest"

    (Spirit, Prayer, Community, Monasticism - National and DC-Local)

    •       "The Friends of St. Benedict was founded in 1997 to carry on the work of the Canterbury Cathedral Trust in America in the area of Benedictine spirituality.  In 1982, the first Benedictine Experience, held at Canterbury Cathedral, convinced a core group that an ongoing structure for organizing Benedictine retreats and educating interested groups on Benedictine wisdom could address a real need. Since then, The Friends of St. Benedict and its predecessor have offered ecumenical programs for clergy and lay people to explore the Rule of Saint Benedict within a community of participants.

            "Friends of St. Benedict continues to develop material and run programs on the Benedictine Way and spirituality, and many churches have established Benedictine groups.  These and similar programs have changed the lives of thousands of people who have come to discover a balanced life of prayer, work, study and rest lived in community, which is the Benedictine charism.

            "The Friends publishes a newsletter, Regula, twice a year.  This provides a vehicle for sharing information about experiences, as well as reflections by faculty and participants, and gives notice of Benedictine programs and pilgrimages sponsored by the Friends of St. Benedict and other organizations.  The Friends also send out periodic emails with information on upcoming events and Benedictine resources."

  • Address:   Friends of St. Benedict, 5150 Macomb Street NW, Washington, DC 20016
  • Phone:   202-363-8061
  • On the Web:   http://www.benedictfriend.org/   ~   To the TOP


    (Education; Global Academic Exchange; Worldwide)

    •       "For over 50 years, the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) has helped administer the Fulbright Scholar Program, the U.S. government's flagship academic exchange effort, on behalf of the United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Founded in 1947, CIES is a private organization. It is a division of the Institute of International Education, or IIE (q.v.).
            "CIES maintains deep ties with the U.S. higher education community, including individual universities and colleges and major scholarly organizations. It also works with a network of binational Fulbright Commissions in 50 countries and 90 U.S. diplomatic posts around the world, as well as international universities and higher education associations."
            NOTE: The Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program (q.v.) is a distinct activity, administered by the US Department of State. Please visit their listing, below, if you wish more information.

    • Address: Council for International Exchange of Scholars, 3007 Tilden St. NW - Suite 5L, Washington, DC 20008-3009
    • Tel. (202) 686-4000
    • On the Web: www.cies.org   ~  To the TOP

    (Education; Educator Exchange; Worldwide)
    •       "Since 1946, the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program has helped nearly 23,000 teachers and administrators contribute to mutual understanding between the United States and countries around the world.
            "If you are a full-time U.S. teacher or administrator, you may be eligible to apply to the regular program.
            "For U.S. teachers, this opportunity involves a year, semester or six-week direct exchange of teaching positions with a counterpart in another country teaching the same subject(s) at the same level.
            "For U.S. administrators, the Fulbright program offers non-simultaneous work-shadowing assignments with an overseas counterpart. These exchanges may be from three to six weeks in length, but each partner must exchange to the other's school during the same academic year."
            NOTE: The Fulbright Scholar Program (q.v.) is a distinct activity, administered by the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars, or CIES. Please visit their listing, above, if you wish more information.

    • Address: 600 Maryland Ave. SW - Suite 320, Washington, DC 20024
    • Tel. (202) 314-3527
    • On the Web: www.fulbrightexchanges.org   ~  To the TOP

    "A Catalyst for Justice and Peace" (Baltimore)

    (Cooperative and Sustainable Living; Community; Baltimore)
    •       "Through collaborative action, including fiscal sponsorship, Fusion Parnterships works as a catalyst for justice and peace.
            "Our vision for Baltimore is thriving communities with equitable resources, modeling collaborative processes and organizational structures which encourage all voices and enabling truth, connection and love for humanity. We believe our work helps to shift resources to a more equitable state by providing access to funding to those historically denied. Our work includes:
      • Providing programs that build community for social change in schools, organizations and communities
      • Serving as an incubator and fiscal sponsor for grassroots community-based programs and projects.
            "Since its inception in 1998, Fusion has facilitated numerous educational and community workshops. Bridge Experience programs and events help create bridges of understanding across diverse perspectives to develop organizational capacity and individual competency in addressing diversity, racism and related social justice issues. Fusion has also served as facilitator for a number of collaborative initiatives. Our school-based community building diversity retreats and programs develop youth leadership and skills that create a community of connection and a more peaceful, safe and welcoming environment at schools for students and staff."

    • Address: 1601 Guilford Ave., 2 South, Baltimore, MD 21202
    • Tel. (410) 889-4700
    • On the Web: www.fusiongroup.org   ~  To the TOP

    NEW!  Posted Saturday, December 3, 2016
    "Empowering Women to Choose Life"

    (Life Rights; Community; Women; Children; Family; Housing; Empowerment)
    •       "How do I get help?  Call 800-ANGEL-OK.
            "Facing an unexpected or crisis pregnancy is a difficult challenge.  Gabriel Network is here to help you with our Church-Based Angel Friend Volunteer Teams and Maternity Homes.  We have assisted thousands of women in the past twenty years with material, emotional, and spiritual needs just like yours.  You don't have to go through this alone.  You don't have to be afraid.  Call us and let us walk alongside you.
            "The first step is to call our help line at 800-ANGEL-OK (800-264-3565 ex.1), Monday-Friday 9 AM to 5 PM.  Volunteers and staff are waiting for your call.  If you call after business hours or while we are on the line with another caller, please leave a detailed voicemail.  We regularly return voicemails within one to two business days.
            "Gabriel Network has been helping women and children in Maryland and Washington, DC for more than twenty years [Since 1995].  We are inspired by Christ to realize a culture of life through loving service to the women and families in our communities challenged with a crisis pregnancy.
            "Our Vision:  Embracing every vulnerable mother and child in Christ's love and the care of His people.
            "Our Mission:  Gabriel Network empowers a committed network of Christian churches to 'adopt' pregnant mothers and families in need by providing practical, emotional and spiritual support through pregnancy and beyond.  It realizes this mission through three programs: a help line, church-based ministry, and housing ministry."

    • On the Web:   gabrielnetwork.org/home   ~  To the TOP

    (Sport; Gaelic Culture and Athletics)
    •       "Founded in 1988, the D.C. Gaels are a sporting and social club, whose objective is to promote Irish culture and sport in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. The Gaels have both Ladies' and Men's Gaelic football teams and Hurling and camogie teams who compete throughout the summer months, with an eye to qualifying for the US National Championships.
            "The Gaels compete in the Philadelphia Division of the Gaelic Athletic Association's (GAA) North American County Board (NACB). The GAA, the ruling body for Gaelic games in Ireland, was founded in 1884 in Ireland as a way to maintain the Irish language and culture.
            "The Gaels welcome all ages and all experiences and nationalities. For more information on the Gaels or Gaelic Sports, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions. You may also stop by our training sessions or games to see our teams in action."

    • On the Web: www.wdcgaels.com
    • Email: wdcgaels( AT )hotmail.com   ~  To the TOP

    (The Arts; Education; Latin America)
    •       "Founded in 1976, GALA Hispanic Theatre has long been a groundbreaking and energetic 'theater with a different accent,' presenting classical and contemporary plays in Spanish and English, plus an accompanying program of dance, music, poetry, spoken word, art and, more recently, film.
            "In January 2005, after 29 years of moving between venues, GALA moved into its permanent home in the historic and newly renovated Tivoli and established itself as A NATIONAL CENTER FOR LATINO PERFORMING ARTS.
            "Unlike many areas in the United States, Washington has never been representative of one Hispanic culture. GALA's principal audience, as well as its actors, have been Argentines, Mexicans, Spaniards, Chileans, Uruguayans, Paraguayans, Peruvians, etc. As a result, GALA has had to respond to issues and concerns of the Latino world at large. For GALA, the unification of its audience has been a paramount objective. 'GALA is not Spanish, nor Argentine, nor Puerto Rican,' Hugo Medrano has said. 'It is Latino in the fullest sense.' As such, each season GALA has included productions that appeal to a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds."

    • 3333 14th St. NW., Washington, DC 20010
    • Tel. (202) 234-7174
    • On the Web: www.galatheatre.org   ~  To the TOP

    "Youth Media with a Focus"

    (Youth; Spirit; Leadership; Community; Education; Volunteerism; Activism)
    •       "Gandhi Brigade prepares young people to become powerful leaders.  In collaboration with adult allies, young people create multimedia that engage and transform our community.  We prepare youth for this leadership role through the integration of spirituality, entrepreneurship, and community relationships.  Media professionals train and certify young people in various new media, including video and graphic design.  Once certified, teens give back to their community by teaching media skills to others and by creating media that challenges and inspires in the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi.
            Description:   The Gandhi Brigade is a youth-directed community media project that has worked out of the Long Branch community in Silver Spring, Maryland since 2005.  This year (2010) eighty young adults, most of them minority, immigrant, or disabled youth, worked with a dozen media professionals to produce video and graphic design that explored issues of justice, community, and positive youth development.  In the process of creating media, our teens gained a deeper understanding of our community and of the importance of their voice in shaping its future.
            "Our youth serving partners include Passion for Learning, Einstein EMAL, African Immigrants and Refugee Foundation (q.v.), Blair Sports Academy, Pyramid Atlantic, Community Bridges, School Girls United, and Long Branch Library.  Other important projects include an annual youth media festival called Express Yourself in which young people from the Washington area show film, photography, and graphic design.
            "Become the Change:   Young adults and adult volunteers are welcome to join us on Friday evenings at 5:30 PM in the Community Room inside the new Civic Building (across from the movie theater Majestic, where the Green Turf Space used to be).  For more information write our Deputy Director & Program Manager, Heather Bradley, at heather@gandhibrigade.org."

    • Source:  The LAYC (Latin American Youth Center) Leadership Team (q.v.)
    • Address:  City Place Mall, 4th Floor, 8661 Colesville Rd., Unit D-169, Silver Spring, MD 20910
    • Tel.  301-588-1399
    • Email:  info@gandhibrigade.org
    • On the Web:  www.gandhibrigade.org/   ~   To the TOP

    (Germany; Education; History; Culture and Cultural Outreach)
    •       "The GHI is an independent institute dedicated to the promotion of historical research in the